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HSBC Platinum Credit Card: Bonus 120,000 Pts ($3K Spend in 90d), 0% Int BT for 26 MOs, $0 Year 1 Annual Fee (Exist. Customer)


Received an email so can be targeted but from what I can understand it's for everyone with the link. Otherwise looks like a good deal for free $500 and no fees.

HSBC Platinum Credit Card
Treat yourself with $500 in e-Gift Cards when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. Enjoy the gift of time with 0% p.a. interest on Balance Transfers for 26 months (1% balance transfer fee). And relax with $0 Annual Fee in the first year.

Available to new, approved customers who apply for the Platinum Credit Card Available only to existing HSBC customers who are approved. HSBC may change or end this offer at any time. Please see full terms and conditions. Other fees and charges may apply.

Mod: 120,000 Points can be redeemed for $600 Cashback, see here. Thanks to samehada.

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      • Received my first statement yesterday and just got the bonus points today. Redeemed $600 cashback successfully.

        • When did you meet the $3k spending requirements?

          • @CodeXD: Literally within the first week of receiving my credit card

  • +1

    Got my points also.
    Met spend a couple of weeks before the 1st statement.

  • Also got points, about 2 weeks after first statement

    • Hi, so just wanted to ask, the bonus points could come it at any time and not on statement date? Thanks

  • Also got the points but couldn't redeem them last night due to some website error. Redeemed today.

    • Redeemed today also. Not sure how long they actually take to show up in the account. The order page said 5 mins but another page says Up to two business days.

      • Unfortunately it's definitely not 5 minutes. I saw 2 days but the confirmation page only says:-

        Your cash back reward will be applied to your account shortly.

        • maybe after our statement is due ;)

          • @bohn: Mine's due soon so I hope 2 days is legit! 💰

            • @the splingee: damn it I paid the full amount due way before the due date and then I realise I received the 120K points already. If I redeem it now does it show as $600 credit on my credit card?

  • got my first statement and the bonus points.. yay..

    would it be the time to close the account now?

  • Hey does anyone know the Kris Flyer conversion? It's a little unclear on the website as there's two options.


    • says you need a Premier card to transfer to Krisflyer.
      Platinum can transfer to Velocity.

  • Does this mean after spending 3k you could get your cash back of 600 and pay off the 2400 balance &then close the cc?

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      yes, you can use it for 1 year then cancel. You have $0 annual fee for first year

  • It seems it is still available. Why it marked as expired? Any catch.?

  • Got the points also.

    So it's $600 cashback or $500 in gift cards.

    Thinking of buying $625 of gift cards (for $600 using RACV 4% discount) and using the cashback to pay if off.

    So instead of $500 in gift cards, effectively get $625.

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    Is this expired or is the link still valid?

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    Same question as above, it seems that the $500 gift card offer is still on the public website

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      yes looks good to me. go for it.


    has appeared on my transaction list.

    redeemed on Saturday 10 Jul 2021

    • same here - time to pay it off and close it.

  • Met the spending criteria before the first statement but the bonus points are not showing on my balance yet. How long after the statement did they take to show up for everyone?

    T&C's says: The 120,000 bonus Rewards Plus Points will be credited to your Rewards Plus Account within 60 days of meeting the spend criteria, provided that your account is active and not in arrears.

  • Funny thing about this card - I've closed it already - but I just checked https://www.creditsavvy.com.au and the credit check shows, but it has never shown as an active credit account.
    Usually the credit account shows very quickly, and sometimes banks are slow at updating when it was closed.. but in this case it just doesn't show at all.

    • The card just appeared in my credit report today, and is incorrectly shown as Open.

      • Credit report take couple of months to get updated.

        • not with other banks, I check creditsavvy and they're all really quick to update.

          • @bohn: You may have been lucky. I've had a lag with several banks. Up to 2mths from memory

  • I'm also still waiting for the points to be credited to my account.

    18/07 Met the $3k spend condition

    6/07 Received July 2021 HSBC statement

    I've paid off all buy $600 of the balance, but looks like I'll need to fully pay it off fully since I won't get the points in time.

    • Did you receive your points yet?

      • I haven't, but that's on me since I paid off car rego (~$1k) which is excluded from the $3k spend (found out not long after posting that comment). I've now met the minimum $3k spend and waiting for points to come in. I expect it in around 2 weeks.

        • Were they able to tell you if you had hit the minimum spend?

          • @eastmeetswests: No, I didn't contact them about it. I read through the comments here and worked it out.

          • +1

            @eastmeetswests: I called them last week. They said that as long as I have 3000k+ points I qualify. That's how they decide on eligibility. So bit of a waiting game.

            • @gimme: Thank you for this! It makes sense - received my first statement and there was some purchases which were not elligible - and the points accrued matched what the actual elligible spend was.

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    Hi, just wanted to ask if this offer is targeted or open to public? I checked on HSBC site but it seems that this offer is not showing up but I can see the offer if I go through the posted link. Can I get the bonus points if I apply through the link here? Thank you in advance.

    • Wondering as well as the link (now) clearly states:

      Available only to existing HSBC customers who are approved after applying through the 'Get started' button below.HSBC may change or end this offer at any time.Please see the full terms and conditions below. Other fees and charges may apply.

      • I saw this too. I am very curious too as I am not a HSBC customer. I wonder if this has changed since the offer began?

  • Does paying taxes count for the spending criteria???

    • No, excludes government fees and charges. Also doesn't count for paying rego

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    Around how long after your spend of $3k does the bonus points arrive? I did my $3k spend on 25 June and paid off my first statement and still waiting for bonus points to arrive…

    • Me too, met the 3k spend on 1st July but still waiting till this date.

