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Breville BES920BSS The Dual Boiler Espresso Machine $849 + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


$849 lowest price I've observed in months.

Possible to get slightly cheaper if you make use of ebayplus discount.

Note that this is for the coffee machine only and not the package with the grinder (BEP920)

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      He is great value that man.

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        Just gimmie the grams, man.

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      John Buckman from Decent Espresso (makers of arguable one of the most revolutionary espresso machines available today - https://decentespresso.com/overview) also recommended the BDB as the best buy for under USD1200 in a youtube vid I watched. in terms of number of functions it blows most other machines out of the water. Personally I like the "heft" of a "prosumer" machine. But Breville do design excellent consumer products and offer great support.

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        +1 for the Decent - would be my dream machine to upgrade to if my BDB dies… Coming up to 3 years I think, just needed seals replaced last year for free just outside of warranty. Planning to DIY seal replacement every 2 years as preventative maintenance.

        Although I think I saw Synesso tease a home machine that may have some features similar to the Decent…

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      We are but in Europe they have the Italian prosumer machines for much cheaper too. I would take the lelit elizabeth for instance other the bdb if they were at the same price here too.

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    I had to do a double take that this was actually the Dual Boiler, great price.

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      Almost the same price they were regularly available at prior to COVID*

      That being said, it looks like these bullshit prices are here to stay for some time.

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    I have been using the barista pro and in the last 2 months I must have made in excess of 200 cups already. I do feel now that I should have gone for a more prosumer (heat exchanger) or at least a dual boiler. But I cannot fault my Pro as it has taught me a lot about making espresso at home and ditching the coffee pods. For anyone who is trying to get into home barista hobby, I would still recommend a Barista pro but if you are aiming to upgrade perhaps this will be the cheapest option.

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      I’m in the same boat! Got the Pro in April and wish I had a better machine but my kitchen counter doesn’t allow for a separate grinder anyway.

      • Can you both list your issues with the pro? keep in mind I am only drinking for myself and maybe one other on occassion. I was eyeing off the pro as I assumed it was the same as this but single boiler with the pro grinder build in. Counter space is important for me hence my reasons for wanting the pro.

        • +2

          I have the Barista Pro and my minor annoyances (admittedly I haven't used other Breville or Barista machines)

          • The grinder fills the portafilter at a bit of an angle, so sometimes when taking the portafilter out, it spills some grinds on the machine.
            -The water tank is not the easiest thing in the world to fill up when it's backed into a corner. Tricky, but still works fine.
            -There are a lot of grinder settings. And someone amateur like me feels a little overwhelmed.
        • +1

          Counter space is also important for me. I had to put my pod machine in the laundry for emergencies or when my better half is no mood for my 'precise' coffee workflow.

          • 54mm portafilter - I was aware of this limitation when I bought it but I so foolishly thought I would never need accessories e.g. VST baskets, shower screens etc. A precision basket is a must but it is very hard to find.


          • This is a great machine. If you have no desire to ever dabble into prosumer machines or accessorising your machine this is it.
        • nothing wrong with the pro

          get that instead of the dual boiler for small amateur households

          ive been using the barista express for half a decade. i bought a dual boiler and gave it away to my mum because she hosts family gatherings of 8+ people regularly where its amazing at banging out coffees quickly

          at home i only need to make 2 cups a day, so the express/pro does the job perfect

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          Copied a comment I made elsewhere in this thread

          Dual Boiler vs Pro

          +Much better temperature control (Digital PID)
          +Pre infusion
          +Over pressure valve

          I know the bargain hunters on ozbargain might be offended, but the Pro is a toy compared to the dual boiler.

          Just on pre-infusion, read this little blurb. These all add up to a much better shot pull. (And exist in every commercial coffee machine, or are done manually on old school manual machines)

          "Pre-infusion refers to the process of gently soaking the puck of ground coffee in your portafilter before applying the full desired brewing pressure. The goal is to ensure that water evenly penetrates the grounds to ensure that the entire bed has the same amount of water flowing through it once extraction begins."

  • +3

    This is great for anyone looking for a 58mm grouphead. There are just more accessories out there vs the 54mm in the Barista Pro and Express models.

  • Great machine and i've had mine for a few years now with no issue. Definitely getting it's money worth of use ever since COVID wfh arrangements!

