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LG BX 55" 4K OLED TV (OLED55BXPTA) $1995, 65" (OLED65BXPTA) $2995 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


LG BX 55" 4K OLED TV $1995
LG BX 65" 4K OLED TV $2995

Perfect blacks, sharp contrast, and the utmost detail - the LG 55 Inch OLED AI ThinQ TV provides an incredible entertainment experience. Aside from excelling at providing absolute black and superior contrast, OLED TVs also feature OLED Eye Comfort, emitting a lower proportion of blue light for comfortable viewing.

In-Store Free Delivery Offer

Free Delivery, Setup and Connect on LG OLED TV purchases. Offer valid until May 26 2021.

Free Delivery, Setup & Connect Installation is not available for online purchases. Not available from some regional stores. Setup & Connect Installation does not include supply of cables, audio or media component installation or old TV removal. Additional charges may apply for installation locations beyond 25km of the store/stock pick up location. Terms & Conditions apply.

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  • The 65inch says CX in title, but link is for BX.

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      My bad, updated the title

      • Title is still wrong, shows OLED55BXPTA next to the 65 inch price, should be OLED65BXPTA

        • Whoever edited my post put that there, updated now

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    Great username, OP!

  • What is difference in CX and BX versions? Is it worth waiting for the price drop on CX version in a 65" size?

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      I would be surprised if much CX stock is avalible anywhere… interesting there is BX around still.

      • Looks like it's still around because the pricing is too high… this is retailers trying to recoup costs on buying at the peak of the market through an artificially constrained (ie. incompetent) supplier.

        Whoever is in charge of this at LG Australia needs a rebate taken out of their bonuses.

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      I think so yes, but I'm on the fence, the main features I've found are

      CX has an A9 processor vs the BX A7 processor
      CX is 650 nits vx BX is 500 nits
      CX has 4x HDMI 2.1 ports BX has 2x HDMI 2.1 ports

      (according to rtings.com) less Temporary Image Retention? https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/lg-cx-oled-vs-lg-bx-...
      But the permanent image burn in results were marked as the same
      Also CX has twice as fast response time? That seems strange but ok then.
      Apparently slightly better speakers, but you'd get a sound bar/system anyway.

      The BX has a narrower stand than the CX, I think there may be more things but there's a start.

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        If anyone using Apple TV or shield , smart tv features irrelevant

        • +1

          Sure. Don't waste money for CX, just buy the cheapest LG oled then buy google chrome cast with TV or nvidia shield. This combination worth every cent.

        • We have the B8 and a BX (parents). Definitely get the Chromecast if you like to cast as it's not built into LG TVs despite the compatibility with Google Home.

      • @conza thanks for that info. I didn't realise there were so many differences between the CX and BX model. I thought it was just the processor.
        BTW you seemed to be questioning the "CX has twice as fast response time?"
        I'm assuming having a more powerful processor would help the CX improve the response time, only a guess though!

        • Well I am questioning it because the response time should be done to the display technology more than the processor chip, but I may be mistaken.

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      Pros and cons for both but this site comparison has them getting about the same score. If you watch mainly movies then BX scores slightly better, but Sports scores slightly better on the CX. I guess it comes down to the price difference too.


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      The BX has abysmal peak brightness.
      My 2017 B7 is brighter than this.

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      The cx has 4 hdmi 2.1 ports while the bx has only one hdmi 2.1. Which if ur only plugging a ps5 into it that’s fine but someone like me who has a gaming pc and would like an option for a Xbox I need more then one, it’s really only gaming u need 2.1

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    Good price if it was the CX…

    • +3

      But it's not the CX….

      • +10

        Great price if it was for a 1m1m1m cube of 24 carat gold! I'll pass.

  • +1

    CX or nothing.

    Here is the link to the CX:

    Still has an $880 covid tax. $2595.

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    Bring back plasma. That is all.

