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[eBay Plus] $0 - Xiaomi ZMI Powerbank, USB C Cable, 32GB MicroSD ($2.95 64GB), $3 Backpacks, $10 Wireless Earbuds @ iot.hub eBay


UPDATE 2: Code is working now again! Get in quick!

UPDATE 1: Seems like code has been expired by ebay (or reached max redemptions) but worth checking in once in a while if it gets reactivated (as the promo banner is still active).

For those with Afterpay, can still get $10 discount using code: AFTERPAY10 ($20 min spend)

Anyone haven't redeemed their 3 codes yet? Get on board!

The best goodies out of all imo. Some of these items have been heavily discounted for the $10 offer.

Full list (prices after code/$10 discount):

  • Free - Mi Basic Earphone - Silver
  • Free - Mi Basic Earphone - Blue
  • Free - Mi Type-C Wired Earphone - Black

  • Free - Mi Type-C Cable Braided (Black)
  • Free - Mi Type-C Cable Braided (Red)
  • Free - Mi Remote Selfie Stick (Black)
  • Free - Mi Remote Selfie Stick (White)
  • Free - ZMI Powerbank 10000mAh
  • Free - Sandisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD

  • $2.95 - Sandisk Ultra Lite 64GB Micro SD
  • $3 - Mi Casual Backpack
  • $3 - Mi City Backpack 2 (Blue)
  • $3 - Mi City Backpack 2 (Light Grey)
  • $3 - Mi Backpack 15.6"
  • $3 - Mi Backpack 15.6" - Dark Grey

  • $5 - Mi Selfie Stick Tripod (Black)
  • $5 - Mi Charger Pro 18w Car
  • $5 - Mi Action Camera Selfie Stick
  • $6 - Mi 2in1 USB to Micro USB + Type C

  • $10 - Mi Wireless Earbuds - White
  • $10 - ZMI Two-Way Powerbank 10000mAh (ZMI QB910) - usually $35
  • $11 - 1M Yeelight Striplight PLUS Extension
  • $15 - ZMI Wireless Powerbank 10000mAh (WPB100) - usually $49

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Excellent work 👍

  • +2

    Can’t find the powerbanks and no links on description…

    • +5

      Click the "Go to Deal" button to the right of the OP to get to the listing page. Then goto the "colour" dropdown box to see all the items mentioned in the OP.

      Three powerbanks are listed there and the $10 had 4 in stock and the other more expensive two had >10 available as of this comment.

  • +1

    power bank oos

    • checking if can add more

      • +1

        Mi Backpack 15.6" is at $13 making it $3

        • my bad! have updated the description

  • How's it free, comes $10 after discount for me for the power bank

    • theres 3 variants - one of them was free (now OOS) but im going to ask them if more can be added

      • Please ask if they can make backpack free

  • only 6x ZMI Powerbank 10000mAh and sold out

    • +6

      free power banks back in stock

  • No brainer for me, get the powerbank. Payment pending..

  • All the backpacks are $13 (-10 = $3)

  • Powerbank~

  • Ordered the free powerbank. Payment is pending however.

  • Got a power bank, selfie stick and a usb cable..
    Thanks op

    • +1

      We do think alike 😁

      • 😄😄😄

  • Cheers OP. Got the ZMI Powerbank 10000mAh and Mi Backpack.

    How are the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds only $20?

  • Everyone seems to have eBay plus now is it because of the $5 option now to take advantage of this?

    • -1

      Free trial. Sign up. Grab free stuff. Cancel.

      • Signed up for the $250 AirPod Pro unfortunately.

    • +2

      I got with $50 voucher so basically free. u can first trial ebay plus if u haven't already

    • +1

      They offered a $50 voucher for taking up a $49 annual subscription. Cancelled at the end, then got the same offer again for another year.

      $2 ahead for 2 years of plus, before the freebies. Their management must really want subscriber numbers.

  • Could only order 2 things

  • Got the power bank for free, let’s see how this plays out.

  • +1

    Code only worked twice

    • Yup same

  • +3

    damn I was premature using all my 3x plusoffers on the first day

    • +5

      It's what happens when you get too excited.

      • Because of him they "withdrew" the offer early lol

    • Thats what i did too. although i guess what i got is something i will use.

  • +1

    Code isn’t working for me, is this one item a day thing ? I bought the SD card in the morning from the other deal

    • looks like it, me same.

  • nuked

  • Doesn’t work anymore

  • +1

    Bugger! My cart broke, had to refresh, and it "consumed" my last PLUSOFFER :( much sadness! but can't complain too much about free stuff not working i guess haha.

  • -1

    On the ozbargain train for a few years now. free ebay plus, free airpods and now this. :) thxs ozbargain.

  • +3

    "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

    Dam :(

  • Only used my code once for the digital thermometer and now getting “ Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.”
    Tried on various items such as powerbank (free) and digital scale. Anyone with same issue / solution?

    • Still considering nabbing a powerbank for $10… but spiteful. Hahaha

  • You already applied this code to an order.
    Thought the plus offer is only for the weekend and this is a new one. apparently not!

  • Not working anymore

  • Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

  • How come I only had 2 codes that worked?

  • Not working

  • +2

    Spent too long trying to decide which colour bag dammit

  • Wow that was quick. I already used up mine yesterday anyways, but still, that was quick lol.

