Moving to Queensland? - Why?

Hi everyone,

I know this is not a new topic, but why do a lot of people look at options of moving to QLD?

To me the house market and job market doesn't seem to be too cheap either.

Just here to clarifications



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    It's sunny. Bit more relaxed than Sydney/Melbourne big city rush. Much cheaper property where you get more for your money yet only slightly less salaries.

    This is a $1.5m property on the lovely Gold Coast:

    You can barely get a 2-bed flat in Sydney on the water for that.

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      Wow, that property sold 1y9m before your post.

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        Still raw…

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      Its the wettest, most flooded state in the country.
      And then there are the regular cyclones too.
      Don't believe the advertising

      The only fact (that attracts OLDER people) is that it is WARMER but that means HOTTER in Summer
      Not necessarily a good thing

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        Hey! It's not just hot here, it's also humid!

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          love the hot and humid weather, just cant be bothered moving so far away

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        People are moving to SEQLD, not Cairns… I live on the GC, and Melbourne is closer to me then Cairns is (by about 70km mind you)… There hasn't been a cyclone in the south east since 1954. Rainfall in the south east is also only about 300mm higher then Sydney annually.

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          300mm higher than Sydney doesn't seem like much until you remember that Sydney receives twice the amount of rainfall as Melbourne.

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            @tp0: Yet Melbourne has more miserable days.

            • @serpserpserp: Depends on your definition of miserable. Overcast, hot and sticky sub-tropical Sydney/Brisbane days are far more miserable than anything Melbourne winter can serve up.

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                @tp0: Nothing beats a hot Brissy day then watching a storm roll in from the deck of a Queenslander in the afternoon, drinking a couple beers with some mates in the cool breeze and soaking up the smell of rain on the hot bitumen. It's the thing I miss most living in Melbourne, when it rains here it's just s**t.

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              @serpserpserp: thats just in the morning, then it clears up :)

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          Sydney has 200mm more annual rain than brisbane.

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          Booking moving company now, see you soon neighbour.

        • Also live gc and find it intolerably hot and humid in summer. I love the cooler months though and water temp - can swim in the ocean in winter comfortably.

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        Wasn’t it like 2 years ago people in Sydney were dying In their brick apartments out west? Haven’t heard that happen in QLD tbh

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      Come to Adelaide. For $1m you can get a coastal property and close to the CBD. And we don't have floods… Bushfire maybe…

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        So many croweaters tho

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        No, stay away from Adelaide. We like it like that

      • Shhh - I haven't bought my coastal property yet.

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        Anyone who has enjoyed lockdown will enjoy living in Adelaide.

    • Yeah, but crocodiles and goods have Queensland tax on top of Australia tax.

      So it takes just as long to pay off and you can't swim in the rivers.

      • Haven't seen too many crocs in the Brisbane river. Not too many people swimming in it either I suppose.

        • Brisbane River has bull sharks, but the reason you don't swim in it is because it flows through lots of farmland and towns before it gets to Brisbane - so it's not very clean. Plenty of people do water sports in the dams.

        • You only need to swim faster than your buddy

    • sold august 2019, good luck finding that price now lol

      • From Domain
        2 Winch Court,
        Mermaid Waters QLD 4218

    • That’s an angry looking poodle.

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    No daylight savings to fade your curtains

    • or mad cows

  • There would be many reasons, why not?

    • Just don’t bring your Victorian politics with ya.

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    Less rona.

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    Only state with MOS BURGER stores…

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      Can't believe they dont have MOS Burger in other states, thought they are good burgers

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        I found them underwhelming myself.

        Plenty of better burgers at other chains IMO.

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          Probably one of those people that thinks Grill'd is one of the best burger chains in Australia….

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            @serpserpserp: I second his comment, all of the following are better than MOS:

            • Getta (different style of burger, not for you if you want a classic ordinary sized burger)
            • Bettys (probably the worst of these 4)
            • Fritzenburger (great classic burgers - not quite as good as charboys)
            • Jee's (okay beef, but great fried chicken & slaw burgers)

            There are also plenty of amazing non-chain places:

            • Redhook
            • Just Poppy's
            • Charboys

            Charboys was one of my favourites until they moved from the CBD to Bulimba - Cheers Cross River Rail

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        never had an australian mos but hmm burgers are a good reason

    • Australian Mos Burger is terrible compared to when it first opened here… the Triple Chilli Mos Burgers were amazing! It use to be a lot more similar to the Japan when it first opened but then at some point they kind of modified it for the Australian market and started putting salad on their burgers.

