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½ Price Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire $649 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw this deal at my local JB Hi-Fi store, thought I'd share it.

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Edition Sports Watch (Carbon Grey with Black Band)
Model: 010-02158-12
RRP: $1,299
JB Hi-Fi price: $649 (half price)

  • 47mm case size
  • Sapphire edition features a scratch-resistant sapphire lens.
  • Wrist-based heart rate¹ and Pulse Ox² sensors add insight to your fitness activities
  • Navigate your world with multi-GNSS satellite reference and outdoor sensors
  • Sync your favourite streaming services, and listen to music without your phone

More product details at: https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/p/641479/pn/010-02158-12

My kids use Garmin vivofit jr 2 and have been happy with it.

update 01/06 - Rebel link: https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-fenix-6-sapphire-smar...

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        They pulled a recent firmware upgrade because of an issue where on a small subset of people had their watch's wireless connectivity firmware corrupted, which killed their battery life and seemed to be somewhat unfixable (unless posted away to Garmin). It's very anecdotal but they did pull the update.

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        I bought two since last time JB 1/2 price promo, daily wearing. one day, after upgrade during night time, lost connection to my phone. tried several reboot on watch and phone, still couldn't connect via Bluetooth. Then I googled, it is not a single case. might be fixed now, who knows. Just be aware

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          1. Delete your watch from your connect app and phone's bluetooth settings
          2. settings > system > reset on your watch
          3. Add your watch again manually via your connect app
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            @spasto: This works fine

            Garmin make great hardware but software is appalling at times

            Often doing this to reconnect

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    Great watches, but RRP is a bit wobbly with these at the moment - 6x is $819 at Kogan (non sapphire)

    Still a great deal even if it is the base Fenix 6 model (vs 6x, 6x Sapphire, 6x Solar etc..etc..)

    I have the Fenix 3 Sapphire and the screen looks the same as it did the day i got it. Can definitely recommend going the Sapphire screen.

    Fenix 7 gotta be here any day with prices like this.

    • "I have the Fenix 3 Sapphire and the screen looks the same as it did the day i got it. Can definitely recommend going the Sapphire screen."

      Same same !

    • Does the glass on other smartwatches usually show signs of wear? I got Galaxy Watch two years ago, the metal bezel now has lots of dents and scratches, but the screen is absolutely pristine, perhaps for these 2 reasons: a) it's Gorilla Glass; b) it's recessed, so when you bump your watch into a wall, or a door, or some other hard surface, it hits the bezel and not the screen.

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    Is this watch that good such that it warrants a 4 digit price tag? Even with the 1/2 price sale, it cost more than the Samsung S21 I bought the other day with the trade-in deal…

    i'm currently using a Fossil smart watch and am thinking of changing but the price tag on this seems excessive….

    • Depends what you want to use it for?

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      If you are into fitness (no pun intended) absolutely.

      Lots of tracking matrixes, steps, cardio etc is excellent. Has inbuilt "personal trainers" for running which is pretty excellent, get to choose from 3 or 4 different trainers (ex Olympian, pt, etc). Gives you a schedule and works your way up.

      Also has gym sessions which can be loaded into your watch i.e. senses 20 squats, beeps, next set etc.

      I have the standard 6, came off on a road bike the other week minimal scratches. Operates fine. Also went down a zipline obstacle course has a couple of scratches (could literally see sparks flying off it before I could adjust my hand). Very good build quality.

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      As someone who does a lot of off trail multi day hikes, I find this a great option and well worth it for the features/ruggedness. If it’s for running or cycling then probably not

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        Thanks. After doing a bit more reading and research, they certainly seem to be beneficial to anyone that is adventurous

        • and are you adventurous?

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          I was an adventurer once, before I took an arrow to the knee.

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          If you’re comparing them to a Fossil or Samsung watch, Garmin definitely isn’t for you.

          Anyone into running or cycling will know that Garmin stuff is well worth the price - literally the best in class for activity tracking and stats.

          • @Bog: Not comparing. Only saying that my current watch is a Fossil watch which is what I wear when at work/events.

            Whilst I am an active person (not quite adventurous anymore), i still can't say that I would spend 4 digits on a device that tracks your activity stats even if it is the best out there, but that's my personal opinion.

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              @DevlicK: That's completely fair. Neither would I, to be honest, which is why Garmin has their other offerings, like the Forerunner 245 for around $300. A lot of it comes down to the length of event you do; like if you're doing an ironman, you need something that will have a really long battery life and that's either the Fenix or the Garmin 945. If you're just doing 5 km runs down the street, not so much - the $300 245 will do.

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      Is this watch that good such that it warrants a 4 digit price tag

      Yes, IMHO.

      My Fenix 3 Sapphire is now six years old and has never missed a beat. The case has some scratches/scuff-marks from years of rough treatment but the screen is still completely flawless.

      Reliable. Accurate. Versatile. Comfortable. Stylish (albeit with a metal band). Awesome battery life. Seamless integration with my other Garmin devices (eg Edge 520 and Varia Radar). Cloud syncing just works. Basic phone notifications are fine by me.

