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30% off Classic Flight Rewards Using Qantas Frequent Flyer Points @ Qantas


Save 30% on the Qantas Points required for Economy or Business Class Classic Flight Rewards on Qantas and Jetstar operated flights within Australia and New Zealand, or across the Tasman

Travel between 1 July 2021 and 9 December 2021.

Book by 28 May 2021.

There are no cancellation fees.

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  • Flying end of June to NZ.


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      Cancel and rebook.

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        Travel between 1 July 2021 and 9 December 2021.

        Might be able to rebook the return leg if its in July although availability is limited due to school holidays.

        • Both legs in June. 30% off the biz class redemption is a very good deal though.

          Maybe I should look at going again later in the year…

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    Time to rebook my flights for 30% off. :)

  • Does anyone know if the free cancellations means that you get the payable component (taxes/fees) refunded?

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      We had to cancel our business class rewards booking to Perth in the new year due to the lock down in Victoria. We were refunded all fees and points used for the booking so I'd say yes.

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      Yes it does. Full refund of points and fees. I've just made a new booking at 30% off for some flights that I already had booked. Now to call up and request that original full price booking gets cancelled

      • Be prepared to wait two hours

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          It's much longer than 2hrs. I'm approaching 4hrs and still waiting…

        • The trick is to call shortly after they open at 7am. They will offer you a callback service and then you normally hear from them around 3-4 hours later (if you're lowly bronze member like me).

      • Why not cancel online? If I am not mistaken manage booking button gives such option…

        • +1

          Actually only want to cancel part of my flights as there was no frequent flyer availability anymore for one of the legs I booked so I couldn't rebook that flight.

        • Sometimes you can cancel online, sometimes you can't (button greyed out for no apparent reason).

    • +1

      I got everything refunded in full except for the credit card payment fee.

      • May I ask how many days/weeks did it take for the refund to arrive? I've canceled my flights about a week ago but still no refund, and a bit lazy to call them and wait hours.

        • +1

          I got a refund last month for a flight I took in September. Might be quicker now

          • +2

            @Pootie Tang: Hats off to you sir. Getting a refund for a flight that you took is god level ozbargaining.

        • +1

          Usually many weeks in my experience and the points and dollars don't necessarily return at the same time, so I've had to manually record what has been refunded for which booking.

          You can try calling them but expect to be told to call back once it gets to 8 weeks (or 10, or even 12).

        • Cancelled flights on 2020-12-21
          According to my bank statement the fees were refunded on 2020-12-22 but I feel like it actually took a few days to show up at the time.
          According to my QFF statement the points were refunded instantly but I also feel like it took a few weeks to show up.

      • The credit card fee has usually been refunded when I've cancelled.

  • Perfect timing!!

  • Thankyou! Didn't even need to call to cancel my previously booked flight :) Just used the website

    • If I cancel a flight I booked previously, is that seat that was allocated to me free'd up immediately so I can book it again straight away?

      • +1

        I'm not sure, I booked my new flight first to make sure. I did find that the Lounge Pass that was linked to the flight was immediately free'd up though. In case thats of any help!

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          Can confirm, I just made a new booking and then cancelled the old one. I was able to get back my original seat straight away :)

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            @JHoliday: Did all your points get credited back straight away?

            I just made a classic rewards booking but with the wrong date.

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              @OldBugger: Nope points do not get credited back straight away, might take a few days for that

              • @JHoliday: Damn. Too risky to cancel then and wait. Maybe my best bet would be to ring and get them to swap the date over the phone? Or possibly I might run into the same problem.

  • Trying to book a Classic Rewards flight for 19th Dec between Christchurch and Brisbane but it seems there are no flights listed by Qantas for this route after 16th Dec?

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      Flights are operating but just no award seats released.

    • They often black out holiday periods, but sometimes rewards show up closer to the date

  • +2

    Perth to Melbourne is 29,000 points plus $38
    Economy Class Perth to Melbourne is 12,600 points plus $38

    If you can find it try your best to find the A330.

    • Syd has the QF645 nearly everyday on the 787's, Very Good value for $36 plus points (Busniess)

      • +1

        To be honest if your talking wide body business class there isn't a real big difference.
        Also it should be noted the 787 domestic does not have wifi. However, the A330 does.

        The most important point is not to pick a 737 if your going to fly business class.

