What New Car Should I Buy? (Budget $30k)

I am looking to buy a new car soon.
Unfortunately last month I was involved in a car accident and my 2005 Hyundai Getz was destroyed and cannot be used anymore.

I would like to hear everyone's recommendations for what car I should buy. I am looking at new with warranty. The car is preferably under $30,000 but I am willing to spend up to $30,000. Looking at sedans and hatches.

My main priority with the car is that it is extremely reliable because I will drive it until it dies or buy another new one in around 15 years from now.

What brands/cars should I be looking at?

Thank you

EDIT: Thanks everyone going to buy a Cerato


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    Welcome to OZB
    There are numerous car review sites that you can view - simply to Google

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    Toyota Corolla

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      Corolla Hybrid Hatch or Sedan. Walk in and offer $29k and tell us how you go.

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      Any Toyota upto $30k considering OP only had a small car (Getz).

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        "almost" any Toyota.

        went looking at the Yaris Cross right after it was released, and inside it was full of hard crap-plastic and annoying.

        before that, I had a 2011 Corolla - awesome car!

        finally went with a Mazda CX3 :)

        • mate, if you don't mind me asking how's the experience with cx-3?
          I am thinking to buy one but not sure if it good drive or not. not interested in being economical or silent - purely curious about pickup being decent and handling curves.

          thanks in advance mate.

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            @Ash SA: it is a great drive - although a 'little' harsh - you feel every pothole (of which there are many ;) - however, from what I have read, that settles a little as you get everything settled in (around 8000km or so)

            it is eerie the first few times when you pull up at lights and the engine cuts out (skyactive) - but it's actually something I started doing (manually) in my corolla (previous car) when in heavy traffic - so it's nice. I take my foot off the brake, the engine starts, and we're away.

            the sat-nav is "ok" - you pay extra for the real-time traffic updates/layer - but the newer models come with Apple Car / Android Auto already - so you can use your phone's app on the sat-nav display.

            the 6-speed auto is fun - esp. when you can pull the gear lever towards you and drive it as 'semi-manual' / auto-clutch :)

            as some have mentioned, the boor space is small - but we manage to fit a weekly shop for 4 adults in it (with a small top-up for milk/bread during the week).

            the colour we have is the blue (eternal blue mica). my wife wanted the 'soul crystal red' but there was a 6-month wait on that - it is a gorgeous colour, though ;)

            for us - just two adults (both with various medial conditions) it is just about the 'perfect fit'. What would I change? not much. auto-folding mirrors when we turn off (higher spec than ours has it); drl - likewise, higher spec / cost has that; and a bigger boot space / sliding rear-seat a'la' early Echo.

            all in all, would recommend if you fit it.

            my 'second' choice was the Kia seltos - but it was going to be a bit tighter in the garage.

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              @harrywwc: Thanks mate. That is a legendary reply for my asking.
              Really appreciate the efforts you have made to answer.

              For us, it will be a spare car so not much of boot space required. And that semi-manual stuff looks fun.

              Thanks very much mate. Have a great day.

        • Mind sharing which badge and what price did you pay?

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            @archieduh: was just under $28k for a Maxx Sport - it was a 2020 demo model with 2000km on the clock

            as an update - the suspension is "settling in" as we get towards 8000km :)

    • Please no

    • It's great car but the boot is tiny.

      • it used to be very big and in later models it just kept getting smaller and smaller

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    Mercedes AMG…

    Have a look at the numerous posts made previously.


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      By now you can probably buy that guys (negative) high-yield A250 AMG for under $30,000.

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      I keep hearing that they're a great high-yield investment, must be true.

      • For Mercedes. Someone to pay you then pay you for expensive servicing.

        • Who owes the posts of Ozb? That Westpac guy with high-yield A250 AMG could NFT that post one day and make a fortune?

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    Every dang week.

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      yes dang here

  • I recently ordered a Haval H6 AWD, delivery is due in a few weeks.