      • Eww salad

        • If I want a salad I’ll go to Sizzlers

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    Better weather, cheaper houses, more relaxed lifestyle, ridiculously better beaches, Stradbroke/Moreton/Fraser islands, less people, less crime, less covid19, less mexicans (welshmen/melburnians)

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      More bikes…

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        Less bikies but

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      Don't they cop more floods and cyclones etc

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        maybe in the top 1000km - there is a greater area of Queensland that DOESN'T cop cyclones then there is in the whole of Victoria total and probably NSW too.
        As for floods, given my local area used to include the Hawkesbury-Napean before moving from NSW to QLD…. do I need to say more?

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      less crime

      This is not at all true with Qld Labor's soft on crime approach. Juvenile crime is a big problem, especially in regional towns with large indigenous populations.

      • ok, so Qld is second after Victoria.

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        Definitely heaps of crime in Qld. It’s the lawless state. The police force are almost non-existent.

        • Yes, so true. I remember growing up and never saw any police until I was 15. We had to deputize kangaroos to keep the hordes of lawless gangs under control.

    • More bikini 😂

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    Because QLD won't come to them…

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    They gave 1.5k to hospos and 200 travel allowance to relocate there and will help you find accomodation 😷💪🏾
    Its literally the land of the Queens

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    So you can have your personal Cane Toad to play with.

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      Saves money on going to the driving range

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        Haha, I actually laughed.

    • in some places - greater area of Queensland doesn't have many cane toads than the total size of Victoria.

      I can't remember the last time I saw a cane toad, probably could count how many I've seen on my fingers total and I made the move north from NSW to Queensland like 20 years ago!!

      • Because we have been in drought.
        Wait for a couple of wet, wet seasons.

    • Come get a many as you want we wack mole with them.

  • To me the house market doesn't seem to be too cheap either.

    Depends what you are after

    job market

    With COVID, everyone can now see they can work from anywhere. So why work for a business based in Melbourne from home in QLD? Slightly better weather. I live in Warragul VIC and the business I work for is in Melbourne. 100km one way trip which isn't too bad to do and enjoyable, but I can still do my job from home and enjoy a bit of a country lifestyle with a bigger and better house compared to Metro Melbourne.

    • I live in Warragul VIC and the business I work for is in Melbourne. 100km one way trip which isn't too bad to do and enjoyable, but I can still do my job from home and enjoy a bit of a country lifestyle with a bigger and better house compared to Metro Melbourne.

      Most jobs it seems want you to come in sometimes, which you can easily catch a train to SCS.

      However it would be a bit harder if they ever wanted you to attend the office and you lived in QLD.
      Quite a few workplaces also promote flexible working, but there are quite a few conditions as to how you can make use of that flexibility. Also I know of a workplace that since COVID has brought in a policy that employees must live within a reasonable distance from work - specifically targeting people who were wanting to move to QLD etc heh.

      • easily catch a train… hmm no trains at least in vic are rubbish, infrequent, never on time and packed to the brim :/

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      Obviously not a manual job.

      Easy for white collar people to have blinkers on.

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        Unless they drive something European

        • I'll have you know I use my blinkers in my old ass bmw

      • we got all manual job you want in Queensland

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      100km one way trip which isn't too bad to do and enjoyable

      Warragul is 90 minutes on a good day from the CBD tho….

      • Oh yeah, I know. Such a great drive. Sometimes it is just as long for me to get the work office from Warragul as it does for one of the guys from Cranbourne. The office in Hawthorn.

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    Why are YOU in Queensland, OP?

    • Oh Family here

  • Great op shops there.

    Source: segaofmyhouse

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      They’re not that great it’s just every single op shop and kerbside collection in Melbourne is picked clean by hipsters with vintage clothing/furniture businesses. It’s cringeful because they call it sustainable and ethical business while they clean out anything halfway decent and only leave the junk for struggling families who actually rely on op shops.

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        I think you are missing the point of op shops. They are trying to make money. The profit is donated or put towards charitable causes. The fact they can also provide affordable goods to people with limited money is really more a fringe benefit.

        Do not avoid op shops just because you are well off, they want your business.

        • I know this but I'm not talking about being wealthy and shopping at op shops, I'm talking about people cleaning out a shop of all the good stuff to then list on their depop store for $50+ an item.

          • @Cheaplikethebird: I kind of see your point, however an op shop like any other shop wants you to buy their stuff. It is normal that good stuff will sell faster than bad stuff. Whether hipster retailers buy the goods and resell them or someone else buys them and wears them, op shop wins either way.

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    Lived in Melbourne for 9 years, some things were good, some things were terrible.

    Moved to FNQ. Love it, but it suits my interests and lifestyle. Never going back to live

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      Glad you like it!

    • hope you are still living in FNQ

  • Its nice and warm.

    • I think a lot of ppl prefer live in a warm environment compared to cold

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      but humid!

