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Fortis 24kg Smart Adjustable Dumbbells 2 Pack $199 ($189 for First Member) Delivered @ Kogan


The set of adustable dumbbells is going cheaper than previous deals.


Two dumbbells, for two arms!

If you have two arms, chances are you probably want to work both at once. That’s why we’ve created our great value 2 Pack of the Fortis 24kg Smart Adjustable Dumbbell!

Don’t clutter the house with dumbbells!

Lifting dumbbells is a classic and effective way of strengthening your upper body and while dumbbells are great for working out, a complete set of traditional dumbbells are expensive and takes up valuable space in your home.

With the convenient Fortis 24kg Smart Adjustable Dumbbell you’ll enjoy the functionality of 15 weights in 1 easily compact and adjustable device – it’s as simply as turning the dial!

Equivalent to 15 different weights, the Dumbbell enables you to gradually increase your strength and weights for different exercises quickly without wasting time or energy between sets! When you’re done, it’s a matter of placing out of the way – no need to invest in expensive weight stands.

Simply turn the dial to change weights

With the Fortis 24kg Adjustable Dumbbells, just one dumbbell is all you need to work out, for any fitness level at any intensity. Simply place the Dumbbell on the rack, turn the dial to adjust the weight and lift to work out!

Weight increments are (in kg); 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 8, 9, 10, 11.5, 13.5, 16, 18, 20.5, 22.5, 24.

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  • I am looking for the 45KG ones. They look good in theory but are they as practical as they promise?

    • These work well, can be a little clunky at times but much more effective then some alternatives such as the screw on weight lock ones. Great for things like drop/super sets too.

  • Hey guys have been looking into something like this for awhile; any comments on using these adjustable ones?

      Not available to deliver to this location" - hah damn!

  • cheering mate.
    i bought it for 244 in february and just lodged price protection with 28 degrees.

    244 is already a decent price.
    current price is a no brainer.

  • cheers op great price

  • Can anyone who has these comment on the "Don't use these above your head" disclaimer? Is that one of those "just in case" we want to protect our butts kind of disclaimers or are these things a bit wobbly and come apart and therefore should definitely not be trusted over your head?

    • +1

      I have a set of these. Unless you baby them I would either recommend checking and rechecking stability of plates before during and after sets.

      They’re not overly sturdy and I can totally see the mechanisms loosening or breaking if dropped like traditional dumb bells.

      As such they can be a bit hard to use for chest presses and OHP unless you restrict the motion at the top.

      • As such they can be a bit hard to use for chest presses and OHP unless you restrict the motion at the top.

        Can you expand more on this? What is it that makes them hard to use for these type of exercises? Do the plates move a bit when in use?

        • Because you have to modify your range of movement so you don’t hit them together at the peak of contraction. And even when you do, you still occasionally hit them together…definitely not ideal for drop sets or for when you just want to get in and smash out some reps dirty n fast.

    • I rate them, providing you’re not someone that feels the need to drop the weights everytime you finish a set or fail a rep then they are sturdy enough. Yes im extra careful not to bang the weights together at the top of a OHP as they are quite wide, but i have not got concerns about them falling on my head.

      I rate them, at this price id recommend them. The way i see people treat weights at the gym im not surprised some complain about them breaking.

  • +1

    My friend brought one. It broke. Also read reviews that the plastic parts break down.

  • Bunnings has CORTEX 40kg EnduraShell Dumbbell Weight Set for $104

    • Those are not smart adjustable and 20kg each dumbbell

    • not available anywhere, also only goes to a maximum 17kg per side

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