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[Refurb] Gaming PC - GTX 1060 3GB | i5-4590 | 16GB DDR3 | 240GB SSD $559.00 Delivered @ FuzeTechAu


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We are back

Its smaller, its more packed

its more gamer.

We know GPUs are a struggle atm, so we created an amazing ultra budget option that not only looks amazing but can perform quite well in E-Sports and some newer titles. PC is a mix of refurbed and new parts, but with a 1 year warranty on the PC alone you know you're covered.

Case -Aerocool CS-107 Mini mATX RGB Case
CPU- Intel i5-4590 [Refurb]
GRAPHICS- Galax GTX 1060 3GB [Refurb]
MOTHERBOARD - Gigabyte B85M-DS3H [Refurb]
STORAGE - Gigabyte SATA 240gb SSD
RAM - Kingston 16GB (2*8GB) 1600mhz [Refurb]
PSU - Coolermaster Extreme II 400w 80+
CPU Cooler - Intel Stock cooler [Refurb]
Fans - Antec LED 3PCK
Software - Windows 10 home (Unactivated)
1 year warranty

Free shipping

  • More storage can be added to the build! Just add it to cart and send us a comment after checkout!

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  • +7

    While normally it would be a bad deal, it is probably fine considering the situation.

    • +5

      Better off with a console

      • +6

        If you can get one as well.

        • Fair point. As an intermediate, something like a used PS4 Pro might pack the same punch and cost half as much.

    • What situation?

  • +1

    Plus delivery this does not include delivery please adjust

    • +9

      Fixed , does include free shipping now from checkout! cheers

  • +6

    Should put 3GB after 1060 in title.

    • +2

      Well, at least they mentioned it was DDR3 memory. Tells us off the bat that the motherboard and CPU are quite old as well, so don't expect to be able to use any of those pieces in a future build.

      • DDR3 and 4th Generation Intel Core Processor from Q2 2014 are definitely old and outdated. Even 3gb video cards are starting to show there age with newer games demanding more vram.

        • While dated they're all pretty well useable especially when paired with a card like a 3GB 1060. Can get some fair mileage out of 2600s even. Built my friends many a system with a 4690 & 980 before the market got REALLY bad and you can't go wrong for 1080p gaming.

  • +2

    As someone who had i5 4590 for 5 years, this CPU is definitely showing it’s age. I would recommend to stay away but covid…..

    • I still have one and I'm seriously considering upgrading. just a i5 10400 or something is not that expensive and will destroy this CPU

  • I struggle with a i5 4690, so hardly see this as a gaming pc

    • It's probably fine paired with the 1060 3GB.
      It's priced quite high for a dead end system in terms of upgrades but this is the state of PC builds at the moment

      • I'm still using a 4590 playing rust 😂👍

  • +2

    Better wait it out. Would rather build a new PC without a GPU for the same price.

  • +3

    This is a dead end build. Pretty much everything needs to be replaced when you want to upgrade

    • +1

      Which will be about 5 minutes after you turn it on.

    • Yup, definitely a system you sell on after you're done with it. Not horrendous value considering the state of the current market, however, which is a shame.

  • +1

    Ex-mining 3GB's maybe? "Refurb" might be an interesting term to use.. perhaps "Used" is more applicable.

    • Its much further than "used" tbh

  • +1

    I literally have this but with more ram and a 1080. Gosh I could get way more than I thought for my current rig.

    • This is also me, seems to play current gen games just fine at 1440p (minus ultra settings)!

      Although the CPU is definitely choking on the more CPU intensive games, it might be time to upgrade to a Ryzen after 8 years.

      • Yeah cyberpunk is the only thing that has slowed down my rig at 2k. Runs okay at 1080p.

  • I have an old i7-4790 lying around. It's almost tempting to grab this and swap the CPU over.

    • Sell it to me if you like but not at these prices!

  • -1

    Literally throwing away $559 as soon as you press the checkout button

  • Yikes! Such a bad deal, but considering the human malware situation, I guess it is okay.

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