Amazon Prime Day 2021: June 21-22

The event dates have now been confirmed on Amazon.

Prime Day will be coming earlier than usual this year. Last year, it happened on October 13 - roughly 8 months ago - and there were some good deals.

According to Bloomberg, reports are that Prime Day will be held on June 21 & June 22.

Amazon's page is displaying Prime Day is coming.

Mark your calendars and get your wallets ready. June will be a pretty hectic month with EOFY sales as well

Mod: Prime Day 2021 Deal Page Here

Edit 2022: Amazon Prime Day 2022 (Tuesday 12 July - Wednesday 13 July)

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  • +1

    OMG Cant wait

  • +7

    i feel like join ebay plus is such a mistake.

    • +5

      both are good, amazon is great if you live in the major cities, next day delivery for lots of things

      • +5

        Amazon is great even if you don't live in a major city - we're in rural Tasmania, but orders from Amazon arrive very quickly, even those from the US. No Amazon delivery drivers here of course, so no next day delivery - everything usually comes via Australia Post, but after 25 years of living in WA (Wait Awhile), I have NO complaints about Amazon's delivery times here in Tassie!

        • +1

          I notice a lot of casuals doing delivery. With their own car via Amazon flex

          • +1

            @neonlight: Yes and the pay is $108 for a 4 hour block. Pretty poor considering you have to run your own car and it is quite a stressful job, especially if you are given apartments or CBD areas to deliver to. I love the idea of this type of work but it should be paying at least $50 an hour if you have to run your own car.

            • +1

              @nubzy: Didn't know the pay rate but I see students doing it. Impossible to get the rate you want.

    • +1

      For me ebay is better because Aus post can leave a delivery card. Because I live in apartment block there's no access for Amazon to leave a package unless I am home.

      • +7

        Amazon have their own locker system similar to AusPost as well as over the counter pickup locations you can use. (need to sign in or be signed into Amazon)

        Also if you get your Amazon orders sent to an Australia Post Parcel Locker, Amazon is forced to use AusPost instead of it's own flex delivery drivers.

        • Yeah I get nearly everything from Amazon sent to the newsagency near home so that I don't need to worry if I've decided to go to the office, or jump out for some errands.

        • Yes i have Amazon parcel lockers next to my apartment block. Its great

        • +1

          Super handy, thanks for the info.

        • +2

          I have them near me but keep in mind not all items can be delivered to these lockers. The main problem with Amazon Prime are the flex delivery drivers - like AusPost contractors they are pretty rushed and under pressure and often will dump packages where the public can access them. Sometimes they call your mobile which is great, but other drivers just dump. One called and said he had problems parking and had me run to meet him a block away!

  • +4

    Official press release here.

    • +2

      I was about to leave the same comment!
      I just received the email from Amazon :D

    • Any word on stocking the CR gift card portal with Amazon gift cards? Need to stock up in preparation 😁

  • +1

    Official link with tips

  • +3

    Hoping Ebay put out some good counter deals!

  • Is the echo dot likely to be cheaper again on the day? They are $20 off right now, looking to get another one for the house.

  • What're the rules? Can I just sign up for trial prime membership to benefit from it? If so, do I need to do it before prime day?
    Are on sale items only the ones that are sold by Amazon and not third party?

    • You should (sign up early) ideally.

  • I wonder if there will be more EOFY deals before the end of the month.

  • +1

    Let's hope there are some genuine bargains because last year was a huge disappointment

  • -3

    anyway to get free prime access even after the trial?

    • +1

      It's $7 mate. Set it and cancel it right afterwards.

  • Might renew my prime sub

  • Hey guys,

    Are these usually as good as the eBay plus sales? Just wondering if I should sign up for the free prime trial for the event :)

    • +4

      Yep, the free Amazon Prime streaming service that comes with it is worth it, let alone the deals.

      EBay usually take a a week or two to deliver to my area. Amazon is next delivery. Stuff I buy off Amazon US sellers arrive more quickly than ebay sellers from interstate.

      I purchased a $10 item off Amazon at 8pm on a Saturday night, I got a notification that it's packed at 7am today (Sunday) and I'll be receiving it soon, today.

    • -1

      Better than ebay plus

      • +1

        Pointless to compare. eBay Plus is almost free. There is no way to save on Prime membership fee. Acquisition cost is totally different.

        • prime is better

          • @THX: Acquisition cost is totally different.

            Some people even gain a profit ($50 voucher + $30 giftcard) by purchasing $49 eBay Plus.

            A $500 smartphone is always better than a $100 smartphone at any time for sure.

            • @Neoika: membership fee, not acquisition cost

              costs more, but you get more benefits including better deals and prime video which is more than worth it

  • I have a Kindle related wish list set up on my account which indicated that some Kindle deals will drop at midday today (AEDT).

  • Will Prime day have the Asus G14 with 1660ti for $1400?

  • Wonder if there will be good deals on coca-cola like last time?

    • Ya that was good

  • +3

    I hate that I get excited for Prime Day.

  • Fire Stick 4K for $59. Been wanting a fire stick for a while, really good price.

  • waiting on 4k BDs / non 4k BDs , PS4 and PS5 games to go on sale !

