What Are Your Driving Pet Peeves?

so starting off with mine, I hate those who can't drive at a speed limit when on the right lane or who don't follow slower traffic keep left rule.
and people who don't use an indicator on the turning lane or indicate early while turning.

Just hoping people become aware of road rules and whatnot.


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      This grinds my gear so hard.

      Most of the time, they turn to side road from the main road and there's more than enough space for them to turn, but they just HAVE TO sway into my lane first then turn! This caught me off guard a couple of times and nearly got me crashed into another car.

      They literally don't give a shit about the lives around them.

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    * People who drive 20-30km/h below the speed limit.
    * People who drive way below the speed limit and hog the right lane on a freeway
    * People who accelerate to 40km/h after 10 seconds.

    * Tailgaters
    * People who don't use indicators
    * People who sway into, say the right lane, before they turn left, from a main road.
    * Cars with blinding headlights
    * Cyclists who refuse to ride in their empty dedicated lane.
    * People who enter freeways at 60-80km/h when the speed limit is 100km/h. The number of people that do this is staggering.

    Any of the above can trigger me depending on my mood.

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    Imagine if everyone had to drive a manual car, the road would be so much better cuz they'd have to focus now.

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    Aggressive drivers, people who get on the honk even though they can't see what's in front, trying to punish someone who they think didn't drive well enough for their standards.

    And people who get mad if they waste 45s to 1mn of their day stuck behind a slower car. Seems to be a lot on here looking at the comments ^^

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    When being a passenger I hate drivers that accelerate and brake too quickly and lurch around corners. Bus drivers do that too, it’s just plain bad driving and doesn’t get you there any any quicker if you pay attention to the flow of traffic. Self driving vehicles can’t come soon enough.

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      drivers that accelerate and brake too quickly

      Seems like most taxi drivers in Singapore are like this. Binary acceleration, on or off.

      • Worse after a few drinks because you can feel it all sloshing around inside of you. For the driver it might be fun, having their driving be a full body experience, but it's a miserable experience for the passengers. Yeah it takes a bit more effort to more gently transition your speeds and turns, but that's just how you're meant to drive imo. It's not bumper cars or some show ride.

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    Would be easier to start with my non-pet peeves….

    … Done

  • question with the keep left rule in vic, say on a 4 lane, 100km/h freeway.

    hypothetically lets say all 4 lanes have a car keeping pretty much abreast, doing 100km/h, and im in the most right lane, and no cars behind any of us. and there is no "keep left unless overtaking signs" but i read that the sign doesnt matter if if over 80km/h. will police pull me over or get fined? or can i argue the other lanes are "congested"?

    what if its empty freeway at 2am and there are no cars within a 3km radius of me, and yet i still drive on the right hand lane (of a 2/3/4 lane freeway)? pull over by camping police car and fined?


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      Just keep left unless overtaking. It’s not hard.

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      In your first scenario, if you are all in line, 4 abreast, you could claim that you were trying to overtake but staying at/under the speed limit.

      In your second scenario, the officer could ping you for it. The road rule is what it is and you should be in the correct lane. He might just pull you over and give you a stern talking to or motion you to move to the correct lane, failing to do so may then get you slammed with a ticket.

      • yeah that's what i thought, thanks!

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    People who go into the left lane at a red light that will merge just up ahead but are slow and simply just using it to cut traffic. They take off slow and don't hit the speed limit before merging/merge poorly causing the entire lane to slow down. If you're going to use that lane, make sure you can easily overtake the front car or hit the speed limit and cut in without anyone braking. Otherwise you're just cutting in at the cost of other people.

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      Yes and no. They're in their legal right to use that lane. Also it actually allows more cars through the intersection if it is a short cycle. Better more cars get through but have to wait 2 seconds for someone to merge in, than sit at those lights for another 2 minutes because everyone was too polite to use the second lane.

      • Well people are in their legal rights to drive under the speed limit, a lot of scenarios here are within 'legal rights'. Yeah if it's a short cycle, then the people in that lane can just wait until all the cars pass then go, most of the time it's not. The amount of times I'm in that lane, sitting behind an SUV as cars it struggles to overtake cars in the right lane making me slow down and the right lane slow down whereas if I was in front, I would have well over taken the first car. I've been behind 3 cars like me and there's no traffic issue. It's not about being polite, I'm not saying don't use it, I'm saying don't use it if you know you're going to hold TWO lanes up when it would be much better for traffic if you stuck in one of the main lanes.