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    I have this and it is a great machine, but somehow the longevity is questionable. I've already had to replace a lot of the internals since the last service - but perhaps build quality has changed since because mine was bought a while back aka "first generation" based on the software. I will also say that the while the smart grinder pro is good, it does not stack up against higher end grinders. I upgraded and the difference in taste is like night and day. It was like having new beans - so do match it with a decent grinder if you like your coffee. Sette 270wi or the Mignon Specialista would be the next step up.

    • what did you have to have replaced?

    • +2

      The first one I bought "died" just after the 2 year warranty expired, but Breville eventually came to the party and paid for the repairs. The repair took so long (3 months) that I bought another one and sold the repaired one to a friend. Big mistake, after about 15 months that one had "died" again. The second one is still going Ok, but after you de-scale it the "descale now" message appears every time you turn it on and sometimes it takes a very long time to make the last 2 degrees jump to the selected temperature.
      If this one dies I'll go for something like a Rancilio.

      If you do buy it, it's probably worth going for the extended warranty, there are quite numerous reports of failures on review sites, probably a small number in comparison to the number sold, but still of concern.

      • Here's how to get rid of the Descale message:


      • This is the problem with these machines the longevity would be shocking. You’re better off going for the rancillio to begin win or ever going above that depending on how serious you want to get. You’ll spend more initially, however, will save the headaches and probably more money from constantly getting new machines every year or so

    • Have to agree with foggy10.

      We had a BES920 for 3+ years before it 'bought the farm'. Seriously impressed with the quality of coffee it produced - even with a less skilled operator (including my children). The problem for us was that when we hit seal maintenance 'midnight', the failure(s) impacted on the machine electronics. That took us from fixable to bin-able.

      That said, we produced a minimum of 2k of coffees per annum - so the machine definitely paid off over a shorter than desired lifetime.

      So now we're back to using an older Rancilio Silvia (circa 2009?). A much more 'Volkswagen Beetle' of a machine - you definitely need to keep your eyes on the road if you want to produce a decent coffee. Any lapse in attention involves hitting every pothole that could exist. But it is largely bulletproof - which I can't say for the BES920.

      Would I get another? Yes! But our household coffee requirements have halved and I'm the only one who uses the machine. If the coffee is rubbish, it's my own fault!

      Grinder? We've got a smart grinder - but it isn't used for espresso. Not bad - but too inconsistent IMHO. It's used for plunger/cold brew duties. Our old reliable Rancilio 'Rocky' does the job well - and is easier to adjust when changing the beans (type/roaster). If I look to replacing it, I too will look for a higher end grinder. In the end the beans and grind are the more important factors for us. The BES920 did make the rest of the process easier and more pleasant that many of the other semi-economical options.

    • +1

      I agree foggy10 with the longevity. Ours was initially great and produced a really good coffee. Just before two years, it died and we got it fixed. Took a month to be repaired. It lived for another 6mths, some of the valves started leaking, we fixed it and it worked well for a few months. Then died again. This time we looked into the cost of repairing it and it wasn't worth it. While it is a good machine, I don't think the quality of the build is up there. Mine might have been one of the rare ones, but it was disappointing.

  • +5

    For anyone interested it was showing up as 899 direct through good guys with 10 percent off using JUNE10 bringing it down to 809 with free shipping (to Melbourne anyway)

    I tried the code and it wasn't working so I called good guys phone and they were happy to bring the price down to 809 for me and include free delivery as I'm in Melbourne

    • +2

      I suspect you got lucky on that one, their website doesn't show the code applies to this item. But good job!

      • I tried it, but didn't work for me either.

    • +1

      I tried this too and managed to get it for $809 pick up!

    • +1

      Thanks for this. Also worked for me (and paid with 5% off gift cards) for $768.65 total.

    • I just called up and did the same thing (Northland store, Melbourne). $809.10 ! Thanks for the tip!
      I re-invested that money back into the extended warranty. From what I am reading, it's a no-brainer to tap that on.

    • Finally managed to get the 10% on top of $899. Added the 5 year extended warranty. All came down to $958. going to try 5% voucher as well :)

    • Not working in SA.Will call tomorrow.Great find.

  • +6

    Great machine. I'd recommend people get the concierge extended warranty with this as it's about $150-$180 for 5 years but you get the $20 concierge credit 3x a year, you then use the credit to purchase the water filters https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/breville-claro-swiss-filter-b...