    There are a few options for sedan / hatch under 30K, with 7 years warranty on offer. If you can expand to SUV, MG HS is 29990 d/w with all safety gear, a solid offering in my view.

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      Long warranty, but all the Chinese built reliability. MG and Haval are throw away once out of warranty vehicles.

      • The Chinese cars are not built the last 15 or so years?

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          Lol at the downvoters.

          Time will tell if Haval holds up. Their reliability in China is on par with Toyota, and I'm keeping the car long term and not concerned about resale value. I think it's borderline stupid to ignore them when you have the cash, and are in the market for a decent deal.

          • @YRT: The H6 current model is close to $40k w. 4wd.

            The old H6 on runnout could be as low as $30k w/ 4wd.

            However it becomes a case of gambling. There are some people who have good experiences, some bad with China cars.

            With any car its a gamble IMO. To me I havent moved from Japanese cars but there's stories of Toyotas and Hondas failing so there's bad news everywhere if you look.

            If you look at a $30k car and drive it for 5yrs and then flick it for $10k or less at then end and you had no issues then that;s not too bad.

            I dont think thats out of the ordinary even for a china car?

            Granted the car is STILL has 2yr warranty at that point, So the OP there made a choice and I respect that and I cant downvote him,

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              @tonyjzx: You think like me. My idea of gamble is buying a BMW with its meagre 3 years warranty and known quality issues (oil leak.. anyone?).

              And as I understand for some other,s BMW is considered high yield investment. Lol

    • which model did you order?

      did a test drive and surprisingly impressed by it..but, as we all know, this car might have a resale issue later on in the future.

      And also, not having a sat nav installed in the entertainment unit sort of putting it off for me..it's weird why they don't have it. It also has not come with Android auto yet..only Apple carplay

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        We were at haval on the weekend….2021 models have android auto (even though website is not updated)

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        We bought the AWD Ultra. The Lux 2WD model we test drove was already good, can imagine the haldex AWD model to handle better.

        My current is a VW Jetta with 7 dry DSG owned since new FYI. With the Haval we feel it better in every way, obviously it's a much new car based on a new platform.

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      You made a big mistake. The engines are not great and reliability is a concern. There is also no brand reputation. MG is a no-go as well, I've been in an MG 3, while it's pretty good inside the engine is a gutless rattly old Mitsubishi design.

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        genuine question here, but how do people here claim that the china made cars are not reliable? have there been any articles or studies about it especially in Australia?

        I understand the tag that comes along with 'made in china' stuff, but this car actually really famous back in China itself right? Even in Youtube, it seems to be quiet popular in some other countries too?

        Another further research that I have done, the share price for GWM seems to be increasing a lot by beginning of this year, so does it indicate the growing confidence and reliability of this Haval brand?

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          They are simply not on par and have worse brand presence/support than even the smallest European brands in Australia.

          • @Techie4066: hmm..to be fair, all the bad reviews related to the older version, there are just not enough reviews for the newest model (just looking at Haval).

            I think we will know the real reviews few months later as the car just got released.

            Though during the visit to the dealer, I see Holden logo on their computer - not sure if they bought Holden machine and rebrand it to Haval

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              @Taro Milk Tea: I highly doubt anything would've been done to improve reliability (engine/drivetrain/electronics) with the "new" version, looks more like a facelift with a mild interior update to me. Nothing substantial, all surface-level.

              Reviews don't tell you anything about the real ownership experience of any car. You learn that the hard way.

              Holden isn't related to MG at all. There's a possibility the dealership is a former Holden dealership.

              • @Techie4066:

                Holden isn't related to MG at all.

                I was referring to Haval - GWM

                Maybe you're right or maybe you're wrong..hopefully there will be more real ownership experience in coming months. Honestly, I found no real complaints when I did the test drive…for a $35k SUV with many great features, seriously can't complain..and the cameras are amazing.

                • @Taro Milk Tea:

                  Maybe you're right or maybe you're wrong.

