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Lumix GH5 Mark II Preorder $2,487.43 Delivered, GH5 Mark I $1,577 Delivered @ CameraClix


A little special for anyone who's keen to pick one up. Australian stock and warranty, preorder now to grab one off the first shipment!

We've also got only a few units of the GH5 Mark 1 on clearance at $1,577.

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    Thanks OP, waiting for GH6

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      We'll try to get you a killer deal as soon as we get pricing and availability.

      • will you mark sony A7R4 price down? it used to be less than $4000

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          Not sure what's going on with Sony pricing, it's not ideal (I'm also a Sony user). Our cost on the A7R4 is quite a bit higher than $4k at the moment. Hopefully we'll get something for EOFY when it happens.

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    This seems like a pretty good price, closest price online is Videoguys for $2599 + delivery

    The GH5 Mark 1 is also stellar priced if you don't need the newest, JB HI FI being lowest at $1799

    I just bought the Insta360 Go 2 from them, service was great and delivery super quick

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      Cheers and thanks for buying from us. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions too.

  • D850 deal?

    • Nothing on this yet, sorry :/

  • The GH5 or the PS5?

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      both so you can take picture of yourself playing game

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        As an unbiased third party with nothing to gain cough, I completely agree with this.

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        No kidding but with Lumix Tether for Streaming you do get webcam functionality with this GH5 to stream yourself playing your PS5 ;-)

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        Buy Etherium.

  • Any deals for Canon R6? AmazonAU have them for $3599 at the moment and DigiDirect had them for $3512 with their ebay deal a few weeks back, will definitely pull the trigger now if below $3.5k

    • 4% cash back with SB on Amazon would take it below $3.5K. Mind you some people complain that Amazon SB don't track well, although I haven't had that problem. My large purchases during 2020 tracked ok.

      • Oh neat!
        Thanks for that

  • mad gs for m4/3 camera