This was posted 8 years 10 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sapphire AMD HD7950 PCI-E 3GB DDR5 $539.00 Free Sydney Metro Freight Included


Not as overpriced as the HD7970 but still faster and uses less power then a Nvidia GTX580 at around the same price.

Cheapest i've seen this card for so far.

HD 7950 ( Tahiti Pro 28nm GPU)
1792 Steam Processors @ 900Mhz
3GB DDR5 @ 5000Mhz
384bit bus width
112 Texure Units
32 ROPs

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  • According to Xtremesystems forum chatter it's about 14% slower than the HD7970 but much quieter.

    Comparison of 580 and 7970 here:

  • good australian launch price… but a few conditions

    Special Sale Conditions

    Due to limited stock and tight pricing, we have to treat this card differently from our other delivery-included/no-surcharges stock
    We will adjust the pricing in your order after checkout if you choose to pay by card or request delivery outside Sydney
    Starting price of $539 is for Sydney Metro delivery or pickup, but ONLY WHEN you pay by bank deposit/netbank or give cash/EFTPOS at our warehouse
    Delivery outside Sydney Metro will add $16.50 (Total $555.50 if paid by deposit/netbank)
    Payment by VISA or MASTERCARD will add an additional $16.50 (Total $555.50 if picked-up/delivered in Sydney, total $572 if delivered outside Sydney)
    Payment by AMEX or DINERS CARD will add an additional $27.50 (Total $566.50 if picked-up/delivered in Sydney, total $583.00 if delivered outside Sydney)
    • The USA stores that ship HD7970/7950's to Australia, a select few that pick's up when you do a search have much higher prices at around $700US (not including shipping)

      You also lose out on warranty when buying overseas unless the card you picked up is an Asus or Gigabyte with global warranty. ( its a big gamble if the card dies )

      Look for "Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S."
      When buying from a USA store. And once you do they come out only about 15% cheaper but with 100% the risk if your card is DOA out of the box

      • Unless you get it from somewhere like PriceUSA that do warranty returns for you as part of their "Return Protection" extra.

      • I did a rough quote on PriceUSA with the Sapphire 3GB card from NewEgg

        item(s) price US$ 459.00
        shipping in usa US$ 0.00
        international ship. US$ 61.66
        delivery protection US$ 11.48
        return protection US$ 12.33
        exchange rate 1.033
        total price A$ 527.08

        Note that US$459.00 is the cheapest I can see anywhere in the US for a 7950.

        • Goes to show how good this DEAL here in Australia is. DEF a good price for sure… its so not worth saving the $15 to buy from America!

  • Nice Buy..

  • auspcmarket expensive so id expect $500 for normal stores whent hey get stock

  • GTX 580 over this any day… Enjoy the terrible drivers.

    • GTX 580 has had over a year of driver updates to max it out.

      This card has been out for less then half a day and most people have Zero issues with it.

      The only people to complain are the ones going for Crossfire or Trifire with two or three of these cards.

      Over time the drivers will mature and performance will improve putting it even further ahead of the old GTX580 on the old outdated 40nm Technology from 3 years ago.

      Welcome to the new 28nm tech that will be the future of gaming for not only Nvidia's next GPU but for the next Xbox and PS4 that are rumored to have selected AMD's 28nm GCN (HD7850 equivalent) to power them

      • I thought it was announced that the next xbox gfx will be based off the 6670

        • Nope, they have moved onto the GCN for the GPU as by the time the new xbox comes out (2013) the GCN will be the previous gen graphics core! and at a much more atractive price.

      • No denying the tech is good, just a major let down with the sub-par drivers.

    • This is simply wrong.

      excluding the 7000 series depending on budget you should order these

      6950 then 6970 then 6990 then 2x GTX 580 in SLI.

      I'm not in the position to check where the 7950 fits into this, but buying one GTX 580 is a waste of money unless you want Physx which most people find a gimmick anyway.

      • I use a HD6850 for all my gaming needs! :) but yeah.. unless your running multi monitors at 2560x1600 rez then these new gen cards may not be required or used to the fullest.

        • Its all about what your standards are.

          If my game goes below 60fps, its a problem, if I can't run maximum graphics, its a problem.

          If I get a 120hz monitor for awesomely smooth gaming, I want as close to 120fps as possible.

          A single monitor easily goes up to 2560x1440 and looks great, but requires more power.

          When a 2560x1440 120hz monitor is released I'm going to buy it, and I'll probably need 2x 7970's in CF for it..

          Your 6850 might suit you, but most people that are happy with what they have simply haven't had better.

        • samfisher5986 - I am happy with my 1995 Ford Fairmont, but I've driven far better.

          Thing is… with all the money I've wasted because of this silly website, there is no money left for luxuries like cars.

          So, standards aside… Not everyone is prepared to drop over $1000 on a couple of graphics cards that will be "out of date" in less than a year. This kind of product is a very poor "investment", especially so early in the model cycle, because prices will only ever drop from day one.

          Added… To date I have been using a computer with a Quadro FX1100 card in it, because when I bought it almost none of the high-end gaming cards came with dual DVI. In fact, before that I ran an FireGL X1 which was also a dual-DVI card because I couldn't get dual DVI any other way (cheaply).

          My son's gaming PC runs a 6800ultra, but it's struggling with even low-end modern games so I'm just building up a new machine 4870. The graphics on the old 4870 are awesome compared to what we are used to! We are really happy, because it's a nice upgrade for very low cost.

          Last week I paid more for a new CPU Cooler than the value of the graphics card! So, we'd all love a ferrari but sometimes it's not needed or simply can't be justified compared to other household expenses.