  • Merged from What’s Kind of Deals to Expect on Amazon Prime Day

    Hi their , I am first time subscriber to Amazon prime and looking forward to the Amazon prime day deals . I am really excited with the prime day just hours away and was wondering if any body could share their experience from their previous year’s i.e what kind of deals one can expect on the Prime day. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    • +8

      Temper expectations. Last year was pretty crap if honest.

      There's a page dedicated here with some last year examples at bottom:

      More here:

      • Year before was even worse. If you're someone who'll buy anything just because it's on sale you'll be happy but if you're after particular items you might get lucky. I actually did have somewhat of a win last year as two items that had been on my wish list for a significant time came up with 30% plus discounts but that still left dozens of other items that didn't.

    • Half price Coca Cola perhaps. I am prepared for disappointment. Last year was garbage. I get plenty of bargains (though I feel they are drying up a bit lately??) randomly on Amazon, but you have to be lucky and search hard.

      • Just got a 30 pack of pepsi max for 14 bucks delivered. Not bad. Last year I got a nintendo switch Pro controller for 62, this year they're 82. Very sparse in terms of real bargains.

        PS4 hits are on sale for $10 at Big W, Amazon have them for $8 for prime members. So, no too bad there.

    • +1

      You can expect few Philp hue lights and bosch tools as they have a part of every prime day sale.

      • Even Bosch nanoblades are cheaper at Bunnings. Maybe they'll have them cheaper later…

    • I am wondering what do people consider as not "crap".

      I am curious.

      • I think it's all relative. If you genuinely use it and enjoy it, it's basically not crap.

        But buying stuff because it's cheap, and never finding much use or enjoyment, that's crap.

    • +1

      Probably mostly their own branded stuff as per usual.

    • +1

      from memory last time they removed the minimum shipping value for overseas purchases.

      • +1

        Good call. Just confirming they seem to have done this.

  • Any 12am deal tonight?

    • +2

      FWIW there are a bunch of "deals of the day" starting at midnight in my Amazon deal dashboard.

      Eg some robot vacuums; ecovacs and roborocks

      • Ummm any link to that page?

        Cannot see any deal if the day in incoming deal tab on my phone.

        Maybe should try desktop…

        • Viewing in android app, so no url, sorry.

          Steps to get there (YMMV):

          Navigate to the prime day landing page (eg banner ad on the app homepage)

          Scroll down past the pink tips and click on "manage personalised deals". I can see a bunch of deals there starting at midnight with blue tags. They're based recent searches/items I've viewed.

      • which robot vacuum?

  • In the market for instant pot nova duo as the one I have right now is too small for family of four adults.

  • Expect peeps to stay up late for the deals, lol.

  • +1

    Samsung tablets would be nice but not expecting it.

    • Tab A7 was $249 momentarily…back to $299 now.

      • Yeah meant Tab s7 plus, not interested in the low end stuff.

  • Does it start at midnight?

  • Any decent bluetooth speaker within $70 mark?

    • Keep an eye out for the Anker Soundcore Flare 2. Should hit $70.


        How does this sound for the current price?

      • And would buy Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker which is for $19 in this deal instead of above two? How do you compare the volume (watts?bass? etc)

        • +1

          I've only used the Flare 2, great sound but $19 for the Echo Dot is amazing.

          • @Juiciness: In terms of output sounds, do you think dot 3 is loud enough? How to know or measure it compare with Anker?

  • did the site just crash :D or updating the deals :O

    • Not even AWS can handle Ozbargain.

  • +3

    Meh :\

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy 4K $47.50

  • Nintendo Switch isn't on sale???!

    • Switch lite $228

  • Fitbit Charge 4 - $99
    Eristoff Vodka, 700 ml - $28
    Artist Paint Brushes set-10 PC's - $16.50
    Sony SRSXB23 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker - $111

    I'm looking for a good set of drill bits now.

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder, Extreme Milk Chocolate, 4.55 Kilograms $120, $108 S&S
    2.27kg $68, $61.20 S&S

    Genoa Foods 30% off at checkout

    • all nutrition gold flavours are on discount

  • +14

    So far, meh.

  • +8

    Can't believe I stayed up for this

  • +4

    Pretty lame deals

  • +6

    Huge disappointment. Need a reminder to not get excited for next year's Prime Day

  • -2

    Only bargain from the house of Jeff was his ex. Pitty I was too slow to propose so she is taken again….

  • Anyone have any recommendations for reliable TWS earbuds?

    • I just posted the 1Mores
      Highly recommend them at this price.

    • Make sure to PAY ATTENTION TO CODECS!

      Both sides need to have the codec (transmitter and receiver [TWS])

      If gaming, aptX-LL required

      Have fun!

  • Picking up a 8L instantpot duo nova for $68 seems to be the only deal so far. Oh and maybe some tp.

    • $68?! It’s showing up for $194 for me

      • 8L is sold out now. Was at $159.

        Not sure how grim got it at $68

        • +1

          It was initially a price error it seemed but its been honoured.

  • +4

    Underwhelmed, massively so.

  • Didn't their profits skyrocket the past year with lock downs. They have less incentive to offer any great deals.

    • Correct on all counts.

      More profit and strong sales means they get to keep prices high. It does seem strange that if businesses are struggling then they might put prices up, but also when business are thriving they might put prices up.

      I know that's the market and there are reasonable mechanisms explaining this, but there's a kind of nihilistic poetry in noticing this.

  • Can anyone confirm if the ecovacs deebot n8+ is 40% off?

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