        • Thanks for that update, Agree the plane is the same, just have more chance of getting a business seat that's all, But free wifi is a great bonus

    • @pandadude how'd you manage to find those flights? Perth to Melb

      • +1

        Did you mean the flights themselves or the plane?

        Both should show up when you search on Qantas website for domestic flights.
        If there any reward flights it should show up on the right side after business class $. Economy and Business. If there nothing it won't show.
        FYI I am looking from Perth.
        For Sydney I was looking at October and Melbourne November.

        As for the wifi A330, B737 and B787. That should be underneath the time.

        Coast to Coast Qantas business domestic flights generally are the best value for the points provided its a wide body A330 or B787.

        I mean I personally prefer the A330 over most other planes in economy. The 2 4 2 seating arrangement is better then most other competitors. They are either the B737 3 3 or A350 / B787 3 3 3.

        If we talking business class. Generally speaking any wide body plane with a lay flat seat would be acceptable. Always check the plane and company before booking.

        FYI I have flown the Qantas A330 from Singapore to Perth. For solo travelers try to pick a seat that has the console on the outside. This give a bit more privacy.

  • free changes as well?

  • Anyone having issues logging on to Qantas? I get the verification text but after inputting it says "We are unable to process this request currently. Please try again later."

    • Same. Maybe a lot of people logging into their accounts at the same time to cancel the their current bookings

    • Yep same. Just want to rebook and then cancel our Gold Coast flights, but I guess everyone has the same idea lol.

    • Yep, me too. Took 6 attempts before I could log in!

    • System couldn't cope with all of us trying to go in to cancel and re-book lol…

    • Had no trouble then logging in and booking a flight to Per

  • Any ideas how long Qantas usually take to refund the reward points and taxes, levies, etc back to your credit card for a cancelled booking?

    • Anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks. With lots of people cancelling over the next few days it could be closer to 12 weeks. Call centre agents will usually tell you to wait the full 12 weeks before they manually process the refund.

  • -1

    Has the NZ-Sydney travel bubble resumed? They paused it because of 1 COVID case. Like stone the crows, how retarded do you have to be?

  • 28,000 points return Perth to NZ during Perth school holidays - not bad.

  • -2

    Qantas service is 100% shit. I have points with them otherwise I'd always go elsewhere.

    They've screwed up my connecting flight to NZ so tried to call them today as couldn't change it online - call d/c at 6:00:00 mark (that's 6 hours).

    Useless POS of a company.

    • I’m yet to have an issue, always been fine for me.

  • Cancelled mine but didn't get any email to confirm the cancellation. Did anyone get any?

    • No cancellation email to confirm. Booking just disappeared.

      • same - just hoping the money and the points get refunded soon

        • Hope your definition of soon = multiple weeks (up to 12).

    • I'm guessing no points arrived back either? Heard it can take 2 days

      • I'll report back in a couple of days. Silly me to not screenshot the cancellation thinking it would rock up in my email. :(

        • I booked in Feb for travel in June, but cancelled the following day.
          Points were credited back after 8 weeks, and I had to call after 12 weeks to get the fees back!

        • You don't get an email at time of cancellation and you probably won't have anything to report in a couple of days.

          • @the splingee: Got the points refunded. Now to wait for the cashback.

            • +1

              @lemonteh: Looks like they've improved their systems/processes at least when it comes to the points. That's good given there must currently be elevated cancellations due to this promo, the Victorian situation and the recent flushing of all non-NZ international flights from 31 Oct to 20 Dec.

              It's highly unlikely that cash refund timeframes have improved. There's obviously a disincentive for them to do that.

      • Heard it can take 2 days

        I'd consider myself very lucky if it happened within 2 weeks, and have had a few take 2 months (some even longer).

    • No, you don't get an email at time of cancellation. You may get an email some random amount of time later with the subject line An update on your refund request, but you often don't. You may get an email when the refund (of both points and dollars) is completed, but you may not.

      Go Qantas IT.

    • Just got points back after 2 days. Still waiting on the fee part of it though.

  • I know nothing about NZ. Planning to visit there just because of this deal. Where would a first time tourist there go? Auckland or CC?

    • +1

      Been to the North Island once and don't see the point of revisiting. Went to South Island twice already and planning a 3rd visit in Oct. I would recommend CC or Quenstown or both (drive from one to the other).

      • +1

        Your sentiment is similar to most of the internet. To CC it is!!

  • Awesome, finally bit the bullet for a trip back to NZ. Thank you.