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    I never get why people say the weather is better in QLD.

    Hot and sticky and gets dark so early….no thanks

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      Uh because in Brisbane there’s about 4 months of the year around Autumn and Spring that sit steadily in the perfect weather zone of 20-24 degrees. Melbourne is freezing in Winter and boiling in Summer with about 1 month of consistently good weather in a year.

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        And 8 months of heat, humidity and screeching birds

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          Better than 8 months of Antarctic winds and listening to Melburnians.

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            listening to Melburnians.

            Not many things worse than this.

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            listening to Melburnians

            Can confirm, will take the screeching bird any day of the week instead.

            That said, the grass is always greener on the other side.

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              @CocaKoala: Split the last ten years about 70/30 between the two cities. I complain about the heat in Brisbane and the cold in Melbourne. Also I forgot but others in this thread reminded me, all the grocery stores in Brisbane close at 6-7pm on Saturday/Sunday - so dumb.

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                @Cheaplikethebird: 9pm on Saturday's now, although Aldi closes a bit earlier than colesworth which is a bit annoying

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                @Cheaplikethebird: Not all. Newstead Woolworths and New Farm Coles, for example, shut at 2200.

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                  @Tangenyahu: So if you live in an inner CBD apartment you can still get groceries till 10pm, lol good to know.

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                @Cheaplikethebird: Is it really dumb though? Why should a bunch of young people staff a large grocery store, working on a Saturday and Sunday night, so you can wander around the aisles with 4 other people in the whole store cause you can't plan ahead 1-2 days or even earlier that day when you've had the whole rest of the week to do your full grocery shop!?

                Go to a convenience store / servo and pay a slight premium to support a local business owner who's operating around the clock for exactly that, convenience for the 1-2 essential items you forgot.

                With penalty rates, being open then only raises the cost of bulk groceries for all of us - they don't sell much more, it just increases electricity waste to A/C and light/power the store, and wages costs to mill around when they aren't busy. I thought you greenie (ex)Melbournians didn't like wasting energy?

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                  @MrFrugalSpend: Adding more hours just means more available work for young people. Shopping habits are also different now with the younger generations who do 3-4 small shops a week instead of one big shop (also tend to keep later hours I think), can guarantee it would have a steady flow of customers all the way up to midnight. Melbourne has 24 hour Colesworths and they still manage to turn a profit. Why force young people who work irregular hours to shop at convenience/petrol stations? It's young people that complain about this stuff and move to a proper city, it's the older generations that don't care.

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                    @Cheaplikethebird: It doesn't "just mean" that at all…

                    You've missed what is happening here in Qld - Colesworth maybe would open some more stores if they could - they aren't allowed to. It is a deliberate and sensible decision to impose regulated opening hours to protect small businesses. A company I worked for used to own a convenience store… "used to", because it is very hard to make them profitable with wage and entitlement loadings for staff.

                    If you got your way, it means convenience stores that are open 24/7 (a valuable service for the community that is available for emergency supplies anytime - not just a few extra hours until 9-10pm) become less viable, as you've just reduced some prime Sat/Sun evening hours which the convenience model is an attractive proposition to shop at, until even more fail altogether (plenty have been stamped out already);

                    If you need more proof of the impact - go to a convenience-level IGA or the likes that has approval to open on a public holiday when Colesworth is closed - they are really busy - this demonstrates the impact of grocery stores hours has on convenience stores - these subtle differences in trading hours support their viability.

                    Small business people have livelihoods in convenience stores that provides employment 24/7 too, that could easily disappear if more are tipped over the edge as grocery stores opened longer and gave a skeleton staff crew a mere few longer shifts to stay back late on Sat/Sun (3-4 hours) - stamping out the 'convenience' anytime model, and reducing areas to the bad old days of no fuel or food at night in many communities, even if you've just flown in on a late flight or your fridge has broken down or whatever.

                    As some have pointed out, some grocery stores closer to the city are allowed to open longer. This is because it has been assessed or at least Colesworth have made a convincing argument that the population density can support it and convenience markets. This wouldn't happen in the suburbs - Brisbane is very spread out.

                    Convenience / Servo-attached staff are on loadings for permanent night shift routines they adapt to. These already exist, people choose (aren't forced) to work there - what you are proposing extending long-standing rules around grocery store opening hours, adding just a few longer shifts for grocery store staff on Sat/Sun evening (turning it from okay to a non-desired shift, particularly for Sat night I'm sure), due to your perceived need for them to compete with a prime time for the 'convenience' market…. but it is after all, merely for your 'convenience' you are complaining.


                    • @MrFrugalSpend: There are tons more IGAs in Melbourne then there are Brisbane. Also it’s not convenience you old fogey, millennials shop at 10pm it’s just what we do.