    • Sounds like a good idea. There are a few people at work who got these when they were newish and the solenoid only lasts 3-5 years. If you can identify a fault early it would be money well spent!

  • Looking for advise. Is it worth getting TGG Concierge warranty with this?

    • Dont Breville offer replacement for $380 or similar for out of warranty repairs ? May not be worth the additional waranty if you can get the whole unit replaced for a few hundred more

      • Dont Breville offer replacement for $380 or similar for out of warranty repairs ?

        I've never heard about it.
        Is it $380 USD for US customers?

    • Pay for a coffee machine that retails for close to $1000 and I reckon you would have a very good case for getting a free repair or replacement if it failed within 5 years under your Statutory Warranty rights via ACCC.

  • No brainer at this price.

  • +3

    I have had this machine for 4 years, going on 5, and report that it has worked flawlessly throughout (touch wood). We pull an average of 3 shots a day, and it hasn't encountered a hitch. Like any consumer-level machine, the weakness is probably the steam wand being slightly under-powered, but you can still get great microfoam once you learn the machine. Big yes at this price, especially considering pricing as of late.

    • Never had to replace anything? O-rings?

      • Not so far! I'd heard about this issue so have been cautiously awaiting it to arise, but have clearly been lucky!

        • +1

          Have you ever taken off the lid of your machine to check your o-rings?

          Do you know what the reading is on your shot counter is?

          The reason I mention this is because most of the time you don't know your o-rings are failing, until, there is a secondary failure which is caused by moisture in the machine .

    • +1

      About the same time for us and has worked flawlessly ever since. Think we were lucky at the time - managed to get it for $699 in conjunction with a cash back promotion Breville were running at the time.

      • Me too, then one day I went to descale it and it stopped working. I brought it in for repairs. $500 they said they pretty much rebuilt the entire machine.
        I would recommend getting this regularly serviced and cleaned.

        • Most likely thermal fuse was blown.
          How long ago did it happen?

  • Great price. Great machine. Great first post OP.

    You'd also be able to get it for $850 instore without issue. The eBay fees exceed that $50.

  • Breville creates good entry level machines for beginners. They use 54mm pressurized basket. The idea is that it's more forgiving on the grinder and techniques but doesn't give you very good coffee. And you can even use preground coffee.

    The dual boiler on the other hand use a 58mm unpressurised basket. You can't really use preground coffee and would need a good grinder and techniques but the difference in taste would be miles away!

    If you just want some caffeine, buy the bambino or express/pro. If you want good coffee buy the dual boiler.

  • What’s a good grinder to pair with this? The breville smart grinder pro?

    • Depends your budget, the smart grinder pro is an entry level. A good one would be a Eureka Mignon Specialita or Niche Zero if budget allows it

      • +3

        I went through the same dilemma, ended up with the Eureka Mignon. Compact and very consistent. Niche is a single dose grinder, which i felt was a bit of a hassle.

  • I've had this machine along with the smart grinder pro for a couple years, can confirm this is an awesome machine! Both have worked spot on with zero issues. Pumps out an awesome coffee once you sort your grind out.

  • Nice to see an improvement in pricing again, after last year's shift away from discounting due to stock shortages.

    This machine certainly reviews well in its class but, as some have posted above, you'll get hit and miss longevity from it. Sometimes it's the 'appliance' nature, and sometimes that reduced lifespan is from lack of user maintenance.

    If you want longevity around this price and don't make milk coffees all day long, consider a Gaggia Classic. It's a single boiler machine but highly moddable, and it will look after you until you get the bug to upgrade to a machine of serious $ down the track. Believe me, it will happen :)

  • Whats the chance of Breville updating this with the newer LCD screen like on the Pro?

    Some really useful comments here but I am still on the fence getting either this with the grinder pro, or just the Barista Pro. Price difference between the two options isnt an issue

    • The LCD screen is fluff, I personally wouldn't want it as it's another thing to break.

  • Another positive review here. Been using for about a year and it can produce proper quality coffee!

  • Have had this machine for 7 years, repaired once in warranty for a leak and now about to die for a whole range of reasons (quoted $600 to fix). Has pulled 6 double shots a day in that time plus parties, served us well! I've just pulled the trigger to replace with the same machine. thanks!

