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[eBay Plus] Dell 27" Monitor $359, Sodastream Spirit $29, Galaxy S21 5G $959, P'mon Snap $45, Golf G80 $0.99, FIFA21 $15 @ eBay


Some nice deals coming up for the ebay plus weekend.

I believe the Dell monitor on sale for $359 will be the S2721DGF.

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Thursday 27th Of May

Friday 28th Of May

Saturday 29th of May



Sunday 30th of May



Monday 31st of May

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  • Picked up a monitor!

  • Ordered the S2721DGF. Pity it's above $300 but seems like a good deal for a home office monitor and the ocassional game.

  • Is the monitor better than the usual 34" UW?
    27" seems small..

    • If you have 2x 27" then it's good, fills up the width of a standard desk. If you just have one, it will definitely look tiny and I would go for one extra large one.

  • Is the Dashcam good to buy?

    TOGUARD Both 1080P Dual Dash Cam Front+Rear Car Camera 3" IPS Screen Recorder AU

  • Is anyone else havign trouble paying for item/s?
    Trying to buy a Nano, but it wont accept my payment via giftcard nor credit card

    • Purchased dell monitor moments ago without any issue.

      • Ta for feedback
        For me, the Dell montior deal appears to be accepting payment, but ledger nano does not… how odd

  • Is Dell's "30 Days Price Guarantee" only applicable for stuff bought from their official website? So no chance to get a refund of the difference from this deal?

    • Also applies for dell eBay I believe

    • I had a chat earlier with Dell customer support. It won't price match/guarantee with eBay.

      • Really? I just got one last week. If they won’t match I guess I just return and get one from eBay…..

        • Sounds like a plan. Talk to them. Still a lot of monitors left in deal.

      • +1

        Oh sad ;_;
        Thank you for the update though!
        Was just about to shoot them an email since their chat is closed for today.

        Guess I'm still glad I bought the one at $408 then, since it's only one per account for this deal (next time for this type of stuff I'll sign up to an extra eBay plus account beforehand then..)

  • +3

    Tempted to get another dell DGF. How do I convince the missus I need another one, in addition to the 5 new monitors I've already purchased in the last few months?

    • +3

      I think your username does all the explaining you need…

    • +3

      Just do it!

    • What other monitors have you got? Maybe you could sell some of the others if they aren't as good as the Dell S2721DGF.

    • +1

      I bought 4 includes this one. This is my 3rd DGF.

  • +1

    I'm surprised how much stock is still left of some of the sale items eg Pokemon Snap for $45. Maybe I just overpaid at launch from Amazon :(

  • I couldn't buy the monitor on credit/debit card, tried 2 different credit cards and 1 debit card across eBay CC, PayPal and Google Pay and all failed. Switched to Direct Deposit via PayPal and it worked instantly. Credit card worked for other transactions before and after the purchase of the monitor.

  • Anyone know what the deals are tomorrow ?

  • +2

    Very suprised how many monitors still not sold. 326 out of 1000 sold.

    • +6

      Maybe everyone bought these up on the previous deals!

  • +2

    Thanks OP, eBay plus and Ozbargain got me. I really don't need a new monitor…but now I have one arriving next week.

  • Does anyone know how long refunds take to process if I request my previous Dell 2721dgf order to be cancelled (not posted) then buy at the lower price?

    • Found it could take up to 3-5 days for refund to process. Not going to muck around with it and then be stuck with my gift cards

      • +1

        i bought extra gift cards to get the new deal too but if you haven't, dell refunded it to me instantly this morning.

        • I asked for the refund and magically my monitor got shipped early? Must of been having lots of cancelled orders for the better deal

          • @Kamppinator: happened with me with the Gin, cancelled and still got posted 2 days later

    • +1

      Last refund for me, from ebay dell_australia took <1 day (cancelled around 6pm, refunded next day around mid-day).

  • +2

    I love how so many people talk down ebay plus but it turns out so many people have it and are enjoying the deals!

    • More whinging means more love.

    • +1

      perhaps eBay is finally listening

    • well this was after a whole series of… terrible ebay plus Tuesdays

    • This was probably the third time it was worth having it in the 1.5 years I've had it - not really worth $50 combined. They gave me a $50 voucher to sign up for $49. It also gave me free delivery on some stuff I wanted at the time from a seller who had 20% off and actually had good prices.

      I cancelled the PayPal authority as soon as they took the first year's payment. They definitely didn't take payment for the second year, but my account is still active. I'll stick with it until they cancel, but won't pay for it again, you can just create a new account to get a free trial anyway.

  • Got the S2721DGF, what an amazing price!

    Been holding out for so long for one, to replace my XB270HU.

    Thankyou to whomever posted the duplicate deal, which triggered me to find it!

    • +1

      There were 4 or so duplicates posted already and I'm thinking the monitors would've sold out a lot quicker if mods didn't remove them so quickly

      • Still in stock and the coupon is still valid.

        I'd grab two, but i don't have the need/space. I'm upgrading from a 1440p 144hz screen as well.

  • -1

    Anyone know if you can use the coupon after you Make an Offer? There was a post (removed due to "negotiated deal"), which suggested that you can make an offer of $480 on the ECOVACS OZMO 920, and use the coupon code to further reduce it.

    • would like to know too

  • Who is game to post the new Tuesday deals Home Essentials, Code: PLUSDD20

    • eBay calls it deals, but is it enough to post on OB?

  • +1

    Stand out deal has got to be the ecovacs robot vacuum for $180. Seems like 18 people managed to score that, and 30 people got it at $489. Still 52 left in stock before the offer expires tomorrow.