                  Reviews don't reflect real life experience, unless the reviewers themselves experience problems. Nor will a test drive experience provide that information, you need to hear from current owners. That's just how it is. For example, fuel consumption is nothing like what GWM ever claims, in real life use consumption is up 25%. That sounds like a Ford SUV.

                  When I was referring to MG, I meant to include all Chinese brands. If you mean the computer in their workshop or sales area - either way the wallpaper or whatever isn't related to Haval.

                  The H6 is $35K?

                  • @Techie4066:

                    The H6 is $35K?

                    Yes for the lux model, the ultra model cost around $38k for 2WD.

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          When it comes to Chinese built stuff, the naysayers would fill their brain with pictures of bloody communists/red star/organ harvest/alien invasion/…….so go figure lolz

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            @AllWins: lol..that's what im trying to understand…do people really just labelled the car as 'buy at your own risk' kind of thing, just because its made in china ?

            There are just not enough real owners' experience that can be shared as yet

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              @Taro Milk Tea: Part of the reason is because previous iterations have been pretty ordinary and $30k+ is a fairly big amount to risk. Don’t forget that Haval is just the new label for Great Wall passenger cars.

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          Driven a great wall, Haval and a GWM all crap when you put your foot on the pedal brakes or gas you don't know if you will make it sort of feel.

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      Let's not keep buying goods from a country that's trying to bully us, when there are plenty of similar or better options from friendly countries.

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        I do get the intention but that ship has sailed… everythiig is from china.

        As a mechanic we pulled apart BMW Audi Jap cars and theyre full of china parts.

    • What colour did you get? got the "energy green" myself.

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    Pick a Japanese or Korean brand. Buy whichever one YOU like.

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      Are Japanese and Korean considered on the same level now? When I bought the Hyundai Getz 12 years ago, Japanese was considered superior which is why the Hyundai was cheaper for me to buy 12 years ago. Also what about MG?

      • Pretty good nowadays and have good warranty and maintenance schemes (fixed price servicing for x number of years).

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        MG is cheap Chinese tat, don’t do it.

        Get a base level Corolla and keep the change.

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          Mitsubishi has licensed to MG their engine designs from the 1990s, used in the MG 3 for example. Complete rubbish, they buzz around the city streets.

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        You'll notice Hyundai cars are no longer cheap. They cost as much as Japanese cars.

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        Korean cars are decent these days but they are still not at the level of the Japanese. Hyundai entry level 2.0L engines are archaic compared to what you get in a Corolla or Mazda 3.

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          Archaic? Maybe so, but if they do the same job and have about the same fuel economy what’s the problem?

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            @Euphemistic: They are definitely archaic, probably a decade behind in architecture. I drive a 1.6L in my 2014 i30, it is nowhere near the feel, responsiveness, power and efficiency of an equivalent Mazda 3.

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              @Techie4066: … but if it does the job…

              • @Euphemistic: Does the job, can buy better with a bit of haggling at the dealership. I prefer a quieter, efficient and responsive driving experience. My Hyundai feels like it has a rubber band motor, completely gutless and revs out with little accelerator input, it felt unsafe attempting overtakes on undulating highways down the South Coast. Efficiency is about the same as a 1.3L turbo in a bigger car.

            • @Techie4066: Auto? Hyundai's slush boxes suck.

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                @This Guy: Yes, auto. It does the job, main attraction was the price and the large boot (it's the wagon version). I don't get Australia's obsession with Hyundai/Kia.

                I also drive a Renault Kadjar. Its drivetrain is great.

                • @Techie4066: Upto 25% cheaper than competing top ten brands on cars built to last. They don't jump the gun on tech like the other brands do (CVT's, automated manuals, etc.), but focus more on reliability and usability with improvements to materials.

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                    @This Guy: Reliability and safety is questionable. They pumped out hundreds of thousands of vehicles at risk of having their engines blow up while driving and parked, or not turning on at all. I believe they were forced to recall vehicles in the US.

