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Quilton Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 30 Pack $13.75 ($12.38 S&S) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


1/6/21: Back in stock.

Time to re-stock! Quilton Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 30 Pack $13.75 ($12.38 Subscribe & save)

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    Victorians better get in quick.

    • +10

      heard from radio, people already hoarding toilet papers.

      • +2

        Don't know why everyone negged you when it's actually true..
        Anyway fingers crossed Melbourne get through this

        • +2

          Local coles was empty of bread and shit tickets by 4pm yesterday - bakers delight was 5 deep with very little left.

          Did I mistake the lockdown was it 7 years or 7 days?

    • Alexa's listening…

    • Amazon sends loo papers from across the country though, my last 3 packs were sent from Brisbane to Melbourne.

      this one is for our Melbourne friends, already priced at panic pricing LOL

    • Yep I bought a few packets… Ready for another lockdown me thinks

  • honest question, how long does something like this last in your household?

    • +10

      Depends if you're a scruncher for a folder!

    • +1

      How long's a piece of string

      • +16

        If you are turning into a piece of string you are wiping wrong

      • How long is a roll of paper?

    • Depends on whether I flush every time or not…

    • +1

      I bought this on the 9th of April 2020 and I still have a six-pack left over, but my usage isn't that high tbh.

      Edit: Was 3 ply though

    • I purchased 3 of these (so 90 rolls total) and it lasted me about 10 months.

    • +1

      seem to go through 1 every 2-3 days, scruncher here

      • +2

        scruncher here


  • +2

    Price matching Woolworths for those wondering + additional 10% off with sub & save.

  • i was about to buy but I don't think i need 4 ply

    • +6

      Add a bit of luxury to ur backside :)

    • Depends how long and sharp your finger-nails are

    • +6

      Once you go 4 ply you wont go back to 3 ply.

      • I went back to 3 ply, the 4ply was too slippery for my liking.

      • +4

        Once you go japanese toilet you wont go back to bunghole paper

        • +1

          You still need paper just not as much. So it's more green, and cleaner

    • +7

      Peel the rolls apart and then you have a 60-pack of 2 ply

  • Just in time , thanks OP

    • +7

      I usually buy lettuce for $1 a head, but I can assure you that Quilton 4 Ply gold is infinitely better to wipe my a$$ with…

      What you pay for a different quantity of a different product is of much less relevance than the OP's great value post - as evidenced by the votes his deal is attracting. For the record, I have this in my monthly subscribe and save, and the usual retail price is $20.

      • +3

        I usually buy lettuce for $1 a head

        Where are you getting your lettuce because Coles/Woolies have been like $4.50 and fruit shops at least $3 lol

        • +2


          You must be buying the 'la de dah' 3- or 4- ply lettuce, fancy pants…

          • +1

            @UncleRico: Uhhh that's been the iceberg lettuce price 😅 admittedly not those frilly oak ones though

            • +2

              @pennypincher98: Wiping your a$$ with Iceberg lettuce? Per-lease - that's like burning money! What kind of weird pervert would do that?!?

              And don't even get me started on those peculiar Greco-Romaine lovers. They make my blood boil…

              I was born a Butter-wiper, and I'll die a Butter-wiper - like my pappy before me. Just be cos…

  • +4

    I bought a 12-pack of 4-ply on sale over a month ago having never bought it before. Was at the shops just the other day and couldn't remember how many rolls I had left, so bought some 3-ply on sale just in case. Got home and it turned out I'd only used about 3 rolls of 4-ply and the cupboard was still full.

    I have been spending some more time in the office which would explain some of the reason why there's so much remaining, but it definitely has proven to be more efficient. I find I have to fold the 3-ply, while the 4-ply is strong enough to use on its own, so pretty much halving usage for 1 additional ply.

    • +1

      100%. I twice fold three-ply but only fold this once, so use half as much. Strong, tough and great value.

