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HSBC Platinum Credit Card: Bonus 120,000 Pts ($3K Spend in 90d), 0% Int BT for 26 MOs, $0 Year 1 Annual Fee (Exist. Customer)


Received an email so can be targeted but from what I can understand it's for everyone with the link. Otherwise looks like a good deal for free $500 and no fees.

HSBC Platinum Credit Card
Treat yourself with $500 in e-Gift Cards when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. Enjoy the gift of time with 0% p.a. interest on Balance Transfers for 26 months (1% balance transfer fee). And relax with $0 Annual Fee in the first year.

Available to new, approved customers who apply for the Platinum Credit Card Available only to existing HSBC customers who are approved. HSBC may change or end this offer at any time. Please see full terms and conditions. Other fees and charges may apply.

Mod: 120,000 Points can be redeemed for $600 Cashback, see here. Thanks to samehada.

Update 15 August: 120,000 points can be redeemed for only $500 cashback now

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  • been having their foreign currency account (debit), am I still eligible for this?

    • No. You need to sign up to their credit card to get the deal. Debit card is not part of it.

      • +17

        He might be asking "if I already have a debit product with them, am I eligible for this credit card offer" as often there are restrictions for existing customers

    • Hsbc states

      "excludes interest free and other promotions, balance transfers, cash transfers, business expenses, cash advances, fees and charges, BPAY®, any disputed transactions and government fees and charges. "

      What do they mean by business expense?


    • I also have a Debit card. I checked with HSBC via Live Chat and they advised I will be eligible if I received an email (which I didn't).

      Update: I rang HSBC to cancel application and was told by the CS Rep that I am eligible (subject to approval of course). So I decided to keep application.

  • +7

    perfect, just received my egift card from ANZ rewards, now I'm going to jump on this one

    • I still have not received it, even though I hit the 1500 spend before the issue of the second statement. I have also paid everything off :(

      • Isn’t it 2k spend

        • nope 1.5k

      • I got mine emailed to me on wednesday, about 1-2weeks post hitting the limit.

        Maybe some of your purchases are not eligible?

      • +1

        it'll come dw

        I wasn't tracking my spend and then all of the sudden I got an email from ANZ saying my giftcard is ready to be redeemed haha

      • I got mine about 3 days after hitting the $1500.. email subject "Your $500 eGift card is ready.".

    • +1

      Hahaha i also recieved my ANZ giftcard. Ill jump on this too.

      • Which ANZ offer you are referring to?

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    I feel this is still better

    • +1

      Why? Care to backup your opinion? … Besides the obvious $99 annual fee compared to zero on this one

      • -4

        $201 gain per $900 spend
        $500 gain per $3000 spend
        Thats Quick Maths

        Although you do get $600 cashback on this card that the op should state rather than the $500 gift cards

        • I got this email as well,

          And they explicitly mention $500 gift card

          • +1


            Get 120,000 bonus Rewards Plus points when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases using your new card within 90 days of card approval.¹ That's enough for $500 in e-Gift Cards from great retailers like Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths, Uber and more

        • Cashback better value than gift cards?That's gotta be a first.

          • @endolphin: Yep
            Don't make the mistake others did last time

        • $500 gain is still better than a $201 gain… Better bt offer on this one too

          Downside… HSBC app

    • Depends on how much you spend monthly.
      I feel the HSBC deal is better

  • how do u even spend 3k excluding bpay n all

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      I would just buy gift cards on top of whatever else I used it for during 90 days period.

    • +1


    • +9

      Prepay 12 months of health insurance maybe… Plus some more ideas here:

    • +5

      Buy a 3090

      • Not the LHR ones though 😉

        • No 3090 has hash rate limiter

    • +2


      • +1

        crypto is treated as cashout… they attracts additional charges

        • +1


        • +2

          Buillion then

        • +1

          Are you sure? Maybe it depends on how you're buying it.

          Just buy it using paypal instead?

          It seemed to work for ANZ.

    • +5

      How can you not?? My average spend is $700 per month and that's just general living expenses.

      $150 per week Groceries
      $50 Fuel per week

      Then add the monthly expenses like internet, gas and electricity and you'll hit $3k easily

      • Don't you get hit with a card surcharge if you pay gas and electricity by card?

        • +3

          no, their online payment system is Post Billpay and you link it up with paypal with your CC

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      I see you have no kids!

      • +1

        sounds like liability…..

    • Usually at Bunnings, Amazon and eBay.

    • Ask your wife. She won't have any problem at all with that

  • Am I eligible if I have closed their credit card within last 6 months? Tried to look into fine prints cant find anywhere.

    • +2

      Existing HSBC customers transferring from another HSBC credit card or customers who have held any Rewards Plus card types within the last 12 months are ineligible for this offer.

  • -8

    So be mindful that this is HSBC and it's located in Hong Kong. Therefore it's effectively under the control/guidance and supervision of the CCP.

    • +14

      Nothing warms me to the core than taking money from the ccp

      • But HSBC is now mostly owned and managed by British people.

    • -1

      HSBC is based in the UK

      • Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

        • Based in Hong Kong….

          • +2

            @diddy50: Has ALWAYS been a UK bank.

