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[eBay Plus, Pre Order] Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 $584 Delivered @ FloraLivings eBay


Just stumbled onto this listing for the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 scooter, about $70 less than the eBay Plus weekend deal. Not from the Xiaomi store, however listing advertises as Genuine AU stock/authorised dealer.

Note from listing, "New Version, Pre Order only, Stock arrives in 15 business days"

Original Coupon Deal

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  • after these legal in Victoria

    • Nope

    • They're not but look around a heap of people use them

      • +1

        This. That said, I still haven't had the kahunas to take the plunge. Just in case.

        • +1

          Same boat. I feel like a wuss and should just pony up and join the party

          • +2

            @Sapiens: I literally see delivery drivers in the CBD matching car speeds upto 40kmph. WTF police do not stop them? I think the chances of them stopping you riding this scooter is very unlikely.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser227884: Yea I literally saw a Menulog delivery person on a Ninebot Max the other day and got all pissed off about it since I'm not even allowed to step outside legally with my scooter

          • +1

            @Sapiens: Same here and many are still very much in the valley of indecision on this one.

        • +1

          Yeah don't feel like risking it when they're saying the fine is 800 bucks

          • +1

            @th123: Yep - And apparently all it depends on is the mood of the cop… there's been some horror stories apparently…. fines going up to $1500 including items like, not wearing a helmet, unregistered vehicle, and if you don't hold a license even more..

          • @th123: If it's just $800 then that's worth it.

            • @plmko: well… it could be multiple instances

  • +1

    "Pre-Order Only. Stock arrives in 15 business days"

    • +1

      Cheers, I'll update.

  • Had a glance on sellers other items in sale 😏

    • Very random bunch of things

  • For anyone who bought it: Called the store and they said the item is likely to arrive store on 17/07 and gets shipped out on 18th or the following Monday.

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