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Sony 85" X9000H 4K UHD Bravia LED TV $4495 (+ Bonus $450 EFTPOS Card via Redemption) + Delivery @ The Good Guys


good price. cheaper than last post (as per the Costco deal @ $4179). $4,495 before payback. $450 payback as Eftpos card via claim. Free delivery in Victoria as stated on the site.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Are they still doing deliveries? I haven't heard anything from HN about my new G1 - assumed they were pausing deliveries…

    • I got mine ordered yesterday and delivered today from TGG. In fact, I selected pickup and TGG offered complimentary delivery due to covid situation.

      • Just curious what type of vehicle do you have where you could pick up this monstrous TV?

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      Good Guys are doing free delivery in Victoria for a limited time - End 11:59pm 03/06 (https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/updates)

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      HN too busy teasing people on Twitter

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    There are a few reviews (even on this Goodguys link) stating that the software freezes and the TV has to be rebooted regularly. 3 out of 36 reviews or so. That's too many for me. LG are looking the goods.

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      I used to think my Sony sucked (due to its software), until I got a Samsung.
      I have to pull out and plug in my Foxtel HDMI cable constantly with the Samsung.
      At least the Sony I could reboot from the remote control

      • That’s interesting. I have zero issues with my 85” Samsung but HEAPS of issues with my Sony 85”. The latest software update has knocked my audio out of sync, requiring a restart every two days. I think Sony forget this thing cost $9k at launch…..
        I’ll be going LG for my next TV. I think Sony have lost the plot. The updates for the new consoles have been troublesome too.

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          Theres an option in the menu for A/V sync - you just need to turn it on and it'll be sorted out.

          • @fuzor: It’s on. Problem persists.

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          How many 85 inch TVs do you own?

    • I've got the 55" version of this, had it for about 6 months and not once has the software frozen up on me. Some people have suggested a factory reset is needed after a major Android upgrade but I haven't had to do this either.

      Only time I need to reboot the TV is occasionally when playing my PS5 and putting it to rest, the TV doesn't seem to know and turn itself off. You can't really tell if its on or off either because the screen is so black. When this happens and I boot up the playstation again there is no sound and the only fix is a reboot. Doesn't happen with any other apps or inputs.

      10/10 would recommend the TV.

    • +5

      I own a Sony and an LG. The Android-based system internally is constantly an issue, freezes, reboots, is slow… really bad. Paired with a Google Chromecast TV its fine but the OS is terrible.

      The LG is stable & no issues. I wouldn't ever buy another Sony TV again.

      • I agree. We’re in the same boat.

    • Not disputing the claims but fair to say no issues with mine. Not that I’d be overly concerned with an occasional one. Previous Samsung did require reboots.

    • Any good deals on LG?

      • You'd be lucky to find a CX in stock now. They're likely all sold on the clearance deals that were going a few weeks ago.

        Now you need to aim for the C1 which likely won't be discounted til near the end of the year.

    • +4

      That's the frustrating thing about tech, at nearly 4.5k I expect the thing to be working flawlessly. But it seems there's a 'good enough' during production where they just push the product with bugs.

  • How does this go for a blacked out theatre room?
    I'm not that tech savvy but i've heard there are TVs with white lights that dim?

    • This TV has a backlight that's called "Full-Array Local Dimming" or FALD for short. Instead of one large backlight, there is a LED matrix on the back. My 65 inch has 32 zones.

      It has excellent contrast despite it only having 32 zones.

      • Edit* @Tea-Aholic is completely correct in the above comment, I was only trying to add more info :)

        I'd point out that FALD is not even comparable to OLED. *edit - realised

        I have this TV for gaming mostly, and on mostly black screens with say a small icon on screen, that whole 'section' of the screen will be 'lit up', which looks weird (dar dark grey/off black) when the rest of the screen is perfect black.

        If you can, go look in store, and not necessarily just at the 'demo scenes' they show you, try look at perhaps a black with white writing end credits scene or similar to see what I'm talking about.

        Certainly an impressive TV though, I have no regrets and would recommend.

        • +2

          I own a 2017 Sony A1 OLED and I also have the X90H.

          I honestly think in most situations, the X90H FALD is really good and comparable to OLED. Sure the OLED has pristine contrast, but viewing the image straight on, I cannot see blooming. I have however, set the "Local dimming" setting to High which makes the algorithm more aggressive to suppress blooming.

          If I move my viewing position off centre, then yes I can absolutely see the zone being lit up.

          But for higher brightness, no risk of burn-in and half the price, I prefer my X90H purchase over the OLED. But if money isn't a factor and you can afford to replace it if it burns in, then go for OLED, it's amazing.

          • @Tea-Aholic: Appreciate the insight, I might try playing with the settings further on mine as well :)

          • @Tea-Aholic: Until you get stuck pixels, my 55" B7T went through three screen replacements in the first two years of ownership. Sometimes they were random stuck pixels, other times I had a bright red stripe of pixels down the side for half the height of the TV. I hope quality has improved, they did an in home replacement once but the other times I had to take it back to JB's.

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      For a blacked out theatre room, OLED is the way to go

  • This or the Samsung qn85a?