    • does make an offer trick still work? thanks

      • +1

        Wouldn't know. I tried last night and the seller accepted the offer this morning. Paid the $180 immediately and just received the shipping confirmation email. Based on this review I'm quite excited about it, considering the only difference between the 920 and 950 is battery capacity.

        • well done mate. It seems seller reject all offer now : )

        • Exactly the same scenario as me, looks like they must have reviewed the offers in order so getting in last night was important. I wonder who the other 16 ozbargainers are!

    • Does code still work not showing in mine ebay plus

      • Tried Code , does not work as I have already purchased.

      • It was working around 1pm when I tried it with my partner's account. Not sure if it's expired though.

    • my offer was rejected by seller.
      Also code doesnt work on my account.
      tried with partners account it got rejected as well

      • Shame, they must've realised what people were doing and stopped the code.

    • My offer got accepted but I haven't tried to see if the promo code works yet. Need to do the free trial and i'm worried the code won't even work anymore :( Post deleted so i don't remember..Was the code PLUSTI20? haha

      • PLUSVACUUM - it's in the description of this post.

        • Thank you! Will let you know how i go

        • Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

          Ahh shiiiet haha

    • Where do you see this sold history?
      I only see a few items sold, not 100. (I clicked on the "… sold").

      My offer was also accepted, but despite the deal still being advertised yesterday, the code didn't work anymore. So I ended up asking the seller to cancel the bid.

      Yet today, the deal is still being advertised on the deals page.

  • Anyone receive an order number from Dell yet? Probably far too early but just curious.

    • No not yet !

      • It’s probably a good thing I’ve already got two of the things and need to upgrade my desk to accomodate 3. Just can’t workout if I go 1800mm straight desk or a cornered one!

        • Still waiting. Doubt it'll be that quick.

    • Prepare to get confirmation, then order delay, then order shipped early emails (that was the sequence for the S2721QS deal - all in all I was happy with shipping time).

      • +1

        Oh I'm well prepared. The first one I bought took 8 weeks to arrive. The second one I bought was here the following day!

        • Ok, you win.
          I didn't need any monitors, ended up buying 2 … (I really don't need 3 ..)

          • +1

            @johnmelb: haha, I was happy with one, but then saw a deal for a second and then read a comment on here about needing one in the middle of them because my eye were going crazy sitting side on to two and here we are.

            Damn you OZB!

  • Anyone receives now on late delivery voucher s?

    • Yes I got $5 vouchers. Great bonus lmao

      • +1

        I am not receiving anymore crap

        • It depends on the account. The account I got the late delivery voucher always gets it, and the others never get it.

  • Picked up my Bluedio T5 bluetooth headphones today. Looks and works great. Can be used on bluetooth and on cable (when you run out of battery on bluetooth). Quality is amazing and the mic is very clear when I tried a few recording on my windows laptop.

    Only issue I've had is I cannot charge it via any type-c to type-c cable, it will only work with the provided A to C.

  • We are currently experiencing service impacts from our Warehouse and Logistics side due to the overwhelming number of orders we have received during our sale period. Hence, we have placed our listings on a long lead time ahead as order processing could take longer than usual during the promotion period.

    We are optimistic that we will be able to share your booking details within the week and the item should be with you within the week as well, if not, by next week.

    Appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Kind regards,

    Received the above today regarding the monitor. Probably a good thing as I've only just organised a triple monitor arm in lieu of a bigger desk

  • +1

    Got the Dell order confirmation yesterday for the monitor, with an estimated shipping date of 2 days ago… so, let's see what happens.

    • Same here. Saying it's in production today with estimated delivery today lol.

  • Is anyone still waiting on their white 99 cent power bank?

    • all mine arrived last week, one came with late shipping voucher

      • Thanks. I received my black one a week+ ago, but the white one hasn't moved. Were yours black and white?

        • Oh sorry, forgot you were referring to white. All mine were black haha

    • Aus Post marked mine as received by them on 31/5 and it’s had no movement since 😕

      • Same here.

        Someone has left negative feedback to the same effect, saying they ran out of stock.

        Are you waiting on white?

        • Very strange.

          Black for me.

          • @Chickenleg: Oh, There goes that theory then.

            If it does eventually arrive we'll definitely be eligible for the $5 "lateship" voucher. However, it does need to be delivered for that.

        • Mine finally moved yesterday from the AusPost Sydney warehouse. Sat there for 4 days even as Express Post.

    • Mine arrived this morning.

  • Dell confirmation order yesterday, said the shipping date was in the past and estimated on the 16th of June, now got a delay email expecting order to arrive June 23rd. Who knows when it'll arrive!

    • Expecting. Order now 18 June for me.

    • Mine is due arrive today but status is showing in production. Likely to be delay…

  • Dell confirmation for today, then it was delayed yesterday to 17th June, now got a tracking number with the monitor in Sydney!

    • Same here.

    • Same here as well.

    • +1

      haha yep, got the confirmation a couple days ago, then a delay email yesterday then an email saying it's been "sent early" today haha

    • samesies

  • Thanks OP, got the monitor delivered this afternoon!

  • I haven’t received any email from Dell should I be worried?

  • My Dell S2721DGS was delivered this afternoon.

  • Forgot to mention my S2721 arrived yesterday. Set it up last night. Pretty happy with it and the ease of setup (really clever to let you install the stand whilst monitor is in box). Also the box is surprisingly slim (but not light) vs the other two monitors I bought in the last few years (X34 and CHG90) which both had very very chunky boxes probably due to the slight curve and need to put foam everywhere.

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