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Canon EOS R6 Body Only $3415 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like a great price! Don't think I've seen it cheaper than that ever? Canon Australia store so you will also get your 5 year local Canon warranty. It's crazy how Canon Australia is undercutting local retailers like that.

I paid $3500 for mine few weeks ago after a "family and friends" discount from my mate and $250 cash back from Canon so this is pretty great straight up from Amazon AU.

Can totally vouch for this camera phenomenal to use coming from a 5D Mark 4 myself.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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        Looks like someone is typing an email in the wrong browser window LOL

  • Good price body but I prefer staying with Sony cuddling my Tamron & Sigma lenses.

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      Yea no need to jump ship unless you find your system lacking. I am just adapting all my EF lenses as well - including my awesome Sigma primes.

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    You might get 4% cash back but Shopback/Amazon combo are notorious for not tracking base on OB comments.
    Or $3399 with 2.5% SB cash back here
    Or $3422 with 12% code PEOFY12 here minus 5% cashback GCs from SB app ($75 off max).

    • Oh damn Camerapro's gone and slash the price too!

      • Couple days ago collinsi spotted here

        • Good find! I've already managed a few paid shoots with my R6 so not feeling too bad about the lower price haha.

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            @basketballfreak6: True, if you are making money from it, the best price is whatever the lowest you can get immediately.

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              @Buy2Much: Yea and the camera is an absolute joy to use. Definitely some quirks coming from mirror but the R6 is so good I feel like I am cheating haha.

              • @basketballfreak6: I have the R and that was great. Being just a hobby user, I can afford to wait until the R6 go below $3000… ;-)

                • @Buy2Much: Haha up to a week before I splash the cash on the R6 I had zero intentions of picking one up. My mistake was going to DigiDirect to say hi to my mate and playing around with the camera and have him sweet talk to me into a deal lol.

                  That and because I had just started my photography side hustle so figured screw it why not hahaha.

  • I can't bring myself to get rid of my lovely EF pro lenses. I hate how Canon have changed their mount. I mean I understand why to a certain extent, but if Nikon could move to mirrorless and keep their mount, Canon's move seems too much like a money grab.

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      Just use the adapter for it. I have way too many EF lens to migrate so I won't be either.

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      Mate just use the adapter. I am using all my EF mount lenses and have zero plans to use RF lenses (due to cost and I still need EF lenses for my astro-modified body).

      Adapted lenses work brilliantly (if anything better than on my 5D4) with the new AF system and IBIS.

      I think the new mount was necessary with more pins for faster data transfer as well as bigger mount opening to accommodate for the IBIS (major reason why Canon IBIS works so much better than Sony with a much smaller mount).

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      What do you mean Nikon keep their mount? The mirrorless series is not the same mount as the DSLR series either??

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      It's called progress. Every company does it. The old mount system would restrict Canon from developing the brilliant RF lens they have now. No way can they make the RF 50mm F1.2 on the old mount.
      Their EF adapter works great, I used it for my Sigma lens and EF L zoom lens (on the R). The EF lens actually work better on the R system than their native EF mount cameras. The EOS-R defaults to correcting lens aberrations automatically with most EF lenses. With better processing power, the EOS-R has correction for distortion and falloff, and even a digital lens optimizer (DLO). Read all about it here.
      And it is only half the price of other brands (e.g. Nikon FTZ adapter).
      Yes, Nikon did change their system to the Z mount!

  • Dont forget to get giftcards at 3% off on Suncorp. Works with Cashback..

    Any lens deal?

  • Is a camera at this price generally used for commercial ventures (Wedding Photographers/advertising etc)? or is this a still in the realms of a 'hobbyist' camera? I don't know anything at all about cameras, so a genuine question.

    This is coming from someone who's last camera was some $300 duty free camera in 2015, and I still umm'd and ahh'd about it. I'm always impressed by some of the amazing photographers on Instagram, it feels like such an accessible form of art for the average punter like me to appreciate/understand.

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      While the 6 series in Canon's lineup is traditionally aimed at hobbyists in reality any decent modern camera can be used for commercial work if you know what you're doing (but that also depends on the requirements of the job, of course).

