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2% Cashback (Max $30 Per Transaction) Using Tap & Zip (Excludes Fuel Stations & Grocery Stores) @ Zip


Hi All, Zip have brought back their cashback! (Finally)

2% Cashback Using Tap & Zip (Excludes petrol / groceries)

Full details here
Note: I found this deal whilst in the IOS app

Ends August 31 2021

Must add your Zip card to Apple Pay or Google Pay

Note: $30 must be accumulated in cashback by 31/08/2021 in order to be rewarded. Otherwise cashback will be voided

Referral Links

Referral: random (356)

$10 for referrer & referee, if referee applies for account within 14 days of invitation and completes a transaction within 14 days of account approval. Those wanting a referral should PM users their email or phone number, to be sent an invite. You may like to PM a few members to avoid waiting. Users receiving a PM for a referral should send an invite to that member's email or phone number. Once you have received an invite, you won't be able to be invited from other members.

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      • +4

        Without fuel/groceries, it is pretty much impulse purchases of $1500 with only 2% incentive. No deal. You can get way better gift cards (and instant discounts) elsewhere.

    • Only one good use I can think of is when Big W(Swap/Ultimate cards)/Target(TCN cards)/AU Post run giftcards sale. It is still more convenient than HSBC 2% cashback for $100-.

  • Seems
    To be targeted. Not showing in my zip

    • Go into your zip> under your balance there will be a notification to setup rewards (something like that) > follow steps

      • Under my balance only have option to make payment, nothing else.

  • +7

    2% + $30 redemption units makes this pretty useless, few are going to hit it and it's going to piss off customers - not a good move Zip.

  • +3

    Before HSBC this deal would have been ideal, but with better options available without minimum redemption makes this a trap.

  • Zip Pay is a Zionist Israel backer. I will not be silenced!


    • Kogan is also in your list :)

      • +1

        Arslan Kogan or whatever his name is basically Jewish and has long been a supporter of Jewish communities in Australia and Israel. Not gonna insult him for being who he is but I can choose not to buy from Kogan.

  • +6

    I don’t mind only 2% but $30 minimum is a showstopper…. Not a smart move Zip!

  • -2

    I can't believe all the time inefficient whatever's that don't mind `^ing around 1 card at a time at the shops with their HSBC card .
    Nice Play ! Enjoy your $10 ph .

    And the negs I know its hard to spend $1500 in 3 mths when you have no clue of gift card power !

  • +2

    I have close to $35000 tuition fees to pay by July so 35 odd trips to the post office later I will bag around $700 with this offer so a win for me

    • What tuition fees?

      • It's likely he/she is oversea student.

  • -2

    On the Zip Pay app, I am told my available balance is $1,000.00.
    So, once a single transaction (via tap and go) exceeds this balance, it will be rejected, right?

    This seems like a waste of time.

    • -1

      Correct and you can't overpay your limit either.

      • So, Zip doesn't want you to complete the promotion in one go. What 'effing pricks!

            • +2

              @popsiee: There is no such thing as abuse, if they want to limit how much rewards they want ppl can earn with the Saturday promo they should have just put it in the T&C. There is no such limit. And this makes it not even possible to spend on Saturday if your transactions during the week not posted by Saturday. This is plain stupid and dodgy.

          • +2

            @deliriouss: The one that ppl in this post is trying to take advantage of AusPost takes 3-4days to be posted. Even WWs, Chemist Warehouse and many shops took 2-3+ days to be posted. Coles one is the fast one, usually posted the next day but it is no use for this deal.

            Zip should have reflect the pending transation amount off the available balance so at least it can let you pay back up to the credit limit to use again but they don't do that.

  • +3

    Will use that at Bunnings.
    PS: Love their one time Visa Card generator - this is a killer feature for me.

    • Love their one time Visa Card generator - this is a killer feature for me.

      Isn't this bad if you ever need to get a refund (for warranty or whatever)?

      • I assume it would work similar to Apple Pay, i.e. the merchant performs the transaction against a virtual layer which the middle man (Zip, Apple, etc.) can relay back to the correct account.

      • No refunds work just fine had a few within 30 days on same temp card number, not sure about longer though

    • PS: Love their one time Visa Card generator - this is a killer feature for me.

      This is the one thing that keeps me using their app.

      • -1

        me too, Zip Pay is quite advance with all these features like Virtual card in GooglePay/ApplePay and one-time card. Afterpay has nothing until recently that they have Virtual card.

  • +2

    1.5k spend by aug 31 to get $30 seems doable . ie everyday spending and pay large bills like the rates and if theres a shortfall at the end of august just purchase a gift card at the post office to reach the 1.5k target.

  • Last time this reward launched it was cheat-able as you still get rewards accumulated with online shopping via Apple Pay.

    E.g., add the card to your Apple Pay Wallet app and just pay online as usual.

    Not sure if they have fixed this loophole.

    • Anyone had a try and can confirm either way?

      • +1

        used it in app to pay for uber eats via Apple Pay, got rewards for it.

  • +3

    This promo is a bit of joke given the $1500 min and exclusions

  • +1

    Tried to pay online on a site using Google pay and zip as the card, I got the cashback.

    • I did too with GYG google pay

  • Anyone pay their rates yet ?
    `^ its hard to get over 1.5K :)

  • Just in time as I'm planning to pay $1800 for a professional body fee.

  • I was wondering if I can prepay my car rego with it

  • Offer still hasn’t appeared in my app.

  • Can confirm it works at Costco both in the general cashier and food court.

    The category in my other bank credit card is not showing as grocery

  • Can you pay your rate in auspost Using zip? My rate is about $2000 is it possible to split payment using zip?

    • What you should do is to pay your rates in quarterly instalments. There’s no savings by paying in full all in one go.

