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Philips Daily Collection Grain Master Rice Cooker HD4514/72 $94 (Was $159) Delivered @ Amazon AU


I bought Panasonic 1 week earlier. From the spec, it looks good.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • does it use that fuzz technology?

    • Yep; 5 different temps adjusted across the length of your cooking time.

  • Need a new rice cooker. Wanted to buy the Xiaomi one … (Deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622703).
    But now this one comes along.

    Difficult decisions.

  • +1

    Wish it came with a steamer.

  • +2

    Most likely Amazon matching other vendors https://www.myer.com.au/p/philips-grain-master-rice-cooker-w...

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    Same price at Myer

  • How does this comparison to a tight at $150

    • Tiger?

      • Tiger rice cooker

  • Fuyoh!

  • I have an old rice cooker, tried to cook coconut rice in it recently, and it kept going to Keep Warm before it was ready. I could hear frying sounds and it seemed that the heat wasn't distributing properly due to the thick coconut cream, and so I had to keep stirring it to redistribute the heat before it would allow me to go to Cook again. Ended up finishing it off in a pot on he stove instead.

    Would this, or another rice cooker, do coconut rice? Or did I do something wrong?

  • Had this… Broke after 5 months - showing “E4” at power-up. Always overflowed from trench reservoir around the sides and leaking from top vent. Needed extensive cleaning after every use. On the positive, both, white and brown rice cooked perfect. Luckily, Amazon is refunding.

  • Have this… Still going strong after 3 years, use it on average twice a week. Only overflowed once when I put too much stuff in it to make porridge. Claims to do 8 cups, but I find 7 cups pretty much is max. Never had a Tiger, only basic cookers before this - but it easily makes great rice. Non stick coating like new.

  • Im looking for a new rice cooker but I checked the manual and standard cooking time for rice is 45 minutes? Quick cook is 25 minutes?? Is this correct?

    • Correct. From what I've heard though you can pretty much do quick cook for anything 2 cups and under. I've tried both and can't tell the difference honestly

      Can also put a timer on so that it finishes when you want it that makes any difference at all

  • Hey OP, which Panasonic did you get?

  • I have this for around 1 year, i use it only for steam white rice. The rice come out pretty nice and fluffy, just that there isn't container for the water from steam, so you have to use tissue or cloth to dry it.

  • Panasonic one must be better. I used this Phillip for a while but not very excellent on the rice.