      Only things I wish mine had are things like a HRM, blood oxygen sensor etc - which, of course, newer models like this do.

      Don't buy one of these expecting a feature-rich smartwatch. It's a fitness devices that just happens to have a few basic features to integrate with your mobile.

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      I got the 6X Saphire for $700 on JB's Black Friday sale in November and it's strength are the battery, ruggedness and good looks (the 6X has is 51mm and has a higher-res screen). I wouldn't recommend it for fitness unless you do a lot of outdoors activities, as I still prefer to use my old Apple Watch 3 for all my fitness needs as well as sleep tracking (using the Autosleep app). I basically only use the Fenix as a dress watch - and yes, I've given it a real go and wanted it to completely replace the Apple Watch.

  • Is this equivalent to 6 Pro?

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      Yep it is

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      yes, i think the only diff is the sapphire screen

  • any roumers for the fenix 7?

    • Some sites are speculating a July/August release.

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    good price but I prefer for my purpose the Polar Ignite 2. Scored it just yesterday for $339 -10% voucher code -$10 Afterpay promo for just about $297.

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      Completely different products aimed at a completely different consumer.

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    I'm rocking the 6 pro, this is an awesome deal.

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    Very nice price + Sapphire… I have the pro model since October

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    Love this watch, pretty much wear it everywhere. Changed wristband to a black metal one, makes it look 10x better as well

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    Who pays full price?

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    Still using my Fenix 3 everyday. May upgrade to this model when the 7 comes out. Very solid watches.

  • I got the 6X half price last sale - but would have preferred this

    • Just picked up the 6x sapphire. Love the watch but it’s maybe a touch too big. Apart from that very impressed

      • i was afraid about the same, but finally the watch is ok. I have the 6x pro, they have the same specs as the sapphire

        • Coming from Apple Watch the first day or 2 seemed very big. But it grows on you.

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            @rowshow: It seems so big already, I can't imagine how big it'll get if it grows

      • I actually love the size of the 6X. Unless you have really skinny wrists it won't look ridiculous.

  • I have the Ticwatch S2. When it is on my wrist the phone does not ring or beep for calls and messages. Does this do the same thing? I find that feature really handy when I'm at work

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      yes the fenix do the same, you receive notifications from your phone to the watch. You can customize them

    • Nope. The app can send notifications to the watch indeed but the app does not behave any different whether the watch is on a wrist or not. The firmware on garmin watches is just appalling when compared to pretty much anything else.

    • I have moved to Garmin Fenix 6 from a Galaxy Watch LTE and I absolutely love it. I have my phone on silent all the time anyway and receive phone call, text messages and other notifications like Ring cameras on my watch via vibration and can include a small audio notification too. After owning a Garmin I'd probably be never go back as the batter life and heart rate monitoring is so much better

  • How does this compare to the Samsung Watch 3? Both are around the same price now. Mostly using a smartwatch for gymwork or jogging while listening to offline music. Cheers

    • then probably the samsung is the best one for your case. The Fenix is best for multi days activities. Note also that you cant have your youtube music into the garmin fenix natively. Only Spotify and Deezer works

    • This has offline music (Spotify and Amazon Music are the only major players though, and a subscription is needed, otherwise use on-board music file storage), and for gymwork I would guess this would be better than the Samsung.

      The main differences from my perspective are the Samsung has smarter features and a better screen but a much shorter battery life, while the Garmin has less smart features, a duller screen but it's always on without causing massive battery drain, and also a much longer battery life. Something else to consider is the interface - Samsung is more touch based while Garmin is all button based - that's a matter of personal preference. Samsung Pay probably has wider bank support than Garmin Pay.

      For context, I use a Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, which has most of the more popular features of the Fenix 6. I'm really pleased with it and will be sticking with Garmin for my next watch, probably a Fenix 7 when that has been released and starts getting discounts.

  • +3
    • And with free shipping for Prime members ;)

    • Does this include the 6% cashrewards?

      • classified as 'Electronics' so its' 4.0%

        • How come it's Electronics and not Watches?

          CR have this: Watches 6.00%

          • @bluechan: To answer my own question. CashRewards says this: Watches category excludes smartwatches & fitness trackers (ineligible).
            So this comes under: Mobile Phones & Wearable Tech. Which is 4%.

      • 5% cashback on Shopback for smartwatches

        • I got $23.60 cashback through Shopback. So $625.40 total. So 4% of total price excluding GST.

  • How does this compare to the 6s Pro? is the 6s pro just smaller?

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      Yep and also doesn't have the sapphire glass that this one has

  • I'm thinking of grabbing one of these since the price seems pretty good, but not sure if it would be too big/heavy to wear every day even overnight though. I'm a 6'3 male with regular size wrist so I wonder if someone can share their thoughts on the size and weight of this watch? I suppose I can order it online and try demo one on at the shop when I pick it up, but It will be different wearing it for longer term. I don't think they will accept the return if I opened the purchased item and tried it on, would they?