            • @raybies: It was clearly a Hong Kong bank. Let me quote a bit of history:

              The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank" was established in British Hong Kong in 1865 and was incorporated as "The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation" in 1866, and has been based in Hong Kong

  • +1

    this $500 egift, which retailers can we spend at?

    • -5

      Any Chinese retailer 🤷‍♂️

    • +2

      $600 cashback you can spend anywhere tho

    • woolworths

    • +4

      don't bother with giftcard, you can redeem it for cash which is paid to your credit card account and you can spend it anywhere.

      Redemption rate for gift card is more expensive than cashback which seems very stupid way to redeem giftcard. You earn point for spending the cashback amount from your credit card as well.

    • BCF

  • anyone know of any promo codes for a balance transfer for Existing credit card HSBC customers?

  • +17

    It's actually better if you use the 120,000 points as credit as it equates to $600 credit to your account.

    • Thanks for the tip!

      • Just figured out how redemption works.

  • +2

    But if you go for the BT offer, you can’t spend $3000 as most banks do not offer interest free days on purchases when you have a BT. Would be interested to know for HSBC too.

    • +1

      According to Finder.com HSBC Balance transfer does not disqualify you from interest-free days on new purchases.

      • Got the card today. Thanks so much for your guidance on this which helped me in applying.

    • +3

      I know! Might as well put the full PDS there while OP is at it!.

      • -4

        Don't be disingenuous, It's clearly a bait title and it's not like it would have been too much text.

        • +1

          time to crack out the small violin lads

    • +1

      Yes, good idea. Best you just continue living your life without spending… somehow….

  • +2

    The verification takes blurry pictures, as it uses the widelens instead of the normal lens (yeay for >2 lens phones), and now I have to go to an outlet/auspost.

    Just in time for lock down!

    • mine was fine

      • +1

        Good for you mate. I tried almost 20 times and it was blurry every time I got it close.

    • Same, terrible system, everything is correct except the license number and you can't edit it to correct it.
      Mine just picks up the 1st digit…

  • +5

    Why do you want to redeem $500 giftcard when you can redeem for $600 cold hard cash and even earn point on spending that $600?!?


    • -7

      I spoke to HSBC financial executive (whatever that is) and they said you cannot get cold hard cash. The $600 cash is applied to your credit card balance. It acts as cash but you cannot just withdraw without any charge.

      Also, you can redeem for a $500 giftcard. They have jbhifi so I will redeem the points with that.

      • +1

        Or you could spend $600 at JB Hifi with your credit card. Or anywhere else you want.

      • +3

        Ok this is a few points for you to read.
        1. you tell me how to get 120k points?
        - You need to spend $3000
        2. Then how do you pay this back?
        - Cold hard cash
        3. Then what do you call the cashback redemption to pay back your $3000 credit card balance?
        - Check number 2 above.
        4. Why do you even redeem $500 JBHifi giftcard which is less than $600 when you can just walk in to any JBHifi or even buy online with the $600 that has been paid to your credit card? You even earn 500points for that transactions and still have $100 left to spend after buying $500 from JBHifi.
        - What you are commenting is complete nonsense.

        • +1

          And to add, buy a JB giftcard 5% off using that same credit card any day from Suncorp and then use that to pay in JB. 🤷🏻

      • +1

        shegeloaf - I hope you understand that $600 credit to the card is better than a $500 gift card.

      • +1

        lol please do not operate heavy machinery

  • +3

    Verification process sucks.. I have spent more than 15 mins.. in retaking front & back photos of my driving license, in which its so called HSBC "AI" system reading the DL number incorrectly in a row of 5-6 times everytime and I cannot modify the Driving license number.. stupid system.. I am giving up and going to bed .. will try tomorrow when i can.

    • The same thing happened to me. I had to restart the whole process.

    • +2

      I opted out of the stupid facial recognition and ended up not having to do any verification at all. Existing customer.

      • Thanks for pointing this out, now I just have to upload bank statements as there's no way I'm giving them access to my bank account?!?!

    • mine was fine

  • +3

    I started filling in the application, but what's the deal with putting details of 'A friend or relative that does not live with you" including their phone number?

    I've never encountered this before in credit card applications.

    • It's stupid but hardly a big deal compared to the epic fail facial recognition for example. If you don't want to enter someone's real details then just make something up.

      • then they will pass it to debt collector to chase you for debt if they can't find you?

        • Erm no. Debt collectors don't need fake details to find you.

          • @UrMumsOnlyFan: Not finding you, finding you via your friend or relative. Are they allowed to do that?

    • Instead of phone a friend, the give you Spam a friend?

  • What's the minimum credit limit?

  • Just a word of caution…

    I persevered with an application for the same Hsbc deal back in February and was rejected in spite of satisfying all criteria. That's their right but it was strange as my income, credit score are healthy and I have never had an application rejected before.

    It didn't stack up for me, hope others have success though to make the invasive application process worthwhile.

    • I once got rejected for a deal here on OZb with Comm bank, I had 6 digits of savings in my bank account and they rejected a CCard application……..

      • how many cc, loans, balance transfers, late/pending payments you had at that time?

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