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        By cutting in like that, they will cause others who were waiting before them to miss the lights in a short cycle because the right hand lane has to slow to let them in. I don't know that it gets more cars through, just different ones. So if you do this you might not be breaking any rules, but you're a bit of a selfish dick.

        Fortunately on the roads, being that type of person doesn't particularly stand out!

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    People who indicate right in a round about even though they are going straight, (you should indicate left or not at all when exiting a round about)
    People who don't indicate at all when turning left or right at a round about.

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      Here's another one:

      People who indicate when they start to actually enter the roundabout instead of when they approach it.

      Thanks I saw you coming and you didn't have your indicator on so I stopped and waited for nothing.

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      I indicate right when entering and blink left when exiting when going straight on huge roundabouts.

      • Which state are you in and is that the rule for that state?

        • NSW, and it isn't a rule for the state.

          It should be though.

          Think about it on a huge roundabout the roads 'in front' of you can not see that you entered without a blinker and you intend on going straight.
          For them they see a car just going around the roundabout without a blinker, then leaving (maybe) without a blinker. They might even curse you as they may well think you were turning right without a blinker and didn't blink left on exit.

          However, if you blink right AT A HUGE ROUNDABOUT then blink left as you exit 'straight' then the roads 'in front' know exactly what you are doing.

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    I've got a few:

    • People who drive under the speed limit until there's a chance to pass them (dual carriageway, overtaking line, dotted line) and then suddenly they can do at or above the speed limit.

    • People who just in general knock 20kph off their driving speed for no reason. No hazards or anything.

    • People who merge into 100kph traffic at 80kph or less, it disrupts the flow of traffic and is downright dangerous.

    • People who slow down when approaching a green light, then coast through the orange and you get stuck

    • People who queue into the intersection and block cross-traffic, or those who wave through a car even though there is live traffic in the other lane.

    • People who can't park for shit - either half out on the road or putting their tail / nose a good half meter into the next bay in front

    • Unsecured loads - the number of near misses I've had with wheelbarrows and ladders.. it takes a small amount of time to tie a load down but can make a huge difference to
      road users safety.

    • Right lane hogs, especially under the speed limit - also those who then match the speed of said right lane hog, forming an impenetrable wall.

    • People who just park in the middle of the road, no hazard lights, nobody getting in / out - it's like their brains just shut down.

    • Not a driver per se, but pedestrians who think they are immortal, they just cross the road without looking for traffic and don't give a flying (profanity) if you're barreling down on them.

    • And lastly, also not a driver - but cyclicsts who seem to have trouble maintaining a straight line, darting back and forth through half of the active lane with no way to pass them.

    Thats about all I can recall from recent drives, I don't get out all that much since WFH.

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      You seem to have a lot of triggers. It’s probably best you don’t drive much.

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        I agree haha I'm a much happier person working from home! unfortunately there's a lot of bad drivers on the road.. I don't claim to be a professional by any means, but a lot of these are common sense which people seem to be lacking in.

        Also, if you think my list is comprehensive, check out old mate Ghost47 on page 3!
        Edit: I see you already commented.. and I thought I was an angry driver!

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          Thanks, people who can't drive really do annoy me.

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            @Ghost47: So learn to live with it. It’ll make your driving experience a whole lot less stressful.

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      OMFG yes to the third dot point 100% about disruption of traffic flow.

      I've seen my fair share of drivers merging at less than 80km without care from overly cautious/bad drivers - literally good luck everybody!!!
      From massive long honks by others already on the freeway and those behind them wanting to enter, dangerous braking from panicking and not to mention the potential collision by other cars defensive swerving to the adjacent lane because of horrible unaware slow tunnel vision merging

      I had a lady brake all the way to stationary at the end of the ramp because the adjacent lane had just one car driving along matching her as she was forced to merge.

      Why is it so hard to just accelerate to the appropriate speed whilst still ON the ramp and ADJUST your speed accordingly by glancing at the traffic of the freeway BEFORE attempting to merge safely.

