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Samsung Galaxy A21s Unlocked $146 (Normally $349) Delivered @ Officeworks


Samsung Galaxy A21s for $146 - Normally $349.

Everywhere else is $299.

Surely a price error but better than half price for a decent phone!

I just went in store and they would honor the online pricing.

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  • Same price on Amazon

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    Reviews say no NFC :(

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      That's right. Only the 3 series and up have NFC

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      I can confirm that this model phone does not have NFC.

    • Samsung's own website has lots of negative reviews cutting lack of NFC.

  • Bargain!

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    Good price.

  • I wonder wether the screen is sharp considering 720p

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      I had a mi a3 with a 720p screen and found it perfectly fine.

      • Maybe true, but if I remeber right that was Amoled and the colour might have dazzled you lol.

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          The pixel distribution is different on AMOLED vs LCD and low resolution is more tolerable.

          • @Agret: Correct, thought so much as my old Samsung A20 with similar screen looked pretty good to me and many others haha.

            • @ozhunter68: A20 is AMOLED, A21 and A21s are IPS

              • @DainB: Similar to the Xiaomi A3 ( which is also Amoled ). I was following the comments from "knk"

        • It wasn't dazzling by any means, and if you put your face close enough to the phone you could see the difference. Real world usability though? Same same.

          But yeah, it had great colour reproduction. Too bad it was a shit phone with flawed bluetooth.

    • A42 5g hear and it's perfectly fine

    • got this for the mrs in Jan and 720p is fine, you will notice it in youtube though as 720p in youtube has a shitty bitrate and you cant force to play at 1080p. this is my only gripe with the phone.

  • This is better value and arguably more useful as a toddler media device than even a cheap tablet

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    6GB and 128GB seems great for the $$.
    anyone knows how's thge CPU on these? only the 720P is a bit of a letdown

  • How is the camera on this phone?

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    We use these as the default mobile phones for our company, they're quite decent. Could be a sign they're transitioning to a new model. Still, we're gonna place a large order in.

  • ozbargained

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    Also available on their eBay Store for those that want to use gift cards or have a voucher available. Says seller is away but seems as though the order will still go through.

    • Seller away untill May 27??? WT?

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        Its not recommend to use gift card in case stock runs out. Then your stuck with the gift card.

      • just officeworks's ebay set up, but too late, someone brodened

        • Also delivery was $25.95 for me unless you could click and collect.

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      OOS on ebay store

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    thanks OP, grabbed one, hope they honour it

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    Note that these are not AMOLED screens and also Mediatek Helio P35 chipset.

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      Exynox 850 maybe?

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        Oops, sorry, yes. 21S is Exynos 850, still not AMOLED though

      • +3

        Yes exynos 850 and 6gb of ram. Outstanding value at $146.

        Also considering that Samsung will support this model for a long time, unlike most cheap models. The A20 is still getting updated too. Which is pretty impressive compared to others at this price point.

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      Good point. The Amazon listing says it's Super AMOLED. However Samsung says it's PLS IPS.

      • 6gb or 3gb ram?

        • 6GB

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    WARNING! Check how much they charge you online! Used Paypal, got charged $297 despite checkout showing $146!

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      Username checks out lol

      • +2

        Avatar checks out

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      I ordered through their store, $146 out of the credit card
      I have yet to get a confirmation email of the order though even though they've deducted the amount

    • +1

      …so its sounding like a price error? not in the mood for a refund and the bullshit that entails

    • +2

      Yeah same, pricing error.

    • Aarghh, me too was charged full amount via PayPal eventhough Officeworks email still confirms $146

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      Same thing happened to me checkout price was $146. Then thank you for paying $297.

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    i think this model has 3GB ram not 6GB,

    this has 128GB and 6GB,impressive for price.

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    Bought one via PayPal and was charged $146 (as per post).

  • is this the 3gb or 6gb modeL?

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      Looks like 6 to me. Hope so as I will commit to a decent drive and will put pressure on staff if they do not honor this sale.

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    Just paid $147 using OpenPay on Officework website for Click and Collect.

  • Does it have dual SIM? can't see it in specs.

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    Lol use this phone as trade in for samsung deals?

    • +1

      Isn't in the trade in list.

      • dang . still a good price for a spare phone

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    Just got an email from Officeworks saying my order is under review…. fantastic

    • +2

      Review is a good start. My order confirmed,….tick. Order ready for pick up,….double tick nice

      • dont count your chickens yet…you better get in the car pronto!

        • Well, I live an hour away ( one way and will be driving close by tomorrow morning.

          Would you risk around $25 in fuel and time for a phone ( don't need it urgently and was just about to

          order the Xiaomi Redmi 10 deal from Banggood lol ).

      • how do you get the price matched online?

        • Price match what product to what product?

    • mines ready to be collected.

  • +3

    Got cancellation email straight away, wtf.

    • -5

      dodge seller. should honour due to their fault otherwise boycott this seller.

      • +7

        not 'dodge'….
        dodge is trying to exploit a price error and then getting pissed when you dont get it at the incorrect price ;)

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    Awesome.. Tx OP. Getting it for my kid

  • +1

    ..cool thanks guys saved me the grief of a purchase & refund. emptying my cart ….

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    page showing $297.00 now

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    Expired. Price changed as I was checking out :(

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    price back to $297… must've been a price error… guessing they won't honour it now lol, waste of time

    • +3

      They were price match Amazon for a short time by the looks of it.

  • I bought this and already got my Order Collection notification from Officeworks.

    • -3

      why are you posting here?..get moving then.

    • +3

      You didn't upvote the post, and wave the fact you got it under our noses. WOW!

    • me too

  • Yea I was about to pay and it said the price changed :( I was like 1min tooooooo late :(

    • Nope, people who ordered it recently all got canceled.

      • Nope. Despite issues with first order using Paypal. My other one went through using cc no problems. Ready for collection.

    • The price changed as I was paying, but they were too fast in updating the price ticket on shelf to 146. So paid 146.

      With these potential price errors you have to hit the stores fast.

      • If there's shelf price of 146 and no stock just ask for quotation and it'll lock price for 30 days.

        • Really, even for price errors?

          • @ozhunter68: It was office works price matching Amazon, no price error.

  • -1

    Who cares, Umidigi Bison on eBay (Umidigi australia store) is around 220 with a $45 discount for eBay plus members right now. Better buy than this IMO

    • No idea about the quality of Umidigi but they might want to rethink their brand name.

      • What's in a name? Haha

    • +1

      tell me more about this bison

      • +1

        Bison 6/8 GB, and the Bison GT 8gb (my pick and everything up specced)

        Umidigi Australia eBay store.

        Seriously, if these China phones wanna be taken seriously, come and deal with ACL on our soil and not just sell from overseas. Just my opinion.

        This is one of the few China phone companies who have the balls.

  • +2

    I am collecting my order now. Hopefully it will be ok. Will update later.

  • Mine is ready for collection as well. Two weeks ago paid over $200 on eBay. Good for daily use.

  • +1

    I paid for 2 phones. I was showing 146 x2 = $292 at checkout. I got sceenshot. But Paypal charged me $594, which is equivalent to 2 x 297 (Full Price). I am Sc%$#

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