  • +1

    It seems the $10 off is finished.
    5 minutes ago can still see but still couldn’t decide which one to buy then no discount.

  • Bought a power bank, but it's confirmed as a adjustable hands free leash. The picture is a power bank though haha. The colour of said leash is ZMI Power Bank ;) Good colour!

  • ZMI Two-Way Powerbank 10000mAh

    So it…charges and can be charged?

    • +1

      I believe that's in reference to PD (fast usb-c charging).

  • code only worked once for me :( used once yesterday and now no more

  • Still a decent price on those powerbanks

  • +2

    Just resigned up for a month of plus :(
    Got a powerbank, but didnt get to use my other 2 uses. Need to hit them up

    • I wouldn't bother, it's in the terms that eBay can end the promo at any time.

      And it's clear the sellers are exploiting the system and taking advantage, there weren't supposed to be any free items. Great for us but eBay is probably onto them.

      • Im sitting on a train doing nothing atm. Wprth a shot i guess. I've sent a message and will update

        • Fair enough, $5 for a power bank ain't bad though!

          I activated the 30 day free trail on one of my accounts and didn't manage to get anything XD

        • +2

          It's working again.

          • @Hiphopopotamus: Thanks! Got a backpack as well. Have 1 more code use, of anyone has any suggestions

  • Has this offer expired? Really wanted the car charger.

  • Still good price even without the code?

    • +1

      I would say it’s a pretty good price even before the code (quick search shows the powerbanks and backpacks are the cheapest available).

      Also, if you add $20 worth of items, can still get $10 discount with Afterpay

      code: AFTERPAY10

      • Especially for the backpacks, around $50 from Mi Australia.

  • the promo code is still available, however, only from the banner items. https://www.ebay.com.au/b/eBay-Plus-Offers-Deals/bn_71150781...

    • how? Tested on a random item saying code expired.

  • +3

    The code just worked for me

  • I am not ebay plus member ;(

    • +2

      If you have used the free trial you can still sign up for $5/month, consider if that's worth it and be careful because eBay can deactivate the coupon again.

      • Cheers mate :)

        • +1

          Happy to help, don't forget to cancel if you no longer want it as it renews automatically.

  • Code still works for me.

  • Just ordered a powerbank and backback for $3, thanks

  • Code just worked for me :D Thanks OP

  • This could all blow up in our faces…

    • +3

      Or end up with 3x Adjustable Hands Free Leash Dog with Waist Belt For Running Jogging Walk 😂

      • Hahaha this is very possible bc it'd be difficult to dispute it 😂😂😂

  • Grabbed the 64 GB SD Card.

  • Thanks. Grabbed Mi backpack at $3.

  • +1

    ZMI Powerbank 10000mah out of stock again

    • that's what I need only :(

      • Same. I hope they will be back in stock

        • +2

          I think they are fishing. most people are after free powerbank I believe. They just put it there only a few stocks and try to make people order other things.

          • +1

            @adms: just to clarify, there were 200+ of the $10 power banks (free after coupon) available since the beginning. Initally, they had a quantity issue, but after that, they had revised the quantity and added the correct amount.

            I am checking with them to see if more can be added

            • @skido: Are the free power banks all gone? Thanks

              • +1

                @IUisdabest: no more stock for free power banks :-(

                might be worth looking into the other 2 models. They are also at excellent prices

          • @adms: Ehh, probably the most useless powerbank anyhow with no type-c output or 18w PD fast charging, may as well get worth from your $10 coupon

            If you’re an iPhone user the $25 wireless one is really nifty being able to be charged via lightning input, don’t see that often (also has 18w PD and doubles as a wireless charger)

            • @parcus: I am not an iPhone user. I have samsung a90 and hp notebook charging via usb-c 65w.
              If the powerbank is ZMI 65W USB-C I would pay for it for a reasonable price. Kogan used to pre-order $19.99 if I am not wrong. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/586873

              For the current powerbank, to be honest I would get it only if it is free. I don't order things that I don't need even they are free!

              • @adms: I regret hesitating on that. It is extremely rare to see it that cheap.

                • @SEasternCry: Kogan sold and dispatched it for $19.99 limited stocks. I missed out that too.

        • Or powerbank pre-orders, that would be good

  • +2

    From my past research the $10 powerbank (ZMI QB910) is a much much better product than the free one and the $15 one (WPB100) is pretty sensational for $15

    • Why is it better?

    • I am keen to get one, based on your research which one is worth getting? Thanks

      • +4

        Sorry I replied in separate thread - but here's the output of some crazy research I did a while back. I didnt review this just now hopefully nothing in there I shouldnt share :)

        I didnt include the QB810 (the free one) as it didnt meet my base criteria of having 18W fast charge


        • The list is so useful! 300g is too heavy for me

        • I bought that mainstream one at the top at a service station right before I left for a trip to Japan. Worked really well in the front pouch of my backpack. Would just charge my phone and portable wifi in there and cracked open the front pouch zip a bit to run out my USB charging cable while holding my phone for Google Maps navigation. Kept it charged at 100 all day. Might've been an older model as mine didn't have QC and was just 2.1a shared over both ports but I guess the pocket wifi didn't require much to keep it going.

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