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30% off RRP Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra @ Samsung Education Store


30% off RRP for Galaxy S21 at the Samsung education store:

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G:
128GB: $1294.30
256GB: $1364.30
512GB: $1504.30

Galaxy S21+ 5G:
128GB: $1084.30
256GB: 1154.30

Galaxy S21 5G:
128GB: $874.30
256GB: $944.30

20FE 5G seems to be discounted too:
128GB: $799.20
256GB: $759.20 [Out of Stock]

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G 256GB:

OR Z Fold 2 5G 256GB with red or gold metallic hinge

Galaxy Z Flip 256GB:

Galaxy Z Flip 5G 256GB:

.edu.au email address required to register. Free delivery

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    Hi Is it Only on the 21 series ?, is there anything for Note or 20FE?

    • 20FE 5G seems to be discounted:
      128GB: $799.20
      256GB: $759.20 [Out of Stock]

      Note20's seem to be out of stock too, not sure why

  • Of course, I bought one three days ago, with the 20% + $100 off special. Gipped.

    • how did you get the 100 off special? not sure if it is valid or not , but wondering how much the FE 5 G would be ?

      • The extra $100 off was just an on-site Education special which was running until May 30.

  • Same deal is on in the Government EPP store. Government email required.

    • Gov Epp store - 30% on s21 models. 15% on s20 FE 5G.

      How much is the s20 FE 5G on the EDU store?

      • S20 FE 5G is $799.20 for 128GB and $959.20 for 256GB.

        • Thx heaps. Thought the price for s20 fe 256GB was incorrect further up.

  • How does one acquire one of these email addresses?

    • +4

      Run a government

      • +3

        luckily for allegiance86, apparently anybody can run a government these days

  • +1

    i cant find these prices on site with student ID

  • +1

    Coming from the S20, is there really any reason to sidegrade to the S21?

    • Is there anything wrong with your S20?

    • No. I'd wait for the S22.

    • No, nothing wrong with it at all. Just wondering if this deal could be a good enough reason to "upgrade"

      • Don't do it - Exynos chipsets are still inferior to SD running a lot hotter, worse battery life, camera and gpu performance.

        • did you get both the S21 Exynos and SD versions?

          • @Bargains of Oz: No but the thousands of reviews online confirm these facts.

            • +1

              @aligind4h0us3: so you don't have first-hand knowledge based on your usage. I can guarantee 80% of those 'reviews' (excluding influencers) are from people who recycling information they've heard or read because i can't see 'thousands' of people going to the trouble of buying 2 phones to say 'told ya so'. For the average consumer, i couldn't imagine the differences to be that great. Camera & GPU i can understand because both chips will process differently. Heat is an issue with both phones and battery life (based on other 'reviews') is negligible. I'd imagine GPU performance would somewhat only be an issue when it peaks in certain gaming.

              You are literally telling somebody not to buy a phone because there is a better chip that will never make to our shores of which you don't own or have tested lol.

              • @Bargains of Oz: I'm recommending someone not upgrade from an S20 to an S21 because the Exynos chipset is nowhere near as good and not worth paying the same dollars for an inferior product (I wouldn't have bought the S20 to begin with (once again an inferior chipset for the same price)). I don't care how you look at it but if you'd like to spend your money on it, don't let me stop you.

                If you bothered to look up any of reviews at all, there are plenty that show proof in testing that the differences are more than you think.

                There is nothing wrong with me suggesting he waits until the S22 for the Exynos chipset to catch up or even exceed the SD.

      • If there's nothing wrong with your current phone then you have no good reason to upgrade.

    • +2

      reviews seem to concur with the general feel I'm getting from the comments… might hold off then!

    • +1

      coming from the S10+ the S21 Ultra for me ended up being a minor upgrade…like there are some killer features like 120hz but for my everyday usage it wasn't a crazy update. Not keen on the speaker system and definitely not keen on the in-call loud speaker but in saying that, my S10+ was one of the best phones i've owned (as a complete package). I wasn't going to upgrade to the S21 series but getting the S21 Ultra for $814 with trade-in was too good to refuse.

      Something i have done since my S8 was taking it into Samsung on the last month of warranty to check for either screen burn or battery life. They will send it away to service under warranty and if theres anything else dodgy (thats covered) like my main board, they will replace it all and you really get a refreshed phone that will last you as long as you see fit. It's the benefit of paying a bit more for local stock rather than grey imports.

      I'd probably wait for the S23 or at least the S22. Refresh your S20 on month 23 by taking it to a Samsung Kiosk for them to check and service under warranty.

  • no more trade in value?

  • Has anyone had luck with the $50 marketing opt in voucher?

    Literally have waited 3 days after trying on two different emails.

    I have an S21 Ultra and accessories I want to order! :-(

  • Thank you!
    Got the Ultra

    • which one did you get? holding out on the black 256GB coming back in stock, at this rate I'll have to settle for the silver!

      • I ordered Black
        is it in back order or something?
        They have not even processed my order yet.

        • just says sign up for stock alerts :( don't know if it's worth waiting until 29.06 to see if it comes back in stock or just order the silver as that might sell out too!

          • @ThePriceMatchGuy: Black is back in stock now.

            • @SR9: order placed!

              didn't receive an alert though.. John Smith from India said to me on the phone I'd know before it was made live! Grr..

              • @ThePriceMatchGuy: Their stock alert is quite slow. Last time I got 1 day after the phone was back in stock.

  • 512Gb Ultras out of stock unless go with exclusive colours which is a 4-5 wait. How quickly do they usually restock?

  • I have a registered edu.au account but the price for the base s21 ultra is showing as 1599, do I have to apply a code?

  • Hi, I have not received my $50 newsletter sign-up code. Its been few days and sent few emails to online.store, call samsung support and did the live agent chat as well but havenot received the code yet. Does someone has any $50 voucher code which you are not using? Kindly please share it with me, if you can. Thanks alot for your help.

  • s20 fe 5g dropped to 679.15 today.

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