      Although I'm still unconvinced that it truly loves my bum…

      • I use 180 grit sand paper. Don't need to fold at all and man does it wipe. I realised I've so far only used about 10% of the box I purchased 3 years ago.

        Great value, even if my sudocrem purchase has gone up by 600%

  • Thanks OP - great post. Have loaded up on a few with S&S.

  • +1

    The 45-pack is roughly the same price per roll if you’re after a slightly larger stash.

    Of course, wipe responsibly and purchase only what you need.

    • Guess the 4 ply 30 pack is a better buy, and less to outlay? Still got half left from the last deal but good to stock up for the pandemic lol

  • ordered

  • This is a better buy when on sale for $15.75

    • Not if you fold it more than you do the four ply.

  • Nice focus :D

  • Woolworths currently have them on sale too, $5.50 for 12. Works out to be the save if you’re paying $13.75 for 30 (0.45 each)

    • +2

      Yep - that's generally how price-matching works.

      10% less for S&S…

  • +4

    4 Ply, true OzBargainers can order this and split the 4ply to 2ply and go double the distance!!! (can never do that with 3ply)

    • True OzBargaining is 1 ➡️ 4

      • True ozbargainer split it into 4 lots of 1 ply AND split each lot in half

      • True Ozbargainers would hold it for work or use the shops toilets for free

  • seems oos

  • Alexa's listening to the TV news and you ;)

  • Still in stock but no longer be able to subscribe anymore

  • +2

    I spent too much time reading comments, and not enough time clicking buy now… haha. Goneski.

  • +2


  • -1

    Wasn't it cheaper in the last sale

  • Thanks OP! Secured my future with this gold before it went out of stock.

  • +1

    And seems to be back in stock again…

  • +2

    Plumbers love 4 ply.

  • +1

    4 Ply all day everyday

  • Good ol toilet coggers heh

  • +1

    Is 4 ply really make you use less? They are getting thiner and thiner.

    • Definitely this, pulling a Domino's with the shrinkflation

  • +1

    My dog prefers Kleenex

    • +1

      Take caution, it's only approved for use by labs.

      • Small labs. But at least we know its tried and tested.

  • yesss just in time… I'm on my last 6 pack

  • Ordered with S&S will cancel it later.

  • Thanks OP. Should you wait until the first order ships before cancelling S&S?

    • +1


      • Thanks man. I've never used S&S before so appreciate it

  • Consider a bidet will save paper

    • So long as you don't mind chopping down all of those defenseless porcelain trees…

  • Thanks. just in time.

  • I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date…

  • Can someone please tell me if toilet tissue is eligible for Shopback cash reward? Is it under health household products?

  • +3


  • mmmm says in stock but adding it to card or pressing buy now just leads to

    "Your Amazon Cart is empty." page

  • +3

    Too late, party is over

  • No longer adding to cart. Long rolls are much less hastle IMO and worth the Xtra $

    • Quilton 3 ply double length seem different (not as good) as regular quilton 3 ply.

  • +4 for those missed out.

    • not really a sale, but $18 S/S is better than none
    • Might not be a deal but works out cheaper than the standard pricing of the 20/24 packs Coles/Woolies sells.

      50c/roll from Coles/Woolies vs 45c/roll (or 40c S&S) from Amazon. Amazon w/o S&S works out cheaper per-roll than the 6 pack special running at Coles currently too.

      Edit: of course if your Coles/Woolies carries the 36 for $14 or 48 for $19 they work out a bit cheaper at 39c/roll.

  • Thanks op bought 3

  • Handee Double length paper towel 4×2 pack $12(was $20) if anyone wants

    • I was cheap and bought Handee as my last paper towel purchase. That said, I really miss Tuffy.

  • +1

    Back in stock

  • back in stock

    • +2

      Victorians get it quick if you don't have enough for 7 days.

  • Life Saver, have 2 rolls left which should get me until this is delivered. All the shops are already panic bought out.

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