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Melbourne (MEL) ⇆ Canberra (CBR) $69 Each Way @ Rex and Virgin Australia


Rex have $69 flights between Melbourne and Canberra starting 10 June 2021 operating a twice-daily service on a Boeing 737-800NG.

Virgin are matching their price and appear to have more availability. Weekends are included
Virgin flights to Canberra

Plenty of fares available. Both airlines include 23kg baggage

Make use of the vouchers for residents / visitors https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/624013

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    One advantage over virgin, they still provide something to eat. They don't have a Frequent Flyer program yet but considering the downgrade to service the Virgin has done, there not as much advantage in the Virgin Points.

    • The biscuit they used to give out was hardly food.

      • You do realise which website you're posting on?

        Also, rex does include free baggage, not sure about Virgin

        • I do.. hence why no one should care about a biscuit if the flight is cheaper. Rex risk is lack of frequency to re book you in a drama. I've just never understood why people get so worked up over a crappy cookie.

    • Most earn FF pts with credit cards not actually flying

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    Rex does biggies now.

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    I've heard through certain sources that Rex pilots don't have the best feeling about the state of the aircraft they're flying. Some issues relating to instruments in the cockpit needing maintenance? I wouldn't exactly trust them as much as Qantas or Virgin after hearing stories regarding the maintenance of their Saab 340s.

    • If you can walk away from a landing, it's a good landing?

    • And who starts these rumours? Qantas and virgin staff worried about their jobs I think. Rex jets are fine and newer than many Qantas jets. Flew Rex and virtually no difference between Rex, Virgin and Qantas. Only ever fly Jetstar if no other choice or using FF pts. Would fly Rex more often if they flew to Bris and not just gold coast in Qld.

      • Part-time Rex pilots spreading snippets of info through online aviation platforms.

        • More like Qantas crew pretending to be rex crew. Interesting that Virgin are hiring and Qantas are firing.

          • @DisabledUser394143: No, I've heard from a charter pilot about some issues relating to non-functioning instruments in the cockpit. They're not quite up to spec. This isn't a good sign considering the dirt cheap fares.

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              @Techie4066: Aircraft are either airworthy or not. Many aircraft fly with minor defects that repairs aren't urgent. Casa(safety authority) would be onto them quickly if any problem. More spin from Qantas/Virgin supporters. I would prefer to fly Rex over Qantas and virgin as they are keeping the big boys honest.

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