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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Kit - 4 in 1 Starter Pack $37.05 Delivered @ digiDIRECT eBay


$39 without ebay plus

Or $33.15 + $9.90 (eparcel shipping)
Thanks @doweyy for the $10 off tip via digiDirect website
( $10 off your first order) bring down to price to $33.05 delivered / $23.05 C&C —> cheapest

Original Coupon Deal

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set is a set of sensors giving you full control over your home. The set includes: smart hub, Mi Window and Door Sensor, Mi Wireless Switch and Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor. It is up to you which device is to be active at a given moment. The sensors are connected via WiFi. This system is really impressive, the set of intelligent sensors guarantees a completely new level of automation in your home, improving the comfort of everyday life!

Control hub connected to the router acts as the receiver of other sensors readings.

All functions are configurable through the Mi application, which features a convenient and clear interface. After installing the set, Xiaomi devices on your account will connect to Mi Smart Sensor Set, allowing you to configure them freely. You can set the light to automatically switch on when you are in the room, control the air purifiers, etc.

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    The sensors are connected via WiFi

    The sensors are connected via Zigbee I suspect.

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    For the main Digi Direct website, if you open home page in incognito it should trigger a pop up for $10 off your first order if you subscribe via email. Use a throwaway email to get the code and you can stack with this deal to get it for $23.15 C&C or + Delivery.

    Bit tricky to get the pop up but just open in incognito and after 10 seconds or so it should show on the home page.

    • +1

      Legend! Just ordered for C&C.

    • A true OzBargain God!

      • It’s jv

    • Thank you, it worked! 60 days expiry too

  • Do they now work if connected to AU server?

  • Did I read somewhere this only works with Xiaomi devices?

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    Just ordered two for $56.30 including free delivery. Don't know why need these.

  • Does Xiaomi have smart doorbells and cameras that works with this?

    • I've used several Xiaomi cameras with this before, until i discovered one of my cameras was constantly uploading/streaming a large amount of data to the internet when i wasn't connected to it. Changing the security password didn't have any effect. I didn't feel safe with it after that, so i stopped using the Xiaomi hub and all my Xiaomi cameras.

      I still use the Xiaomi ZigBee sensors, which work great for such small and cheap devices, but i connect them to a non-Xiaomi hub now (Smartthings).

  • genuine questions:
    What does these sensors do? Like alert us incase of a break-in?
    Is the temp sensor a glorified thermometer?
    Do we really need a hub at all ?

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      It’s a home automation hub. Once you put the door sensors in, you can trigger your smart lights to come on at night when you open the front door.

      Yes it also has an alarm function and will alert you.

      The temp sensor is similar… when it’s get below / above a certain temperature, turn on an air conditioner. Humidity sensor can be used to automate a dehumidifier.

      Yes, to use devices that use the Zigbee standard, you need a Zigbee hub (this thing).

    • Detects if a door or window is opened or closed or if temperature reaches a particular range and sends a signal to the hub. whether you make that trigger an alarm, a heater or ac unit, or a smart light bulb or some automatic curtain motors or something else entirely is up to you.

  • I’ve had one of these sitting unopened for maybe 2-3 years now…

  • Great price.

    Just be aware this kit does not work with Google Home or Alexa.

  • Can you use it with HomeAssistant?

    • Yes I've got all of these plus the motion sensor from the larger kit all working in HA with the Xiaomi integration.

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