    • +1

      I agree Mr Threepwood :)

    • +14

      I miss my old Plasma in the winter months, who needs a heater when you have Plasma :)

      • +1

        My Panasonic plasma still holds up and was so much cheaper than current TV ranges. The current TV range still can’t seem to compete with my plasma in FTA or FHD content.

        I feel like the TV prices have actually gone up rather than down.

        • +3

          I thought the same until I recently retired my Panasonic plasma, and I'm blown away by the 65" CX. Even just watching 4K content on Netflix, Prime or Apple TV in HDR or DolbyVision is a thin to behold.

          Loved my plasma but am not missing it now.

          • @fookos: What about 1080p? I mainly watch 1080p Netflix and Free TV. I also have a budget 4K LCD TV.

            My plasma ST50 still blows away the LCD TV in picture quality.

            Does the OLED do better than the plasma in 1080 and Free TV(channel 7, 9 etc)?

      • +2

        mine is still keeping me warm. wanting an oled but the panasonic just won't die :)

    • +1

      /kisses my VT60

      • +1

        /kisses my last gen 60" Pioneer KURO

      • not on the glass!

    • +1

      RIP power bills

    • True. They were so good. I often compare the plasma we still have in the house and has excellent image quality compared to new LED tvs even though it is limited 1080p. There's just a warmth about the image and the blacks! I'm actually going to be a little sad when it dies but it's done 10 years and is still going well.

  • Site says free delivery if you order online and free delivery + set-up if you buy in-store.

  • Bx and cx have high refresh rates for next gen consoles ?

    • +1

      Next gen being beyond PS5?

    • +1

      Yes, both have HDMI 2.1.

      • Both support 4K 120Hz in SDR or HDR with both consoles.
      • Both have VRR for smooth gameplay for games running between 40 to 120fps. While XBox series S and X supports VRR, currently the PS5 does not, but it should do in the future.
      • Supports Black Frame Insertion to improve motion in gaming, though it darkens the screen.
      • Both have incredible low response times and for TV's low input lag in game mode:
        LGCX has an excellent 6.7 ms input lag at 4K @ 120Hz, or 13.6 ms at 4K @ 60Hz.
        LGBX has an great 6.9 ms input lag at 4K @ 120Hz, or 14.5 ms at 4K @ 60Hz.

      Check out rtings.com for more info!

      Also, PS5 and XBox Series are now current gen, since they are currently available.

  • Picked up a display CX 55" a couple of weeks ago for $1800 with extended warranty from Chatswood Westfield. Stock wasn't showing up on the website so worth paying a visit to see what's available.

    • Excellent price, well done!

    • +8

      I would never buy a display model tv, especially an OLED.

      • +3

        My bad, missed the part that said display.
        Wouldn't touch a display OLED with barge pole.

        • -1

          Why? Burn in didn't exist anymore.

          • +1

            @serpserpserp: It does for OLED, all OLED. They have features to minimise its effects, but not to eliminate it. At home, I don't have the same stuff on all the time, so I wouldn't worry about burn in, but a display model could rotate though the same content 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

            • @FabMan: No. Burn in might only happen on the newer OLEDs if it was to display the one image all the time 24/7 or just a very similar image.

              • +1

                @serpserpserp: 'Burn in' doesn't exist on OLEDs, but a similar effect does occur on those screens as image retention, people typically lump them together.

                Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) as they are used slowly reduces their effectiveness to produce colour and luminance, that is just how they work and is common to all light sources. So if a logo on a TV station is constantly displayed, when you watch something else, it will be noticeably dimmer/off colour in that location. It isn't 'burnt in', rather you have an image retention.

                Newer OLEDs die slower than they did before, so they last longer, that is why under common usage, 'burn in' isn't a problem any more. Also modern OLED TVs have technology to shift the image around and to adjust stationary logos brightness, this spreads damage around and reduces how noticeable it is, but it only delays and reduces the effect, it does not eliminate it.