  • Current deals USD 2198.
    Don't want to sound negative but in the past good deals here can be equal to or better than US pricing.


    • +1

      This is great deal for Aus. It would be a hard life for any Aussies that want to pay USD pricing for things.

      • yeh sucks to be in Australia.

  • Got this last week and no complaints so far. Price matched in JB with free delivery. Paid an extra $100 for wall mounting as it includes regular delivery and installation if you buy instore. Also have a half price Sony soundbar available when you buy this

    • +3

      Is it $100 to install only or for the actual mount + install? How much for the wall mount?

  • +1

    Depends what type of wall mount you want. Mine was 130 as it can be moved out from wall etc. Bunnings have options for this size from around $50 up. I got similar to this in Bunnings. Weirdly they don't have they're Sanus mounts on website though: https://www.costco.com.au/TVs-Electronics-Technology/Smart-T...

    Mounts are more expensive for similar in JB

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    Any idea when Sony will push firmware update to enable VRR? Or NEVER :( ?

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      I wouldn't count on it happending (even though it was mentioned directly by Sony).

      I own this TV and am waiting for a VRR update, but I wouldn't recommend anyone purchase with the idea that VRR is guaranteed in the future. Relevant advice from Marques Brownlee

      As mentioned above, a great TV imho.

      • +5

        In fairness, they did make a guarantee that we would be getting VRR in an update in 2021… and I did somewhat base my purchasing decision on Sony (the manufacturer) advising that they would provide support in 2021.

        On the balance, at the time that I purchased my 55" X9000H I believe that I have if 2022 comes along, and there is no VRR then this is a minor failure and I would be eligible for remediation of the choice of the manufacturer to rectify the fault. Repair, Replacement or Refund.

        I am very happy to take either Sony or the retailer to NCAT.

        • +1

          If they do fail to deliver on VRR you'd definitely be eligible for a refund. Sony offered us a refund for the TV late last year when we questioned why they'd removed VRR as an upcoming feature from their website and they couldn't answer why. Got the LG CX instead.

    • Never lol

    • +1

      If they don’t drop it, straight to ACL and a demand for upgrade or refund.

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    If someone is in melbs and wants a bargain, there is an 85" for $1000 advertised here: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/348604-fs-sony-kd-85x...

    It was a refurb with tech replacing LED panel at the sellers home, so read the advert. Not sure if it has legs or just wall mount. I would grab it myself but I don't have space for it in my apartment.

  • +4

    I went to store yesterday and they easily give me another 5% on top of that. no need for cashreward

    • Did U mean $4495 -5% = $4270, plus $450 EFTPOS card? So total $3820 net of eftpos?

      • +1

        That is correct, but this still is not the best deal yet. one month ago they have "after dark 15% off" deal and this TV was advertised $4495 at that time. so you could get it $44950.850.96(cashreward)=$3667

        • if you could use Home gift card from Woolies, you will get 10% off worth rewards points.

          I did for 75 inch one last Friday. but missed the free delivery even though i am in victoria as i did payment on Thursday.

          Ideally another 400$ off from this price

        • Can this offer be stacked with 5% cash back on CR?

          • @go2force: I worked out below calculation and went to store directly as it works for me well with recent woolworth 10% home giftcard rewards offer.

            My experience if you visit TGG, you could negotiate for 100-200$ less than advertised price which may cover your 5% CR online order but pay full amount using gift card which gives additional 5-10% savings.

    • Hi which store did you get the 5%? I am looking at getting one tomorrow

      Do you mind share the photo of the receipt for price match?

      • Hi sorry I didn't pull the trigger at the end, still waiting for more deals plus I don't need a good tv unless i got a next-gen console.
        It's the fyshwick ACT store. I only asked what's more they can do, and the sales person give 5% off straight away, less than 1 minute effort. you should easily get that discount in any store…

    • I spoke to a gg staff and apparently the $450 cashback is only redeemable if you pay the full ticketed price of $4495?

      • Nah that's BS

        • Good to know.

          U reckon worth a shot if I get it for $3900, and try to claim cashback by myself and try my luck?

      • That's what I'd been told when I was shopping around for a better deal too..

        The gift card deal from GG could only be done with the advertised price.

  • can this be stacked with CR 5% cashback on GG?

  • They should have $450 GC from all Sony 900” and 9500 TVs as the J version is coming out

    • the XR65X90J is out now

  • +5

    After owning an X9000H I couldn't recommend strongly enough that you AVOID these TVs at all costs if you intend on using them [email protected]

    • Why. What would you recommend instead?

      • +1

        [email protected] looks blurry because Sony is doing some weird trickery to make 120p work at a lower bandwidth. VRR and ALLM don't seem to be supported right now (yet).

        I think if you are into gaming, the LG TVs are the pick.

        • I have this tv in 75”. On my Xbox series x and ps5, I notice no blurring. On windows desktop on my 3080, there is some but nil noticeable in game.

          Ymmv, some people are pickier than others. I just do not notice it sitting 2.5m away from the tv.

