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Xbox Series X Console $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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  • Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles—all games look and play best on Xbox Series X.
  • Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software.*
  • Play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox with Backward Compatibility, including optimized titles at launch.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games on console, PC, and Android mobile devices, online multiplayer, and an EA Play membership for one low monthly price (membership sold separately).*
  • Xbox Smart Delivery ensures you play the best available version of your game no matter which console you're playing on.
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  • ps5 or this?

    • -2

      PS5 obviously or better yet, both!

      • +6

        I'd wait for more new exclusives and a console redesign before buying a PS5. The current design is big & fugly and the RAM runs very hot (according to Gamers Nexus) so will be prone to failure given time.

        Xbox Series X, with its superior last gen games support (60/120hz FPS boost, VRR support, quick resume and auto-HDR) and Game Pass is a winner unless you're dying to play Playstation exclusives.

        • The redesign that’s being discussed of late is really only an internal redesign to mitigate the shortage of supercapacitors as I understand it.

          Just buy black face plates and hide the ugly.

          • @Gregors510: What about the RAM issue?

            • @relentless: What about the SSD issue? Sony hasn't enabled support for adding another SSD as the system runs too hot.

    • +13

      Depends on what you want. Do you have xbox pass? (BTW an excellent value!) In that case the Xbox :-)
      Do you want to play the exclusives of PS5? Then go for PS5

      • +7

        I gave up my PS5 for the XSX as the game pass is way cheaper than whatever model PlayStation is using

        • +10

          I don't have either but I think the xbox is much easier on the eye and to put somewhere in the cabinet.

      • ta!

    • +12

      I have both and was an avid fan of Sony for the last gen (just check my posts). I can say that the xbox this time really has stolen the show, well at least for now. Gamepass gives you access to wayyy more content but Quick Resume is the best new feature for me, especially when you play multiple games at once. I currently have both consoles and I think right now the Xbox smashes the ps5 out of the park (if you've already played the ps4 collection like I have). Down the track when the exclusives come I might change my stance.

      • I have to agree. I have both, but I enjoy xbox more because there are so many more games to play. Plus, it's backwards compatible with older-gen games.

    • +8

      Both. Even spending $2000 on consoles every few years still makes gaming cheaper than plenty of other hobbies. I know people who spend $5,000 on car parts or bumpers or some shit that I don’t even notice they swapped onto their car.

      • Are you counting the loss of productivity lol :)

        • +7

          Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

    • +9

      I too have both and I have to agree with others here, Xbox Game Pass really pushes the Xbox ahead this generation so far. I barely use my PS5.

    • +1

      Why not both. Xbox for game pass, PS5 for exclusives.

      • I need to buy a bike so saving for that. cant afford both lol

        • +1

          Have to decide before these deals pop up then otherwise you’ll get neither. Usually only last minutes

          • +1

            @killingtime: He has 7 years to buy an Xbox.
            There's no rush, smart money is wait a year or so to get it cheaper and when more next-gen games are about.

      • +3

        The one exclusive that really stands out for me on PlayStation is The Last of Us. Those games alone are almost worth buying a PlayStation for.
        But Xbox Game Pass is just such extraordinary good value I feel like the weight of the decision easily comes down on the side of the Xbox.

    • +3

      I love and regularly use backwards compatibility so it would be Xbox Series X for me as i have a big physical collection of original xbox, xbox 360 and xbox one games.
      Still going on my One X for now though.

    • +2


    • here we go..

    • +1

      I made the switch to PS5 and I must say the controller is really awkward compared to the Xbox, very slippery and quite large. Also the dual sense features are really over hyped, I find the Xbox rumble triggers basically a necessity at this point for recoil control. I'm kinda regretting the PS5 tbh though I have a PC so Xbox had very little incentive for me.

  • +2

    Amazing but not gonna buy 😎

  • +2

    Ozbargained… OOO

  • +2

    Dang out of stock already. That was quick.

  • +2

    I only just got the notification in my email and it's out of stock :(

  • +3

    Ha this was out of stock quick.

  • +3

    Twice now since being on their notification list, I've not been notified.
    So frustrating from Amazon.

    • I find those notifications never arrive for me too.

      I just happened to be refreshing more than usual today because of the Target stock.

      • Notifications seem to arrive around 15 mins after the post has gone up.. which defeats the purpose for things like this

  • +4

    When I saw this post I thought I'd check for the PS5 as I had them saved in my list. There was one in stock! Couldn't believe it. Had some trouble adding to the cart, but eventually went through and got one. None in stock after I had finished so couldn't have been too many available. Wow, not what I expected to do this afternoon.

  • +1

    I love seeing these posts. I never see it without the 'Out of Stock' label anymore (after removing my alert for it, since I scored mine).

  • +2

    Cannot believe Xbox x has stock in 2 place in 1 day!

    • The container here all the other Mobs are in play .

  • +4

    OPs Avatar fits perfectly with the Out of Stock notification.

  • … and it's gone

  • Does anyone know if Amazon.com.au will do signature on delivery, not keen to have this sitting on my doorstep. Is there a way to request it?

    • Don't think so as it ships with Amazon people. You could try to change to send it to a locker https://www.amazon.com.au/b?ie=UTF8&node=7560592051

    • From my experience no. I've noticed they all take a photo with their phone lately, but a picture of a box in front of a house doesn't mean much if it gets stolen.

      I use my PO Box for expensive items if I know I won't be home, it's not worth the stress. (For the record I had an Amazon item stolen from home address before I got home and the delivery driver showing proof of delivery with a photo in their tracking section).

      • Have you filed a police report?

      • Was the item refunded / replaced by Amazon?

    • I get my amazon parcels delivered to work in the hope that they are not left… recently they have been leaving them outside the door and while the receptionist is watching them and clients are trying to go through the door they take a photo and walk away!

      • Use a parcel locker for Aus post stuff

        • By having drivers leave stuff at the door that’s what they want people to end up doing. Pretty lax to leave it at the front a business address though, a new low for laziness.

  • +2

    I'd upvote this just for the most amazing title and avatar and name ever.


    chef kiss