  • +5

    Nice find OP. I had one of these before upgradeitis and gear-acquisition syndrome hit. These are totally capable machines sub $1k and should last you the five years if taken care of (backflush daily, use filtered water, chemical backflush every month).

    Some tips for owners:
    1) Watch Lance Hedrick on Youtube - his videos are super enjoyable to watch, and he uses a 920 in his videos. He is also a multi-winner of the World Latte Art Championships. I'd start with the Latte Art videos first then the espresso extraction theory videos next.

    2) Buy the extended warranty. Everyone I know has had issues with their 920 in the 2-5 year window. A mate of mine had his unit fully replaced on the last month of his 5 year warranty due to the pump dying. It happens, and these machines are NOT user-servicable (other than replacing O-rings)

    3) Please, for the love of your machine, invest in a quality water filter (like a BWT jug). The 920, while it has a descale function, is notorious for not working well and I and others have had their water boilers cook themselves after a botched descale process. Prevention is better than cure, so don't put crap water in this machine!

  • You need a decent grinder to go with this. Can't find any deal on the Smart Grinder Pro :(

  • Been watching these lately, and came across this deal yesterday just want it in black..

  • +3

    This machine is incredible in terms of design, functionality and capability.

    Take pre-infusion for example. This machine has 'easy to do' programmable/adjustable pre-infusion both in terms of time and pressure. For a machine costing just $849 atm, that is just incredible.

    And little things like a backlit water capacity window, 2 water fill points and a lock/unlock swivel wheel at base of the machine is incredibly useful for maintenance and water filling regardless of the size and location of where it is placed in your kitchen.

    The fact that even high end coffee snobs give this the thumbs up over Italian machines costing double or three times as much tells you something.

    Astonishing value and features for the price.

    And a heap of quality youtube channels and forums to get the most out of your machine.

    Best thing is that it is from a company that is fully Australian owned (although as with most consumer products now it is manufactured in China).

    I've had mine for 6 years and love it. Pair it with a decent grinder and you're set for a journey to fantastic home coffee.

  • why is this $900, and the grinder is $300, but the combo is $1500 :p

    • Because this is on special (reduced from the previous list RRP of over $1200) and the Breville Grinder Pro is not. So the obvious solution is to not by the Duo but buy both separately during this sale.

      • oh i thought it is reduced to $850 from rrp $900. I saw the $900 price tag somewhere before even saw this deal, so I thought the normal rrp is $900 :p

  • what are the difference between BES920BSS and BES920XL and BES920?

    • Bes920 is the model, bss is the colour (stainless steel) or bks for black sesame. I'm not too sure for the xl though

  • Our Silvia refuses to die after about 15 years.

    If we were buying now, would this Breville, new Silvia or new Gaggia classic be the machine to buy?

    • +1

      Very different machines. I would say definitely not the gaggia classic! The silvia is better built but you have to wait a long time for the machine to warm up and between shot and milk since it's a single boiler, you also need to do temperature surfing, there is no pid…(or you need extra cash to mod it).
      This bdb is much much better, just need to hope it will last long enough.

      • Thanks. I thought the new Gaggia Classic resolved the issues from the previous Classic?

        • Current model of Gaggia Classic is excellent. The Silvia is a well-made machine but overpriced for the feature set. Also has a relatively long time to be steam ready.

          If you want a solid machine sub$1000 then grab a Gaggia and install a PID and do the OPV mod. You’ll soon be make cracking coffee without the guesswork of temp surfing an SB usually requires.

          If you want to steam and pull shots at the same time, or want an out of the box solution, then the Breville offers a solid buying proposition. You do need an extended warranty with this alliance though, so factor that in above the sale price.


    • Silvia Pro has a dual boiler!
      But for the price, I don't think you can beat this for home coffee usage

      • Thanks!

      • It's a very nice machine. If you're looking to spend around $3K, there are a number of equally enticing options to compare it with. Don't overlook the Silvia DB, but look at all the options if you're looking at this price point.

        Also leave yourself a bit of an upgrade path. Home espresso is awesome fun if you're really into it, but there is a learning curve, and some of the enjoyment is upgrading your gear from time to time. Keep things interesting!

