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Apple TV 4K 64GB $199.99 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Only $0.99 more than JB price error last year.

Not sure if OW would price beat.

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    I assume the new version won’t be this price.

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      It all depends on what you use the devices for. There's far more to the Apple TV (device) than the Apple tv+ (app).

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    (Membership Required)

    No pricebeat from OW


    I dont understand why pay for 64g over 32g on a streaming device
    Any clues appreciated

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      The extra space would be useful if you wanted to download games to the apple tv.


      It is not just a streaming device. It is a also Apple Homekit and Apple Arcade games console (the controller is also a motion controller for fans of Dance Now and motion related games).

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        Homekit uses no space though. You would have to be a pretty heavy user of the apple arcade and download a ton of games to be using up more than 32gb.

        The use cases seem to be pretty low for needing a 64gb


      Some applications like kodi will save metadata for your media library collection. On a non AppleTV setup I had close to 200GB of metadata on a plex server, it can grow very quickly. That said, I'd never do it in such a way on an apple TV but can attest to having run out of storage space on android boxes with only 8 or 16 gb available, often the OS taking up a grand chunk of that too.