      • What!? A month has passed? Maybe you didn't meet the spend or some of your spend was ineligible?
        Check how many points you currently have in the details tab of the app

        • +1

          I thought so too but double checked all spending are eligible ones mainly electricity and insurance bills, food, groceries, and purchasing of giftcards. Currently have 3005 points which aligns with the $3005 spending.

      • yeah I did call them up as soon as I spent the $3k, they said it could take up to 60 days….still got 19 days to go, will keep you updated. Could you also let me know when you have received yours? Cheers!

        • will do, I haven't call them yet so will give them a call

          • @iori57: Just received the bonus points today in my account. Took 55 days! Was gonna call them but finally in :) hope everyone gets theirs soon!

            • @kchibi7: Cool thanks for the update! I just called them and initially they told me all my electricity and insurance bills were not eligible 'retail spending' so they doesn't count, but I told them I did get the 3000 points which supposedly will only be given for eligible spending… took them 2 days to reconfirm that they are indeed eligible spending and my bonus points will be credited in my next statement cycle which is 1st of september… hope they know what they are doing :(

              Can I confirm with you whether you have any household bills as part of the 3k spending?

              • @iori57: Typically depends on how you pay those bills. e.g. Bpay may not count but direct debit or paying through provider's website counts. Having said that if you have accrued 3000 pts you're good to go.
                Tip: get it up to 5000 to get an additional $25 xashback if you want

                • @gimme: Ya I paid the bills through provider's website never Bpay :) I thought about that too, but I need to focus my spending on the citibank card that I just received because it needs to spend 3k as well

              • @iori57: Just went through my statement, no most things were retail, gift cards. Closest thing to bills were licence renewal and car insurance which both counted.

                • @kchibi7: Cool thanks! Good to know that insurance are counted

        • Still waiting too.. Met spend and paid off card, have 4000 odd points in the redemption section, so spent over $4k on the card… second statement came through with that info but still no bonus points..

        • +1

          Finally got the points! @wgibbie I suggest you call the customer service, as soon as I did that I got the points within a few days :) They probably escalate it when someone calls in to check. $600 cashback is sweet!

          • @iori57: they don't unless the 60days have lapsed. just coincidence.

      • Me too ! Met the spend just before the July Statement (which shows the $3K spend). August statement been issued - no points 🤷‍♂️

  • Did anyone screenshot this deal before they changed the wording on the website to 'existing HSBC customers only'?

    Got a feeling it is going to be quite the battle to get these points now.

    • +4

      Wayback machine to the rescue…hopefully nobody needs to fight…Once I spent 3,000 I reached out to their support to confirm the spend and when I will receive the points. They have mentioned 60 days in writing

      (I think it is because I didn't reach the spend in the 1st statement, but shortly after that, so 60 days will be sufficient for next statement to be issued is my theory)


      • +5

        Yeah, I just checked with online chat and they conform that (i) I qualified for the bonus and (ii) it'll take up to 60 days to appear in the account

  • is this eligible for people who already have a HSBC Everyday Account?

    • with the wording that has been changed with the promotion now, i think you should check with HSBC. It may be a targeted promo now going forward

  • +1

    1/7 Met 3k spending, haven't received points.
    Called HSBC today, advised to wait 60 days from 1/7.
    So it should be credited by 1/9. Will wait and see.
    Hsbc can confirmed that I qualified for this bonus point from their system though.

    • +1

      Do you have 3k points?

    • Similar here, hit the spend on 6/7. Just a waiting game I suppose.

    • still waiting…sneakily enough the message that confirmed the bonus points have disappeared from the online banking system….just wondering if messages get archived after a certain time

      • Yea after 30 days it does. You can re-contact them again

    • Got over 4k points now but from 4th Aug statement, does that mean I need to wait 60 days from 4th Aug?

      • According to the HSBC person that I talked to, it counted from the date since you started hit/accumulated 3k points. Check your transaction history should be able to tell that.

    • I'm still waiting for my points too! Don't know when exactly I hit the 3k but it was around the start of July too.

    • Received my bonus points today!

      • Me too! Yay!

  • +1

    Has anyone recently applied for this card?

    They have changed the intro paragraph to "Available only to existing HSBC customers" … so looks targeted now?

  • +2

    Received my points today. 3k spend done early July.

    • same here :)

    • Same :) was getting a bit nervous i wasn't going to get them.

    • same got it…may actually spend another 1.5k on top of the 3.5K and get another $25 cashback

    • Yup, all good. Bonus points received, cashed in & looking to hit the $5k spend just to use the last 5k points for a $25 cash credit.
      Then churn to next c/card

  • +4

    If you're spending $3000+ to get the points, might as well bump it up to $5000 to get an additional $25 cashback.

    • yep thats my plan too

    • That's what I did, just claimed back the $625 waiting for it to come through.

    • +1

      Would get $40 back if using their debit card which gives 2% cashback for purchases under $100 (can split the payments as well so make them under 100).

      • name checks out

    • where do you find the spend $5000 and get $25 cashback?

      • You get 1 point per $1 spent. It is 5000 points to get $25 cashback.

        • only if you want to cancel the credit card straight away, other wise the Everyday Global 2% Cashback is better

  • folks, my points finally came through, and went to redemptions and selected the credit. Now my account balance was zero before this. I was hoping then my balance would have updated with 600AUD but it hasn't. But my points balance did reduce. Anyone experience this or know have I to wait a few days or something??

    • ** Please allow up to 2 business days for the cash back to be credited to your credit card account as per their website. Just wondering how long did it take for the points to come through? I just reached the minimum spent.

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