    • +1

      I strongly recommend going to a shop and asking if you can wear it. The Fenix series are heavy watches.
      I was umm-ing and ah-ing about a Fenix 5 back in the day and nearly pulled the trigger but for the weight. Rebel allowed me to try it on before purchase when I communicated that I was concerned about how heavy it was…
      Ended up going with a FR935 (effectively a plastic Fenix) and it's a shade slimmer than the Fenix but less than half the weight (i think? It's much lighter…) and whacked a tempered glass cover on the screen.
      Honestly, the thing that gave me the most pause was the thought of having that weight bouncing on my wrist while running.
      Look, that said, I reckon you'd just get used to it…

      And after saying all that I'm considering upgrading my FR935 to this since the HR sensor on the back has cracked quite badly… It's 3 years old :/

      • Yeah, I was also considering FR245 Music for its smaller size, but I like the idea of having a full functioning map so I'm also considering this and 6s Pro. I really need to try it on before buying it.

        I prefer using YoutubeMusic for all my music these days so it's not ideal either. I wish they support it at some point, but seems unlikely at this point.

        • -1

          If your 6'3 from my experience (I'm 6'2) I would go the bigger watch especially if your interested in mapping. The 6s and 245 will be too small imo but best to confirm in person.

    • Took me about a week to get used to after years of wearing forerunners. I only ever take mine off to charge/wash. A nylon strap would be ideal to both reduce weight and adjust the fit better (if you can handle the washing of it), since the watch does tend to slide around when moving your wrist if it's not a really good fit. I don't have a problem when out doing an activity.

      Overall the size is good (on an average wrist), plenty of screen and the weight is really a non issue.

    • This is why I am yet to pull the trigger on a smartwatch. I just measured the old dress watch I used to wear - 40mm between band pins - the actually watch face significantly less than that. The thickness of smartwatches is even worse whan the diameter.

      I remember when they first brought out calculator watches, and nerds wore this ridiculously big clucky objects on thier wrists. Well now it's fitness junkies wearing ridicously big clucky objects on thier wrists.

      I'm still hoping someone will make a normal size, slim smartwatch with the main features but without the kitchen sink.

  • +1

    I wanna jump on this but prefer the 6S Pro/Sapphire instead due to the size hmmmm…

  • I had the fenix 6x Pro and then this. Best watch ever. Battery survives a long time. Face skin can be change from their app. Have had a few hard hits on the screen. No scratches. Strap is worn but can be easily replaced.

    • had? why did you get rid of it?

  • Can I swim in the ocean with this on?

    • yes

      • Thank you

  • How is the glass on this?
    I've cracked the glass on my garmin 245 twice in less than 6 months. Haven't been heavy handed with it. Disappointed in the warranty…

    • Grab some screen protectors. $5 for peace of mind, although this is the sapphire model which is meant to be tougher than standard glass.

      • Cheers, don't know why I didn't think of that!
        Had no idea the screen would be so fragile

  • +1

    I have had my Forerunner 935 for 3 1/2 years, using it for cycling, running and hiking and absolutely love it. Was tempted by the Fenix 6 Pro when it was on sale last month's for $700, just bit the bullet on this one. Sapphire glass from what I've heard is well worth it. Also looking forward to some maps.

  • I bought my 5 Plus a few years ago when it was 50% off and it’s been part of my toolset for my health and fitness. This isn’t a bad price but I reckon it’s pretty old now. I am just hanging around for a special for the solar variant; I feel they will drop in price soon.

  • +4

    Amazon dropped to $589

    This could be cheapest ever with cash rewards

    • Will jb price match do you know?

      • JB and Rebel wouldn't price match for me so I bought it from Amazon before it sold out.

        • Nice. I missed the Amazon stock so went and bought it from JB anyway. Still a great price. Enjoying the watch

    • +1

      $584! Unbelievable price even without CR

      • +2

        For anybody who purchased with JB yesterday before the Amazon price drop, I called them today and they refunded me the difference.

  • I am about to get into exercise after a COVID year off.
    I want to get this … but at more than the cost of an Apple Watch 6, I can’t justify it. I can’t even get close. The Apple Watch can do so much more that it embarrasses the Garmin.

    There must be a real small target market, and Garmin are really abusing them with price.

    At 107 upvotes I wonder whether these are actual customers/future customers … or whether people see 50% off and blindly click upvote.

    • +1

      Battery life is significant advantage though…

      These transflective screens are more efficient on battery and also the Fenix series had been good for hiking/trails etc.

      I never got sold on Samsung/Apple or anything with OLED such as Garmin Venu because of the short battery life.

      But this is fitness watch first before a smartwatch. So if you're looking for a smartwatch first with the ability to track fitness then Apple is definitely for you as I've been envious of all the apps that are available for them.

      Mind you there is actually a specific market of 'fitness watch' consumers and the numbers had been stable whereas the 'smartwatch' consumers had been fluctuating often. There was a Gartner report on that few years ago…

    • +1

      So I guess you like charging your watch every night then.