      You would then be paying 4x $500 - so the $1500 zip limit won’t be a problem

  • -1

    Bought some gift cards at Woolworths and Coles, the offer doesn't seem to work? I didn't buy groceries!

    • Yeh, it's not just for "groceries" - everything at the "grocery store" will not work, no matter if you buy cigarettes or shoes.

      • So this means I should really only for for electric shops like JB,HN,Myer and David Jones etc?

        • That's right. Any store that's not a "grocery store" or "petrol service station" should work. Doesn't have to be just electric stores. K-mart, Clothing stores like Uniqlo, all restaurants, Bunnings, etc - they should work.

          Example - if you go buy a coffee at the BP service station - won't work.

          The exception is Costco - seems to work. For some reason they don't categorise Costco as "groceries"

  • Will you get 2% cash back at Chemist warehouse?

    • Should be able to. It’s not a petrol store or a grocery store.

      The type of store is the key.


      • Buy skin lotion at Woolworths - no cash back
      • Buy skin lotion at chemist warehouse - yes cash back

      • Buy USB thumb drive at Shell Express - no cash back

      • Buy USB thumb drive at JB - yes cash back
      • What if they put CW into grocery category? Did anyone actually try CW using ZIP?

        • I don’t think so - however I can’t say that I have tried so can’t give you a definitive answer.

          Maybe you can try, or buy something small and cheap first to see if it works.

  • A good way to build up the 2% is to pay your bills at Aus Post and don’t pay them online.

    Print out the bill and go to post office. That way you can use tap & pay with Zip and therefore earn the C 2% cash back

    • Yep. Did this with utility bills, car/house insurance bills, council rates (not necessarily with AusPost), etc. I've now hit the $30 redemption 5 times, soon to be 6. Then the purchases go onto a credit card for extra reward points (that normally prevent you because these are "Government" purchases).
      Seems some people here don't know how to take advantage of it for things that never get a discount.

  • Is Big W eligible for cash back?

  • During the current lockdown, we can't tap in the store.
    Just found it works with ebay app when you pay by Apple pay.

    • +1

      You can also use Apple Pay to buy prezzee gift cards, another idea

  • Is the maximum cashback $30, or is that just the amount required? Eg. Can I spend $3000 on Apple Gift Cards @ Big W and get $60 cashback?

    • You can buy Apple GC on ShopBack for 4% cashback.

      • Perhaps you didn't click into my link.. 🤔(I'm stacking Zip + Everyday Rewards, it's a lot more than 4%)

        • I see. Anyway its not for me coz im in VIC

    • Max $30 per transaction, but you get earn $30 multiple times over the promo. You can do a $3000 purchase in multiple transactions, keeping in mind your account limit which I assume is $1000 or $1500, so you will need to pay that off in between transactions and redeem the rewards as you hit $30 as you go.

      • Gotcha! My limit is $1000, so I will be doing

        1. Spend $1000
        2. Pay off $1000
        3. Spend $500
        4. Redeem $30
        5. Repeat

        Thanks mate.

        • Sorry I was about to edit the comment as I forgot one important point, as mentioned here. You won't be able to pay off your $1000 balance immediately, it will probably take a day or two. So step 2 will need to be a couple of days after step 1. Keeping in mind the promo ends 31/8.

          So something like: 1. 26/8 Go to Big W, buy $1000 worth, go home. 2. 28/8 (or whenever purchase settles) pay off $1000, go back to Big W, buy $500, redeem $30 rewards. You won't have enough time to do anymore purchases after that as by the time the $500 settles it will basically be 31/8 when promo ends.

          Also try applying for credit increase in settings to $1500 which would make things a lot easier. If you haven't already.

          • @hamza23: It seems that Zip now have the Rewards money permanently, it means the rewards balance you accumulate from this promo will not disappear after 31/8.

            This is what I deduce from the promo I have in my Zip account so this is not official announcement from Zip. I guess they may do this and bring out some new promo in the future.

            My Zip account has a BPAY promo that I can earn $5 Rewards balance after BPAY 4 bills with Zip by 30/9 which is after this deal promo ends. The Rewards Goal is still $30 so there is no point for running a promo with $5 rewards balance that you can't redeem unless the Rewards balance are here to stay.

            • @samehada: Yeah I thought that was the case looking at the rewards section of the app, it appears you can use their cashback program and that would go towards your rewards balance also.

              I'll square off my rewards balance before 31/8 personally, as I have no use for the BPAY offer ($2.50 fee per bill) and not likely to use any of the cashback sites on offer and don't want to have it sitting there for a future promo which might not come for some time, but yeah it means the left over rewards balance isn't 'dead' as such, which is good.

              • @hamza23: I will be doing the same, BPAY is not a bad option for those billers that do not accept credit card via BPAY. If you can max out the payment $1500 then $2.5 fee is not too bad since you still can get cc points from Zip

                • @samehada: do bpays made with zip get 2% back and count towards the rewards balance? unless theres offical word from zip that the rewards wont expire is extended i would be cashing out the $30 by august 31st.

          • @hamza23: Ah, this is what I was afriad of. So it's very similar to how a credit card operates. I guess an extra $30 is better than nothing, still better than buying from Woolies.

            Thanks @hamza23, very glad I asked!

  • Just an update and this may help some of you that still need to make the payment to reach $30 reward goal today.

    If you are short of the balance but can't make payment back to ZIP because of the pending transactions, you can call ZIP and they can manually process the balance from your linked credit card. You may have to HUCA if you got an staff that is not willing to help.

    Regarding the limit increase you can call and request it, the system will send you the invitation to increase, so if you don't have one in your account, CSR won't be able to increase your limit.

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