  • We have this machine and it does produce excellent coffee. But I agree with the multiple comments above to buy the extended warranty - ours recently failed (started leaking then was short tripping the house circuit) just 3 months outside of the 2 year warranty. I called Breville and mentioned that this appears to be a known fault as I have read multiple examples of other owners having the same issue… so they agreed to fix it. Repairs took less than a week. I had bought it through TGG but when they had tried the warranty claim it didn’t say that Breville would cover it so that’s why I ended up calling direct.

  • does anyone know if buying this and the BCG820BSS (Breville Smart Grinder) - Which would be around $1100 or lower with ppss100 on ebay, is any different to the Good Guys $1599 BEP920BSS that is apparently advertised on special - I'm not sure if I'm missing something but want the combo.

  • +2

    Called TGG just before close at 8:30pm and they gave the extra 10% off with JUNE10 so I’ve reserved this at my local store! First coffee machine - more than 6 years of the freeze dried… can’t wait

    • Can I ask what the JUNE10 discount is?


  • Going on 6+ years now with my Breville BES920 dual boiler.

    Had to change the o-rings once, and had a solenoid replaced within the warranty period. It's starting to overheat now if left on for too long which is the same reason I swapped out the o-rings last time, so looks like I'll need to do that again.

    Other than that it's been a dream, absolutely fantastic machine especially at this price.

    • Any tips on what grinder to pair it with? Don't want to under/over do it

      • Unfortunately not. I've been using the Breville smart grinder pro since day 1 and find it produces consistent quality results. I love the timer which is especially useful for those who may not want to weigh their grind every time.

        There were a couple of well regarded models posted earlier though like the sette.

  • Wow. Great price. Got this for $899 last year. Paired with the Breville smart grinder pro. Honestly, the coffees I make at home are as good or, if not, better than most cafes. Best Covid investment.

  • +1

    Great price, awesome machine! I manage to get the black version for $770 hunting around over the phone from DJ with 5 yrs warranty.

    Paired it with a Eureka Specialita for $540 which is an awesome grinder.

    • How did you get a specialita for 540?

    • Do you mind sharing the receipt for the bdb? That's a great price with the 5 year warranty!

    • Wow, $770 with 5 years warranty!!What a great price

    • +1

      sorry new here. can you please tell which DJ store?

      • +2

        DJ Parramatta, its a long story but basically it was one where they sold the grinder seperately and had to sell this machine. I found it via live chat and it was the last one in whole of Australia.

        $1075 minus the grinder price $299, then got another $78 off as they had a 10percent off deal at the time (late March). Paid an extra $79 for 5yrs warranty and $10 postage to WA. Total was $787

        I am not to sure how the sale guy got the $1075 original price to begin with as the BEP920 is normally $1599 but I wasnt complaining.

  • +1

    Interestingly James Hoffmann just reviewed the Dual Boiler a couple of days ago, along with four other machines.


    It's £1,200 in the UK, about $2,200.

    • Yeah someone linked it on the first comment page. The Profitec looks pretty sexy.

    • +1

      If anything, James' review (while personal opinion) confirmed to me that my Gaggia Classic with PID is a cracking machine for the money. With the PID (and five minute OPV mod) it's very capable of pulling consistent shots for well below $1K.

      I know James was nitpicking to some extent, but the review did leave me wondering what the upgrade path should be to get out-of-the-box consistency, optimal design and top class usability. I'd had some of these on my list, but am not sure now. Maybe the Profitec and, if not, it's probably a jump to the Lelit Bianca.

      As an aside, other than the Breville/Sage, the machines all retail at closer to (or just over), AUD$3000. Was weird to see the Breville amongst them cited as a 1200 pound machine. As nice as it may be on features, I'd never spend that UK money on one given what often ends up as a short life span.

      • He did review it along the under $500 guide and the steam was very weak apparently. He even had to steam twice to get proper milk.
        Also the space for the cup is a struggle to put a scale.
        Otherwise you can find a gaggia classic around $400-450 new.
        Still I would not buy it.

        • With a PID fitted, the steam pressure on the Gaggia is excellent as you can independently set the steam temp cutoff. Even without doing that, steam still good if you start before the thermostat cuts out.

          Low profile drip tray solves the cup issue and also permits use of scales.

          Horses for courses, though. I’d never buy a Breville. Solid features but cheap looking consumer appliance that will be in for repairs within a few years of purchase.

          That said, there’s a market for it, and great to see an Aussie developed appliance being sold around the world.