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[Switch] Hori Split Pad Pro (Midnight Blue) - $60.28 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Looks pretty decent for local stock that is eligible for Prime delivery. Volcanic Red colour is also available for $60.65 but is sold by Amazon US so will take longer to arrive.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    No rumble :(

    • +1

      No rumble, NFC, motion controls, IR blaster or wireless..

      Talk about bare bones!

      • +4

        No hand cramps

        • +2

          Most importantly no drift.

          Not having any rumble at all just seems stingy though.

    • Honestly, I thought I would miss it too but the rumble in the joycons overall aren't that amazing I ended up forgetting and pretty much gotten used to no rumble in hand held mode.

  • +1

    Have this, paid $75 Amazon UK. Bought another for a mate at EB for $89.

    Would never go back to stock JoyCons. Palms, wrists, overall comfort outweighs rumble. No issue with drift, as expected. Much more accurate controls.

    Plus I value battery life, hence have rumble off anyway.

  • Want to try one of these, but the blue colour is not my favourite. Maybe I will just wait. The rumour of Nintendo announcement before E3 starts again. Not sure if these will work on the switch pro.

  • +1

    I'm more interested in Binbok Controllers, they have built-in gyro, dual vibration, RGB light and they can be used wirelessly just like the JoyCons. Sadly no one sells them in Australia…

  • +1

    Picked up the pacman one thanks

    • +1

      The pick of the litter

  • picked up the blue one. just bought monster hunter and joy cons were rather uncomfortable to use. hope these ones are better.

    edit: thank you OP

  • If anyone is after the limited edition monster hunter rise themed ones you can get them here https://www.ozgameshop.com/nintendo-switch-accessories/monst…

    Ebgames preorders sold out, and was also selling them for $109.

    • Thanks! I was holding out for these :)

  • Got mine (black model) back in March. It's really good and comfy comparing to Joy cons. Best thing of all, no drifts ;)

  • +1

    I know a bunch of people will be put off by no rumble, gyro etc but after getting these I actually play my switch a lot more.
    I can only play undocked and joycons just gave me hand cramps and dealing with the constant issues with drift were annoying. I love these things, bought them for Monster Hunter Rise and could never go back to the joy cons.

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