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Oppo Find X2 Neo (Snapdragon 765 12GB/256GB) $426.55 C&C /+ $4.99 Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


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Pretty cracking deal for solid phone. Almost half the price of pixel 5, but double the storage + 12gb ram.

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    It's not really a good phone in comparison to the Pixel 5 though. Also, this deal is fake ass. Who the hell pays $899 RRP for this?

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      I compared to pixels in store and they looked and felt so much cheaper and slower than this phone.. each to their own I guess

    • +2

      I think it is. Paid 650 for one at the last sale for one to upgrade my mum's xiaomi and while I was setting it up I thought it was pretty decent value even at that price.

      High refresh rate AMOLED + large amount of ram and storage make the phone feel much snappier than the soc might make your believe.

      Camera is very good, whilst obviously not at the computational level of pixel, and for the enthusiast, perhaps even a gcam port might give comparable results.

      I reckon under $500 for this is at bare minimum fair.

      • Both are 765g thought are they not, edit: Ah wait camera computational level

  • +4

    Solid compared to pixel.
    The better deal is the realme 7 5g at $375, unless you need the extra ram & storage that this offers.

    The real rip-off is the pixel phones. Double the price with lower spec

    • Arguable re realme. Android 10, 128gb, less ram, non curved screen, not even AMOLED…

    • I'm debating between the Realme and Oppo myself. I read that the Realme suffers poor battery life on 5g. Not that I really need 5g but it's a nice-to-have.

  • I'd stick to realme because it supports 5g on both nsa & sa

    According to JB the Oppo neo only supports NSA 5g


  • This or the Google 4a 5G? Need a new phone, otherwise hoping the Oppo Find X2 Pro drops in price too!

    • I'm trying to make the same decision. The Telstra deal for the 4a 5g for $549 is really tempting. Possibility of OW price beat with that too, so effectively $100 than this Oppo. Trying to convince myself whether the premium for a better camera, Google updates for longer and likely better resale with less storage/RAM is worth it.

  • +1

    Seeing a few negative comments in relation to pixel, I have this phone and had a pixel 3 xl (not the newest but the experiecne should be similar).

    Anyways, I would 100% recommend the x2 neo. Even now that I have upgraded from it (have 2 phones, 1 main, 1 side [which is the neo]) its so much lighter and easier to hold.
    Speakers on the neo are better than my s21+, the finger print and face unlock is super fast compared to the s21+… Camera is good, not great but good.
    Battery is great, about the same as my s21+ but its much lighter (but due to it being sd765 the power aint there), but honestly, I only notice the speed difference when playing intense games. Experience is very similar outside of that.

    For those who havent experienced it yet, 90hz is siginificantly better than 60hz in day to day, 120hz is better but the difference isnt as noticeable.

  • This is a great deal (as is the Moto edge if you feel like taking a punt on the screen issues) but why does Oppo not offer their phones in dual-sim variants In Australia???

    • yes, they are. Oppo Find X3 Neo but will cost us more.

  • I have a pixel 3 and I know for sure I would upgrade it to one of these in an instant as soon as the pixel's day is dead. My daughter has had one for half a year and its been a fantastic phone. All of her friends love the pictures it takes and she's the designated picture taker at school. The battery lasts all day and we haven't had any issues so far.

  • how about this compare to realme x3 superzoom

  • Okay so this does not have dual sim?
    Also does it have wireless charging?

    • no and no

      • Thanks.


        • I dont think any of the Oppo have wireless charging, my biggest hate.

  • Does anyone pay through afterpay with success

  • Pretty happy so far with my Oneplus 5t. However it is getting unresponsive sometime. Is this worth buying this or going with something a bit more high end but old gen?
    My priority: battery + camera

    • +1

      If you're happy with OnePlus, then you can probably snake a OnePlus 8 around that budget… Or if you can afford a tad more an 8t.

      My brother absolutely loves his 8 Pro, and he's not really super "into" phones per se.

      I bought him a OnePlus 5a couple years ago and I think he liked it so much he was only ever going to upgrade to the same.

      • Oneplus camera quality is bad. Otherwise it is pretty good overal…

        • +1

          Yeah they were, but they've definitely come a long way.

          From what I can tell (aside from Apple) camera and battery which are also my priorities are two things you end up paying for - especially camera.

          If you want beast level camera you either have to pay over a grand for a flagship, or maybe think about the pixel 5… Which is still like 300 bucks more than the Oppo.

  • I bought this yesterday, was using a spare Pixel 2XL after my V40 died. This is a great phone, we now have 3 Oppos in the house and all have been faultless. This one is pretty quick with nice screen. Light as well. The OS I do not love but has enough good features. Great buy at this price.

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