                    Interiors have been behind. And I find Hyundai's new American-centric styling really bad, and a lot of Kia's cars really ugly, for example the Sportage. Yuck.

                    • @Techie4066: Because your probably not middle aged or older or owned a nice/new car before. Both brands target different segments of this group.

                      Both brands are just as safe as the rest of the competition. Hyundai and KIA have the same problems, but KIA got the blame this time. Before it was Ford and Jeep, but most of the competition that I was involved with had critical safety issues that they issued recalls for and fixed with none of the fanfare that these three brands received.

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          Says who? The Korean cars are of nice design, great quality and awesome value.

          • @AllWins: Unoperational window switches after a few years isn't a good look for a modern car. Among many other common faults.

        • A corolla or a mazda 3 are a bit more expensive - Mazda's prices have been climbing higher and higher such that a mazda 2 is at the same cost now as a kia cerato - throw in 7 years warranty vs 5 and it's a no-brainer at that price range

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    my 2005 Hyundai Getz was destroyed

    R U OK?

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      yes I am thanks for asking

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      no he ded.

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    Corolla man. Just do it.

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    Mazda 3 or Toyota Corolla

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    2012 BMW X5. Get the model with the prefilled ashtrays.

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      Too late model.

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      2008 upmarket uber lux Lexus with folding wing mirrors.

      • Hard to find one that isn't covered in shopping car park damage…

        • Get a Gold Lexus, like Gold Camry, they are always cause accidents but are never involved in them directly.

          eg playing chicken on the wrong side of the road causing others to serve and crash.

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      Get a Cerato Sedan with options for 25k, keep 5k.

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    head to the casino
    place 29.998k on black
    if win, buy Merc AMG (prolly second hand)
    if lose, buy matchbox car

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      This is the financial advice I come here for

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    Member Since
    1 hour 12 min ago

    Welcome to Oz 'I can't think for myself' Cars.

    The car is preferably under $30,000 but I am willing to spend up to $30,000.


    • Half full or half empty

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      OP willing to pay up to 30,000 but would prefer if OP can find one at 29,995.

      • you mean OP can find one for $29,999 drive-away!

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      OP wants to spend <$30,000 but will spend ≤$30,000

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      I have $30,000 to spend on a car. If I spend $26,000, then I have $4000 that I could use on other things or save.

      • use on other things

        Like comprehensive insurance?

        • yes, though I still have a bit more for things like rego etc.

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    Kia Cerato is a good choice - 7 year warranty. It's surprisingly big inside; we could fit 3 child car seats across the back seat.

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      Agreed. Picked up a new auto for $22k drive away last year. Great car and I was really impressed with the space when I sat in the back when my daughter was driving.

      In comparison I hired an i30 when on holiday a few months ago and, while it was decent, I prefer the Cerato.

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    What ever you can find in stock, or with less than 7 mths before delivery

  • another hyundai in whatever size or shape you prefer, good prices still great warranty and fixed price services

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    If you are looking at reliable then you need to avoid hi tech… go for something proven and simple to maintain.
    My suggestion within your budget would be a base model Mitsubishi ASX.
    Alternatively, value for $ wise but may be with part or no manufacturer warranty, Toyota Camry.

    • For $30k you just need to tip in $2k more for a Camry Hybrid.

      Alternatively Corolla Sedan Hybrid can be had for $30k or a little bit less ($29k maybe) and it is the same size as previous generation Camry.

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      ASX are terribly outdated at this point.

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        Think that was the point of suggesting it. Might be outdated, but it’s also proven technology.

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      You might as well be singing the theme song to MAS*H with that recommendation. It's close enough to a step back from the Getz.

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    Thanks everyone I'm probably going to get a Kia Cerato

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      If you are going for the Cerato defo check out the GT well worth the extra $$ for mine.

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        Since the OP has no idea where to start looking at cars they probably aren’t going to appreciate any extras the GT will give.

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          A test drive oughta sort that out 😄