        • Agreed and it's not just [email protected], the tv can't even display 1440p or 1080p at 120p clearly. It's a lot more obvious on a PC than a PS5, but still noticeable. It's upscaled resolution rather than true.

          Had the tv refunded and got a LG CX instead. All resolutions at 120p are perfectly clear.

  • Anyone have an issue with the aluminium bezel?

    Would much prefer to see it black, especially as its intended use is in a cinema room where everything is blacked out..

    • No issues for me. The aluminum is barely noticeable. It isn’t reflective whatsoever.

  • One of the reasons I bought this tv is because of Sony’s (profanity) up in not providing full blown 4k120 and no VRR or ALLM yet.

    If they fail to deliver, ACL will protect us consumers and we could get a refund or replacement with a newer model that may support these things. It’s a pretty cut and dry case as Sony very clearly marketed these things on this tv.

    • When did U purchase the tv?
      Has Sony since retracted some of these marketing claims? If someone purchased the tv today, will they be able to make the same arguments if Sony falls short on the above?

      • +3

        I purchased it in Feb.

        I do not see how Sony could get away from it. It is still listed on their website as VRR and ALLM coming soon and that the tv offers full 4k120 support, which it does not (it is a slightly downscaled 4k that is much more noticeable if you connect an HDMI 2.1 graphics card to it and view text).

        • -3

          The update is coming. It is scheduled for the end of this year: https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/00246472

          Also Sony never promised or guaranteed that we would be getting these features. They mention that they have a future plan to give us these features.

          The tv has 2 full 48 HDMI 2.1 already so it is future proof enough for a 4k tv.

          • @fuzor: It was literally in their advertising and the website still says it’s VRR/ALLM compatible. The 4k120 has been verifiably proven to not be true 4K in the horizontal resolution. It’s like 1200p.

            So dunno what you’re on about. Folks on whirlpool have already gotten refunds under acl. This is pretty cut and dry false advertising.

            Oh and that update has been promised for more than a year now. I’m not betting on it. Something is wrong and I reckon it’s a hardware problem.

            • +1

              @blergmonkeys: We got a refund on the tv late last year when the specs page stopped showing VRR as an upcoming update. We asked Sony why they had removed it, and they couldn't answer, so said they could either offer us a refund or we use ACL and they offered the refund. Would have thought they would have put it back on the webpage after what we mentioned but they haven't.


              We also noticed when we had the TV hooked to a RTX3080 that all resolutions at 120hz were upscaled, not just 4k as they were all blurry.

              We purchased the TV specifically for the HDMI 2.1 features, so that can definitely be argued as false advertising based on ACL if they fail to deliver.

              They aren't even going to have VRR working on this year's line of TVs, so it doesn't seem like it's something simple for them to fix unfortunately.

              • +1

                @kittymtd: There ya go.

                They put it back on in other region websites. I’m amazed they haven’t in Australia. This is blatantly false advertising.

                I’ll wait til the end of the year. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

                Otherwise, free tv for nearly a year!

                But (profanity) Sony and their false advertising.

                • +1

                  @blergmonkeys: It is false advertising and it's really disappointing as we expected better from Sony. Hopefully they can come through but we were tired of waiting for them to fix it. Got the LG CX instead and haven't had any issues with it at all.

                  • +1

                    @kittymtd: Good on ya mate

                    I really wanted a 75" tv but could not justify $6k+ for OLED. Unfortunately, due to quality control issues on panels shipped to Aus, Samsung was out so that left only Sony.

                    Let's see how we go.

                    I'll post a new thread updating folks if they don't end up supporting VRR/ALLM or fixing 4k120. I'll def go through ACL at that point if they refuse to refund.

                    • @blergmonkeys: I can completely understand that. We went with the Sony originally due to cost also and did have to fork out around $1500 more for the 65" LG, but have been very happy with the decision. Hopefully Sony can get their act together.

                      There was another thread where I provided updates on our experience if you need to reference it: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/576669#comment

  • Anyone managed to pull the trigger on this with discounted gift cards from suncorp or the like?

    • +1

      was planning to but the 4k 120hz issues put me off and will wait for Samsung deals

      • +1

        Be careful, Samsung is sending subpar panels to OCE. Check whirlpool — heaps of people complaining of dirty screen effect.

      • I was considering Samsung qn85a/90a but then saw this:

        • seems like no winning. i want 85" tv but every brand has their issues.

          • @jedimaster: Yea unfortunately.

            I was considering the below:
            - Sony 85 x900h, cheapest, but 4k120 issue and lack of vrr
            - Samsung 85 qn85a, nice form factor and nicer stand, but dse and banding
            - LG c1 77, not as big as I wanted, potential burn in and also most exy

            Might bite the bullet and get the Sony. Gonna sleep on it and decide on weekend.

            • @chew_chew: i am thinking if i should wait till black friday for QN85A to drop a bit closer to 4k. DSE and banding is more of a lottery game as to who gets a good panel.

  • Is it possible to split pay using multiple cards at sony store?

  • Were people able to negotiate better prices from gg or other shops?

    • +1

      I'm going to make a call to Hardly Normal later today to see what they can offer by way of price and free delivery..

      • Good luck! Let us know how you go!

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