      In saying all this I had only one occasion in my lifetime where I had to slow down to a very slow speed before safely merging because two double-b truck was in the adjacent lane

      • If it's unavoidable then I see no need to reach the speed limit when merging, but after doing a good 2 hours of freeway riving every weekday for 5 years, you start to notice patterns and merge points were the absolute worst - the main one for me in Perth was Kwinana Fwy merge at Mill Point road (3 to 2 lanes), every single day it would slow to a crawl at that point - people just can't seem to comprehend the rather simple concept of merging which just astounds me.

        I guess now we have those 'smart freeways' to account for the not so smart drivers, they seem to be doing ok when people obey them

    • And lastly, also not a driver - but cyclicsts who seem to have trouble maintaining a straight line, darting back and forth through half of the active lane with no way to pass them.

      Ever seen top gun, the scene where they 'buzz the tower'? :D

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        If a cyclist is in a lane, it is entitled to fuel use of the lane. A cyclist doesn’t need to make room for you to overtake, you need to overtake when safe.

        ** waits for negs **

        • no negs

          maybe slap said cyclist on the bum when doing the drive by :P

  • You know what I can't stand. Doing the speed LIMIT and having some asshat up your arse.

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      Speed limit on your speedo? Its probably not accurate.

      • So asshat's speedo is always accurate?

      • How to get an accurate speed reading?

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          Need a stopwatch and a road with broken centre lines. Set your cruise control. Time passing over 20 lines, maybe get a friend to time it while you concentrate on driving. The start of each line is 12m apart. Calculate the distance travelled divide by time.

          • @Euphemistic: so your method requires 0 human error with a stopwatch and relies on sight and reflexes?

            • @belongsinforums: I cannot think of another way that would be any Good. It might be PoSible to use some form of technological gadGet or aPp Solution.

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    Those Toyota Hybrid vehicles around the CBD shit me to tears. They're mainly uber drivers that randomly stop to double park or slow down to a crawl in the middle of the CBD streets holding up all the traffic.

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    I only have one or two.

    People not stopping at stop signs.
    People indicating when they turn instead of before they turn.
    People speeding in school zones.
    People not giving way when trying to merge from the right.
    People not giving way at a zip merge.
    People tooting to say goodbye.

    • People not stopping at stop signs.

      I always get nervous at stop signs because I know somewhere out there is an impatient ute driver that thinks people shouldn't stop at stop signs and is going to drive into the back of me when I do stop.

    • And I've learnt about not stopping because there is one near where I live that the police like to "monitor". I got ticketed.

  • So many, you'd think my biggest peeve would be the drivers who drive 15 to 20km/h below the limit. They're driving so slow, they miss the green light and drive straight through the red light… my biggest peeve is they never seem to get caught as they're back every day doing the same thing. Maybe it's Groundhog day?

    My second biggest peeve would be cars about to go through a speed camera. They go from 10 over, brake heavy to go 20 under in record time.

    Had another happen today. I was in the third of four lanes. A tow-truck pulls out of a driveway in an 80 zone and instead of keeping in either of the two empty left lanes, s/he pulls into my lane when he's doing maybe 20.

    Not really a pet peeve, but more of a slap forehead. I see this every now and then. Someone's not paying attention at a red light. It turns green. They sit there, daydreaming. Cars behind honk. They take more time. Put it into gear. The light turns red. A few seconds later, they put their foot down and they proceed through the red light barely missed getting hit.

    Those who cause accidents but don't get hit, blissfully drive down the road to cause another accident.


    Stupid dangerous stuff for pedestrians. Saw an Uber driver today drive through a busy (pedestrian only area) shopping center entrance. An available parking space was less than 3 meters away.

    Last but not least. Those who are in the wrong, beeping their horn furiously blaming others for their own poor actions and decision.

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      Best invention I saw was 6ft high temporary fences emergency workers can put around a crash. Gives nobody anything to look at.

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    People who leave indicators on and forget to turn them off.
    This leave drivers behind confused as to whether they are merging or not

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    People who speed up to the posted limit on country roads during overtaking lanes, then slow back down to 20-30 under the limit for normal stretches

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    People who drive backwards uphill in the snow.