  • A common problem with Qantas (and has been for a number of years) is if you cancel a rewards booking for 2 PAX, it only refunds points for one, not both. Then you need to call the call centre. The call centre always refunds it immediately, but I wonder how many people get caught out with this.

    • Not sure what happened with your cancellation but last time I cancelled late last year all points were refunded no problems.

      • It's common, not all the time though ;)
        There have been threads on australianfrequentflyer.com.au about it.

        Edit: here is something dated April 26 saying it has been fixed https://www.australianfrequentflyer.com.au/qantas-customers-...

        Qantas says it has now fixed what appears to have been a widespread problem that saw customers with cancelled Classic Flight Reward bookings for multiple passengers only receiving a refund for one passenger.

        I booked a flight to Cairns early April and cancelled a few days later and it happened to me also. Had to wait on hold for a long time to get the other half.

    • Did happen to us last year, cancelled 2 going to Europe one way, only received 1 persons points and tax refunded. Had to chase them for a couple of months to get everything back. Eventually did get points & tax back though.

  • Hey thanks OP - that's great. Reboooked, now about to cancel my previous booking :-)

  • I cancel one of my reward bookings yesterday and got an email just then they will recredit my points today.

    Email is as per below with my details removed.


    Your refund for booking reference is in progress.

    The number of Qantas Points used for your booking has been credited to your account today. The taxes, fees and carrier charges may take up to eight weeks to be refunded to your original form of payment.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through your refund request.


    Note: if you've requested a refund for another booking, you'll receive a separate update from us. The amount of time taken to process this refund may be different from that quoted above, depending on the type of request.

    • Got the same email and my points have been refunded. Just waiting on the money, but might be waiting a while. From experience, sometimes they can surprise you and refund quickly but with this sale going on I am not holding my breath

  • Just cancelled on line our NZ flight, got this confirmation email: "Your flight booking has been converted into a Flight Credit, and in this email, you’ll find your Flight Credit details, plus some important information about your Flight Credit and how to use it.".

    I paid with a combination of points and money.
    Do I need to call them to transfer flight credit back into this?

  • FYI. I cancelled a flight yesterday, points re-credited to my account today :).

  • Also cancelled yesterday and points are back in my account today. Still waiting for refund to be processed to credit card though..

  • Can we use the frequent flyer points to book for someone else to travel or does the member have to be one of the flying passengers

    • The latter I believe. You can transfer points to "family members" though

    • +1

      You can book a Classic Flight Reward for yourself or an eligible family member.

  • Are the points already discounted before checkout?

  • I have two rewards flights to Perth booked for July. Currently there are no rewards seats left. If I cancel will they immediately show up for purchase again? or is there any alternative to cancelling to save 30%?

    Might not be worth it….

    • seems risky, did you try it?

      • +1

        Nah I messaged them on Facebook asking for a 30% discount. I doubt I’ll receive it. Too risky to cancel.

  • +3

    Booked business class NZ flights. First time trying business class and second time I'm using my qantas points for flights!

  • Anyone got their refund yet to their credit card for the cancelled (then rebooked) flights? I fear Qantas will be hanging on to our money for quite some time…

    • Funny, I was thinking exactly the same thing:) No, no money yet. Points came back the following day though…

  • +1

    As per the refund email "The number of Qantas Points used for your booking has been credited to your account today. The taxes, fees and carrier charges may take up to eight weeks to be refunded to your original form of payment."

    Just remember if the credit card surcharge is not refundable if you cancel the flight.

    • +1

      I have had at least one credit card fee refunded (was less than a dollar), though not sure if that was from a regular airfare or Classic Reward.

      Anyhow not a huge issue, especially considering there is no fee if you use PayPal for Classic Rewards (otherwise normal card fee is 1.04%).

      The real issue is the ridiculous amount of time and corresponding need to track where your refunds are up to, and potentially have to follow up in some cases. Whereas other airlines (e.g. VA) can refund in a couple of days.

      Points now mostly seem to come back within 2-4 days, which is a significant improvement, however I am still waiting for a couple that are >3 weeks.

      • I agree. But we can't dispute anything until after the 8 weeks.

      • +1

        My latest cash refunds are in, just shy of 6 weeks.

  • Finally got an email from PayPal today saying my refund has been processed

    • Likewise. This is a little over 6 weeks after cancellation and the money won't arrive for a few more days yet.

      I'm also still waiting on points and cash from other flights cancelled around that time. Unfortunately it's looking likely that I'll have to chase those ones up.

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