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[ACT] ChooseCBR Vouchers to Spend at Select ACT Businesses from The ACT Government (50% off Max Discount)


Coming back, but this time a larger discount and more businesses eligible to sign up.

ChooseCBR lets you spend and save at participating Canberra cafes, restaurants, shops, beauty salons, cinemas and local attractions and other businesses. With your vouchers you can enjoy more when you shop local.

From Wednesday 9 June, you will be able to use your vouchers at participating businesses and receive:

$10 off when you spend $20 or more
$20 off when you spend $40 or more
$50 off when you spend $100 or more
Enjoy something more with ChooseCBR when you shop local.

Terms and conditions

Currently registered businesses

Will go on until $2 million worth of discount vouchers are used.

Update - On hold for a week (thanks to Goldberg for the update)

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ACT Government

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  • Can people from outside ACT apply?

    I visit at times!

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    • Yup

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      Most definitely. It's anyone living or visiting Canberra.

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    Plan to visit Canberra in middle June, good timing.

  • +1

    Glad to see visitors eligible too.

    I was in Griffith NSW over the weekend and only residents got discounts!

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      I suspect a major reason “visitors” can apply for vouchers under the ACT scheme is that there are a large number of people who live in NSW (e.g. Queanbeyan, Murrumbateman, Yass, Googong, Bungendore), but regularly enter the ACT for work, healthcare, etc, and it would be a bit rude to exclude them.

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        Logic is getting business to locals

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    Lot less businesses than last time, hopefully more join up!

    • +2

      Hopefully, more joined as the program went on last time.

    • Quite a few more on there now then when I posted the deal.

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    This is an amazing initiative. Up to 50% discounts for products and services to support a range of covid affected businesses. I'm surprised this isn't voted more highly. Everyone get onto this!

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    is the party over?
    Site under maintenance
    We are upgrading the ChooseCBR website. The site will be unavailable for a short time while this work is carried out. We apologise for any inconvenience, please check back soon.

    • +1

      it had hit $50,000 before lunch today.
      then crashed shortly afterwards :(

  • +1

    So much for my planned cheap lunch. Better be up for dinnertime!

  • +2

    Well just went to place an order for dinner and the retailer can't access the site to redeem the barcode. They told me they access a different site to put their claim in. Really poorly managed this one!

  • Seems to be pretty quick this morning. Last night was definitely horrendous.

    EDIT: spoke too soon, timed out again.

  • been trying to create account for 2 days keep on getting 504 Gateway Time-out after entering sms code

    • Tried doing it early in the morning?

  • +2

    Got an email from Choose CBR

    ChooseCBR suspended until 7am Friday 11 June

    Dear ChooseCBR customer

    As you are aware, the ChooseCBR website has continued to experience intermittent technical issues since launching on Wednesday. In light of this, we have made the difficult decision to take the site offline until 7am on Friday 11 June to address the issues and ensure reliability. This is being communicated to all businesses and customers.

    Taking the site down will allow us to fully resolve these issues and prevent further frustrations for businesses and customers.

    We know this news is incredibly disappointing. We appreciate you continuing to treat your local businesses and their staff with respect and kindness. We acknowledge that as a result of these issues some businesses will have paused their participation in the program and we understand that decision.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. We look forward to being able to continue to deliver digital vouchers to you once these issues have been fully resolved.


    The ChooseCBR Team

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    And it's been suspended for another week:

    Dear ChooseCBR customer

    As you are aware, we took the ChooseCBR website offline yesterday to address the technical issues that were being experienced.

    We had hoped taking the site down would allow us to fully resolve these issues and prevent further frustrations for businesses and customers.

    Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to fully resolve the issues. Out of an abundance of caution — and so as to not cause further disruption and uncertainty — we have made the difficult decision to pause the program for a further seven days. 

    We know Canberrans have embraced the scheme and have been looking forward to using their vouchers. We appreciate how frustrating this is and thank you for your patience and support for small business in Canberra.

    We anticipate the vouchers will be back online on the morning of Friday 18 June and we will advise you ahead of time.


    The ChooseCBR Team

  • +1

    Hope this doesn't hurt businesses.

    There's a few restaurants that I had planned to go on the weekend to use the vouchers on. However, since this program is suspended, I'm no longer going until the vouchers are back.

  • +1

    Surprised it grind to a halt, after all they're hosting it on AWS….surely you could just ramp things up as needed?

  • +2

    And up again for a day before running out.

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