                So a shop replaying the same footage again and again, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week will deplete the life of the diodes in the same way, while creating off colours in the pattern of the videos displayed. So if it displays the same bright green leaf, in the same spot, it's greens won't be as strong in that area as the reds and blues. Typical home usage will spread the damage, little bit on green, blue and red so that it isn't off colour in one spot. If a display model in a shop has a vast amount of content to rotate through, the degradation probably wouldn't be noticeable.

                It is more noticeable on OLEDs than other screen techs because they don't have a backlight, the luminance of the screen is produced by each individual diode. The individual pixels on older LCD's typically produce no luminance and the backlight produces the brightness. The entire backlight on a LCD slower fades over time, but doesn't cause a noticable difference in colour or luminance in one patch, a nicer even fading. However, they can get true burn in by the backlight pushing through the same colour onto the inner glass / plastic.

    • Good work! Is there a chance you can post receipt pls?

  • I have LG 55 inch UHD TV for 4 years and am thinking of changing to OLED, but the price is a concern.
    Is it really worth upgrading to OLED or LG Nanocell TV is good enough?
    I only watch netflix or free to air, not playing game or use as PC monitor.

    • +3

      If only watching Netflix and free to air you better off staying with what you have now. It's a waste of money to upgrade to a tv like this. This tv is for gamers and the visual enthusiast who needs to have the best and newest 120hz frame rate with the best visuals when gaming or watching 4K Blurays.

    • +3

      If you have a dark room then OLED is amazing. The true blacks coupled with HDR images is really something.
      The newer OLEDs (particularly the G1) do have pretty good brightness now, but in a sun drenched room it's still a bit of an issue.
      My opinion is it is 100% worth it if the TV is in the appropriate room.

      • Yeah agree, good luck finding a G1 at the moment though

        • Just did a quick search. Looks like they're in stock pretty much everywhere (even a couple hundred off on some sites).
          I personally don't own one (I have a C9), just very close to pulling the trigger, just wish I could justify the 77"…

  • abc teeveevee

  • Does anyone have dead pixel or pixels on their 4k LCD tv? Does this affect OLED at all or is there no issue?

    • Dead Pixels are not limited to LCD panels and can effect OLED panels too.

    • +1

      My LG oled B7 is still very good. It's more than 3 years old.

      • Correct. Almost 5 years old.

      • Same with mine. Rock solid so far.

  • Thanks OP! Been waiting for OLEDs to drop under 2k post-COVID. This will do!

    • LG OLED 55 inches drop about $1600 in November or December every year

  • +1

    Got the C1 65 @ The Good Guys for $3770.

    Maybe give them a call.

  • got xiaomi portable projector for $500, rocking 150 inches on my wall in full hd, no tv needed

    • +6

      Ooof still running full HD in 2021

  • I just bought the CX 65inch for $3000.

  • Would you rather get C1 or CX to pair up with PS5?

    • +1

      Both great - I'd say there's not $1000 of improvement in the C1, so if you can still find CX stock in lowish $3K range for the 65" go for it.

      • Thanks appreciate the tips

  • C9 had gsync compatibility, does anyone know if bx and cx has the same?

    • Yea they do.

  • How about the 65" BX at P&S - https://pselectronic.com.au/shop/tv-home-entertainment/lcd-t... - anyone have any experience with these guys?

    • Generally damaged boxes and limited freight options

  • +1

    OLED65BXPTA are now $2880 at videopro and appliance central.

  • Side note, I know it's not a huge thing but Qantas The Good Guys are running 2 points per $1 spend if you use the shopping.qantas.com referral link to TGG site. That would add up to 3990 Qantas points, which checking their website is 60% of an economy flight from Melbourne-Sydney.

    Sure it's not a direct cashback or anything, but it's a little extra value on top of the discounted price!

  • When will this promo ends? Just want to wait till the last day incase better deal available.

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