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    The guy fluctuating between 50 to 80 in the 110 zone on the single lane highway this arvo that sped up to 120 at all the overtakes for the 25 odd kms myself and the huge que of other vehicles were stuck behind him.


    Tldr: selfish idiots

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    People who go are turning right and swerve left before turning to "get a more aggressive angle" (and vice versa); giving cars in the adjacent lane a heart attack as they pass

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    When I'm driving in the right lane on a main road and the car in front of me is turning right into a side street, cars behind always try to speed up and change lanes before the car in front of them.

  • Right lane hogs and also cigarette butt flickers

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    People who don't reduce their speed through construction sites when its clearly signed. It's not 110km/h, its 60km/h!!!

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    Honestly I hate people who change lanes aggressively.

    Idiots shouldn't be changing lanes unless you can fit in without making the person in the other lane have to slow down or give way to you. Stupid thing is, that because people end up having to give way (to avoid a crash), these idiots now think that their lane changing habits are fine, and continue to change lanes like absolute morons.

    • Agreed! Too many selfish drivers willing to make others or the entire lane stop for them.

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    This thread is so cathartic for so many of us.

    I can't wait until self-driving cars take over. Imagine how chilled we'll all be in the future.

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      We'll be "voluntarily" restricting ourselves to 100km of travel per week to "save the environment" and "social distance", most likely…

  • I've worked on being sanguine with tailgaters rather than enraged. However people who forget to indicate at roundabouts still annoys me.
    Also recently on double lane roundabouts people are indicating to go right while in the left lane which is concerning. Another double lane roundabout worry if I'm in the right lane is people from the left direction appearing to pull out right in front of me. In fact they are turning left and I cannot see their indicator, but for a second or two there is no way to tell the difference.

  • I don't think these have been mentioned so far:
    - drivers slowing to a crawl, with no indicator, when looking for a parking spot
    - drivers turning left from a wide single-lane road, taking up the whole lane whilst slooooowwwly making their turn and holding up everyone behind them
    - drivers who merge / change lanes slowly, blocking both lanes in the process

  • Those who begin indicating only when actually conducting the turn.
    The idea of indicating is to signal to other drivers you are about to turn, yes? So.. indicate prior to doing the turn, not while turning.

    • Just make sure you look before you indicate. ::eyeroll::

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    People not giving a courtesy wave. I've noticed men a bit better at this.

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    I hate people who turn into the street only only wait to turn right. If you’re gonna cut into my lane/street at least move forward. Or wait until the traffic passes

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    Drivers who are impatient with their fellow drivers.

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    Anyone who turns left or right and does not indicate before turning left or right. Urrr and grrrr!! 😡😤👎

  • Car with night light, fog lights on during the day.
    Fog light at night when there is no fog.
    Led lights that look like high beam at night.

  • Australian motorists. Selfish, lazy, stupid, poorly taught. About 40% I reckon tick every one of those.

    • +2

      I have an opposite view. I think drivers here are generally very good and courteous. I grew up in a developing country where drivers are trying to kill each other everyday. Sure there are some bad apples here but most are great.

      My one pet peeve: Driving under the influence. Please stop. Too many innocent lives have been lost due to this.

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    I've been waiting for this post.

    • Misaligned head lights that point into your eyes. you look like the Steve Buscemi looks good to me meme.
    • People who drive around with their high beams on instead of normal headlights. I assume you have sunglasses and a walking stick hanging off the side of your car.
    • Overly raised 4wd with massive wheels and super bright LED's… I'm glad you can see into the future but I'm blind now.
    • People who drive slow. you are the same people who stand on the right of an escalator I just know it.
    • People who use mobile phones while driving. nothing funny here you are just stupid and distracted.
    • BMW drivers, because the blinker was an optional purchase and you thought you'd save a few bucks
    • Brake checkers, Nothing funny here either.. you are just stupid and dangerous.
    • Cars with no taillights and brake lights. OMG fix your shitbox.
    • People who drive slow in the right lane and then speed up when you get to an overtaking section.
    • Tailgaters, you need to learn about physics and how you can't break atoms by running up my arse.. if you want to do that looks up how reactors work.
    • People who think it's OK to stop in no-stopping zones at schools to drop their kids off. You are just endangering my kids to save yourself a few seconds.
    • People who run red lights, just stop it you are going to kill someone.
    • Blue text on black number plates is impossible to read from more than 20m away.
    • People who beep L players. OMG you were scared little learner too once back off and wait.

    and finally, people who park in front of emergency access gates at soccer fields. I was the one delayed getting to the hospital because of your stupid parking.