      In this case the R6 is incredibly capable for professional/commercial use with many of the specs in this camera being found in the higher end R5 and Canon's flagship DSLR 1DX Mark 3. As matter of fact I'd argue the single biggest differentiator between this and the much more expensive R5 is the higher megapixel sensor found in the R5 which I really wanted but could not justify the price difference for, and video specs if you're into video (which I am not). But I would have no qualms recommending it for hobby use if you think you'd want to get into this hobby seriously.

      I've only ever been a serious hobbyist who up until very recently decided to finally start a photography side hustle (as I am getting a bit bored selling drugs for a living, legally of course lol) and I never really think about if a camera is too pro or not but rather are the specs what I am after for what I want to do.

      Keep in mind that gear does not make the photographer; I know too many people that have that mindset and buys expensive gear thinking all of sudden their pictures are going to be amazing then came to the realisation that they actually have to learn the craft (and the curve can be steep) and their kit becomes expensive paperweight.

      FWIW if you're interested this is my website: it was only launched a bit over a month ago so still in some ways WIP but gives you an idea of what I do.

      • Nice website and shots man! Very impressive portfolio. What was your biggest challenge in translating the hobby to professional?

        • Thanks man! I am lucky that I was already very well equipped in terms of gear from many years of photography so won't have to spend much money there. Since I literally just started I'd say getting my name out there would be the biggest thing (which is why I made the website and am waiting for my business card to be designed and printed). I am fortunate though that I'm a bit involved in the foodie scene so have made a lot of connections in the last few years and that the centre management at the shopping centre where the pharmacy I am working at is located has got my deets and have passed them on to their HO so hopefully might have a few jobs coming. As of now I've already picked up what I hope (and believe will be) an on going gig with a shop fit company.

          I still plan to keep my job as a pharmacist but if this takes off I may start to cut hours from it and possibly go into part time or something.

          • @basketballfreak6: Good luck mate. I know a professional photographer who gave up his chemical engineering career to pursue this interest full time.

            • @Buy2Much: Thanks buddy I appreciate that! Big step to give up his chemical engineering career to go into photography full time!

    • As the poster above me mentioned, the 6 series is/was marketed at hobbyists, while the 5 and 1 series are more marketed towards professionals.

      In saying that this R6 is an amazing camera and I'm sure a lot of professionals use it. In reality any camera can be used by professionals and these R6 bodies are built like tanks.

      I've been using the 5 series since the first 5D, once the 5D3 came out in 2012 I bought a pair of them and haven't bothered upgrading, skipped the 5D4 altogether as the 5D3 is fantastic. I did buy the original 6D at one point years ago but quickly got rid of it as I wasn't happy with the build quality (I thrash my cameras around and don't treat them very well). Have been thinking about making the move to mirrorless myslef and upgrading to the R6, though still not decided.

      Image quality on these new cameras is amazing. I'll post my website below, almost all my photos were taken on 5D3 bodies. The 5D3 is basically 2 generations old (9 years though it doesn't feel like it!), so you can only imagine how much better these cameras are now!

      • Do it mate! The 1DX3 sensor that's in the R6 is so damn good. Great DR and and the files just look so crisp and clean. Another thing I think you'll notice is the colour (something I noticed when I first went from the 5D3 to 5D4 ): it still has that lovely Canon colour but (to me) more natural looking and easier to work with compared to the 5D3 where it was comparatively more magenta and saturated out of camera. Noise characteristics much better from 5D4 onward as well. AWB also better on the 5D4 and R6 (white priority AWB mode is a godsend in some lighting situations). You'll be amazed at how good the auto focus is with the R6 too not to mention the IBIS (I can hand hold my Sigma 135mm at 1/20 shutter speed and my 14mm and 16mm lenses a whole second).

        Had a quick look at your site (some great images btw) for your live music work you'll love the R6 for sure!

        Only thing that I think may affect what you do though is I find the EVF can sometimes lag in poorly lit areas.

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      When the Sony A1 is on a hobbist's hand, it's a hobbyist camera. When Sony A6000 is on a pro hand, it's a pro camera. So it all depends on the head behind the camera.

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