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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB $1499 Delivered ($1249 with Live Chat + Newsletter Voucher) @ Samsung


Before you consider this, you should know that this is Shixynos version, but the pros might outweights the cons if you are into productivity.

Samsung is having $500RRP off their Note20 Ultra, making it $1499 (matching JBHiFi's pricing right now).
You can stack on live chat and newsletter voucher for $250off, making it total $1249.

S21 Ultra is still cheaper and overall better for cheaper (if you have a device to trade in).
Since this is Australian Stock, you will get proper Samsung Warranty for piece of mind.

You do get MicroSD card slot for Note20 ultra though

Mod Note: Please use the Classifieds Megathread if you are requesting a code.

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  • Is this better phone for $1,250 comparing with S21 Ultra?

    • +1

      Not really. S21 Ultra is better slightly in almost every way. Get that if you have phone to trade in.

      • Upon receiving the new phone is that when you send your old one in? Trying to find a clear FAQ page.. assist anyone pls?

  • How do you get the extra $200 off in chat?

    • I have unused coupons. I put it in to see if it works, and it does work and it does stack with newsletter.

    • Just ask them for Samsung $200 loyalty Bonus Code

      and they will know what you are asking for.

      If they ask, what phone you have, tell them any samsung phone and they will give you $200 voucher

      • Ok great. I'm just waiting on the $50 code to come through.

        • Send them a message. Forgot what the email is, but they will get back to you within half a day with the code :)

    • +1

      Open live chat and ask for the $200 loyalty code. Give a reason similar to "Looking to upgrade my (insert old phone that is out of warranty)". Thats how I got mine

      • they no longer provide the '$200 loyalty coupon'. The one I got provided with stopped working the next day even though the rep said it's valid for 7 days…

        • Mine valid for 2 weeks so far, so… the expiration date they give is bullshit. They just want you to use it immediately so they get some commission :)
          It could expire in 27th, but no idea. Some people has code from March and it still works.

  • +2

    for piece of mind

    Grey matter?

  • +2

    this might be the last note series phone.

    • +1

      Yeah, Notes are so great I'm tempted to upgrade if this proves to be the last version, as well as to get that sweet Mystic Bronze and go 4G to 5G for when I'll eventually migrate over (years?).

      But the Note10+ is so amazing that I can't justify the fairly small iterative upgrade, unless the price was a lot better (<$1,000?)

      Thanks for posting OP! 👍

      • Only upgrade I see is UWB chip

      • Yup.. Happy with note 10+. Not enough incentive to upgrade

  • can the $200 loyalty coupon be used on samsung accessories?

    • No idea, you can test if you want. Samsung accessories are overpriced anyway. Try another channel.

  • OP: MicroSD card is only available on the Ultra version of the Note 20. The "normal" Note 20 doesn't have the SD Card slot.

    • The discount is for the ULTRA only. The normal Note20 is more expensive than the Ultra due to no discount.

      • Sorry. I was referring to your last statement in your post:

        You do get MicroSD card slot for Note20 though

        I do know this deal is specifically for the Ultra.

  • My code only was valid for $50 on a A51. Is this a scalable voucher?
    Do the codes work on the education and government sites?

  • Get the newer models. I own one and the fingerprint reader is rubbish. Half the time it fails to recognise my prints.

    • How long you been using it?

      I found the in-screen fingerprint scanner on the Note10+ very difficult to use when I first got it. In time that concern vanished and its become really easy. Probably the biggest tip is to wake up the phone with a quick tap before attempting the scan…

      • Since October last year

        • Scan the same finger in twice and make sure you move it around when you are scanning the second time.

          • @thedriver: Yup, already done. My first Samsung phone and not off to a good start.

  • Samsung live chat said the loyalty bonus promotion ended 14 May 21. Just spoke to them.

    • +1

      Try again with a different agent. I got one code this morning.

  • anyone able to add it to the cart? all i see is 'coming soon'

  • Does anyone feels Note 10+ a bit wider than Note 20 Ultra ? Apparently they have same width, but i have this feeling.

  • Note 20 (all versions) - 1 SIM, 1 eSIM, No SD card slot
    Note 20 Ultra (all versions) - 1 SIM, 1 eSIM, 1 SD Card slot upto 1TB.

  • I tried this today. Samsung are saying the $200 offer expired 2 weeks ago.

    • Just tested it. Still works. You can grab some free vouchers in the Megathread if you are interested.


      This post merely to raise awareness, so don't go pay more for this at brick and mortar stores.

      • O great! Where is this mega thread? I've already requested the $50 sign up credit (waiting for it to come through) and will stack with this code. Seems like a good deal and I've been eyeing one of these for some time.

      • So just message them and ask for Loyalty codes? I'm looking to upgrade from an S7 to the note 20 ultra 5g. Spoke to them and asked to do a better deal. They said not. 1499 is the price.

  • So i tried getting the $200 voucher today and they said they stopped giving them out 2 weeks ago! If anyone knows how to get a $200 voucher let me know cheers!

    • -1

      There are a few unused one floating in the megathread.

      • I;ve tried quite a few and they were invalid, if you found on that works could you pm me plz :) :)

  • Yes, also looking for a voucher code please.

  • Price is back to $1999

    • Nope it's not, suggest refreshing the page or making your selection a different way.

      • +1

        Yep, Showing $1499 again now but this morning it was showing full price.

  • I spoke to Optus directly (in store) and the rep said he think there will be a new Note 21 coming soon. He said they would fine out within the next 4-6 weeks.

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