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    Most definitely people who need to turn right but don't turn their indicators on until car(s) are stopped behind them.

    This combined with people who see someone actually turn their indicator on up ahead but don't flow into the next lane and instead sit behind them. This then results in other cars backing up behind them not knowing that the car 2 infront intends to turn.

  • assholes who can't merge onto a freeway at speed and (profanity) who change lanes for no reason then brake hard :facepalm:

  • Most drivers don't know the roundabout rules (in Vic) - you don't give way to the right on a roundabout

    • I think the issue is a lot of people don't slow down when approaching a roundabout, so cautious drivers will slow down or come to a complete stop to avoid a collision with old mate coming in hot from the right. Can be frustrating, but I completely understand. I mean of course there are those who completely lack the ability to do mental calculations and judge how much time they have to enter a roundabout without crashing though…It's hard. I'd say drivers who lack confidence are probably the most frustrating on the roads - equally frustrating as over confident drivers.

  • +2

    I'm actually surprised at the amount of people who don't like people driving under the speed limit in the right lane.

    From my perspective:

    • I'd prefer for people to drive at the speed they are comfortable.
    • In cities the right lane is rarely considered an overtaking lane, but rather the lane to turn right
    • realistically if someone is driving slowly, it'll slow me down by 2-3 mins tops.

    So yeah, don't get angry, just chill and enjoy the ride.

    • +1

      They want to speed and get angry at others who don't speed.

  • Mine - People who can't stay in their (profanity) lane. Seriously how hard is it to go through a roundabout and not come into my lane?

  • Unlicensed dogs that are road hogs

  • Mine is when a car wants to turn right at a traffic lighted 4 way intersection. Instead of going to the middle of the intersection and waiting. they will sit at the lines where the intersection starts. This makes the drivers behind them miss out on the opportunity to turn right or do a red light trying.

    Anyone that uses a mobile phone while driving, FFS invest in a Apple carplay/Android auto head unit. It's only going to cost your roughly the mobile phone fine you should get. Or a lot less than the life of a cyclist/pedestrian/other driver you could take out.

  • People who counter-turn when taking a turn.

    Taking a left turn? Let's drift into the lane to the right so I can make a looping turn despite the vehicle dimensions nor road design not warranting it.

    So many idiots doing this without even checking for a car in the adjacent lane they are drifting into.

  • People who change lanes at an intersection

  • +1

    I was once behind an old boy in his shiny new Corolla. He was in a right turning lane, about 10m from the lights with no cars in front of him. He didn't move on the green arrow so I gave him a toot. It happened again on the next cycle, so I got out of my car to check on him thinking that he was having a medical episode. As I approached he must have panicked and took off through the red light, narrowly avoiding a collision. I always watch the nightly news expecting to see his car inside someone's house, shop or office. There seems to be an epidemic of old people mistaking the accelerator for the brake.

  • Ha so easy to answer. People who don't know the road rules - don't know what lines or signs mean give way, those who don't know who gets the right of way, not using indicators, turning onto a main road without enough time between cars causing you to slow for their dumb ass, I could go on…

  • -1
    • Don't indicate when leaving a roundabout
    • Ignore/don't look for motorbikes
    • Hog the middle or right lane on a freeway when they are moving slowing or not overtaking or left and centre lanes are empty(move left already you morons!)
    • At the speed limit, suddenly, steeply brake when there NOTHING in front of them.
    • Idiots who clean their windshield while they're on the move, spraying vehicles behind them
    • This is even more infuriating on a motorcycle
    • Tailgaters
    • +1

      If someone is too close behind me it’s a perfect time to wash the windscreen.

      • Ha ha , brilliant move! Love it (hopefully I never have to do it!)