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Buy 1 Get 1 Free on UK N99 Filtration Masks (from $55 + Shipping) @ Umask


Umask is one of the Cambridge Mask Co distributor in Australia, proudly provides Anti Dust Air Pollution Military Grade Mask for protection from odours, all PM; PM2.5, PM0.3, pollen, smoke and pathogens such as viruses and bacteria

Now that mask demand is down, if you want top masks for travel (when we get there), local (in case we need it again), pollution, smoke, allergens (hayfever) etc you can get them from an Australian based supplier of top UK air filtration masks at half price.

Valve deactivators included, comfortable straps with a tightener at the back, more fashionable than a N95 mask from the hardware store, you can get your masks

These aren't masks for everybody.
But if you were looking at these before the pandemic for other scenarios, now's the time you can get them at a discount.

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    man, i read that title as "shipping $55"

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    i hear these are really good if there's some sort of influenza pandemic on.

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      Actually, these are not.

      It says they come with valve deactivators, but there is no way to tell whether people have/use them. Makes with valves should not be used to protect others from the person wearing the mask. It basically means when people breath out, it does not filter the air.

      Be careful if you see people wear them, because unless they deactivated the valve, they might as well not be wearing a mask when it comes to protecting others.

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        I wholeheartedly agree with your comment except this part:

        It says they come with valve deactivators, but there is no way to tell whether people have/use them

        Referring to the instructions for this product:

        [after having installed the valve deactivator]
        Position the informational “valve deactivated” sticker on the outside of the valve where it is visible to others and stick it down securely.


          Somehow I doubt many people will do that. Some people will buy these things for their own comfort, not because they care about others. I have seen a lot of people walking around with these type of masks, and it's anyone's guess how they have it configured.


            @Make it so: I don't disagree, but I stand by my original sentiment, there is a way to tell - if people follow the instructions.


        So even if the filter and material is between your mouth and the valve, it's not filtering?


          It filters incoming air, but not outgoing.


            @Make it so: which is why people buy them, to protect themselves they themselves couldn't possibly be infected ;-)


            @Make it so: So air comes in, via the valve then through the filter and material, filtering it on the way in, but not on the way out? Doesnt it go the same way? Wouldn't this apply to normal disposable masks too? Or are these masks setup diferently?

            Not being a dick, im genuinely curious. I usually use disposable as I bought a ton last year then ended up WFH…..

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              @nafe: No, the air does not come in through the valve. It is an exhalation valve; it opens when you breathe out. The air comes in through the multi-layered cloth, and goes out (unhindered) through the valve. It protects the wearer, but not others. This page has videos that explain it well.


                @Make it so: Cheers! That's different to how I thought it was setup. I have seen some with valves, but the air goes through the filters both in and out of the valve rather than it being an exhalation port. Makes much more sense now!


        You wear a mask to protect yourself not others. If others want protection, wear your own mask.

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    "… more fashionable than a N95 mask from the hardware store" - Of course being fashionable is so important when wanting to stay healthy!


      It just mentions it, it doesn't imply they focus on fashion over health


    I wonder why this mask not for everybody? Is it because too stuffy when wears them?

    Genuine question

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      If you just want a covid mask, the government says cloth masks are sufficient and they don't cost as much.
      If you are working with power tools generating dust etc, maybe a work mask from Bunnings is more what you want.