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Xiaomi Yeelight Candela Rechargeable Smart Ambience Lamp $48.46 ($40 off) + $8 Shipping @ Yeelight Australia


Today at Yeelight Australia we are having 40$ off discount on
Yeelight Candela Rechargeable Smart Ambience Lamp

Discount Code:


Standard weight base shipping applies for all products, Free shipping rate applies when purchase over $100.

We have these quantity available in Sydney Warehouse and Same working day shipping with online tracking from our Sydney warehouse if ordered before 1pm AEST

We are Authorised Australian dealers of Yeelight and the bulbs we sell are Australian approved. Stock is limited to 100 available in our Sydney warehouse.

Candela’s final design was the product of a 4-month long collaboration with multinational design teams. Thousands of sketches were created and revised in order to find the perfect blend between light, aesthetics, and technology.
Ignite the romance with a single rotation

Elegant, timeless design | Seamless brightness transition | Rechargeable and portable | Simultaneous group control

Main Features:

✅ Light & Long-lasting: With a battery that lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge, the candelas are ideal for picnic, date, party, patios, camping, or backyard gatherings.

✅ Smart Atmosphere Lighting: The Candela is designed to mimic candlelight, making it easy on the eyes, and perfect for setting the mood for an intimate gathering.

✅ Remote Control: Yeelight Candelas come with BLE Mesh Technology built in, which allows you to group max 30,000 candelas together and control all of them at the same time by simply rotating any one of the candelas. Easily automate multiple Yeelight Candela throughout your home with smart group controls, and brightness adjustment with the Yeelight smartphone app.

✅ Easy to Set up & Use: Control your Yeelight Candelas with your fingertips! Use the Yeelight app on your smart device to adjust the brightness, switch the light on or off to control not just one but all the grouped candelas at once.

✅ Elegant Design: Combining a neat, modern design with candle-like light, the Yeelight Candela is the perfect combination of form and function, making it the ideal decor accessory for any room in your house.

✅ Clockwise and counterclockwise rotating to adjust the light, giving you an unprecedented interactive experience, easy to operate.


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  • +3 votes

    Watching that candela ad with 29 Candelas!

    I guess I'll stick with Ikea tealight candles :D

    • +2 votes

      You sound like a ikea tealight candle guy bet your wife is super happy


        Wow, okay. Straight for the money.


          Don't get bitter, just do better


    In image lights looks big but after watching those ads, it is small and ads kinda put me off.
    will I but at $20? NO. better to buy smart cheap bulb.

    0.3-13 lumens.

    12 rechargable candles $28 (not smart)


      where can you find similar bluetooth ones for $20?


    They don't flicker like candles?

  • +6 votes

    I love their Candela commercial videos. First he proposed to her with a bunch of candelas. Then they got married and turned out he's a psycho and annoyed the fck out of her with the candelas.

  • +4 votes

    I have one of these from a deal long in the past. It's nifty. Use it when I want dark with only a little light.

    For example when watching a movie but I don't want complete darkness it's great. It throws just enough light to illuminate without competing with the TV.

    That said, the candle-flicker imitation trigger is annoying as is finding minimum brightness without turning it off.

    Also, getting the USB cable in to charge it is a right pain in the butt.

    Not tried the bluetooth side of it so can't comment there.

    I don't think it's worth $90, though. $40 should be its normal price TBH.


      Well, depends;
      Is it metal or plastic base?
      Glass or Acrylic?
      Does it hold a long charge?
      Does it look nice and fancy in person?

      I think all of those could contribute towards the general "high retail price" argument - I do too agree its stupidly expensive.
      Just a Xiaomi smart light in a tube. Please.

      • +1 vote

        By memory, think the whole thing is plastic (certainly not a glass shade ).

        Faux brass base.

      • +1 vote

        Is it metal or plastic base?

        Metal cylinder with a plastic bottom.

        Glass or Acrylic?


        Does it hold a long charge?


        Does it look nice and fancy in person?

        It's not bad.

        I think all of those could contribute towards the general "high retail price" argument

        I don't doubt for a moment that that would have been the thinking but…

        I do too agree its stupidly expensive.

        Yes. :)

        • +1 vote

          Thanks for that, just reassured me I don't need a faux candle.


      Yeah, I've had one for about 3+ years, and I agree the placement of the micro USB is an absolute PITA.

      The other issue I had was that the device drains the battery when not in use, so you've got to keep it plugged in when not in use, but that then means you're constantly dealing with that micro USB port .


        The other issue I had was that the device drains the battery when not in use

        Not sure I noticed. It could've done for me or I could've just left it drained and used it a few months later.

        Do you have it set to Bluetooth or just on?


          I mainly use it manually. Bluetooth is an unnecessary gimmick imho.


            @ash2000: Same, on both counts.

            Wonder what drains the battery, then if it's got bluetooth off at the base.

  • +2 votes

    FWIW At $25 there is this: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/mirabella-genio-wi-fi-porta...

    Wifi, Tuya…. doesn't do the fake candle flickering, and doesn't look as nice, but does multiple colours and is cheaper…..


      Do you have one? If so can it be controlled without using the idiot-of-things interface?


        Yep. Has a power button, and another buton you can use to toggle through the colours. Being Tuya means you can use their Brilliant app or one of the Tuya apps to control it, or even something like HA. But I did find it seemed to forget its config when the battery went flat, so just use the buttons now until I can be bothered seeing if I can flash the firmware.

  • +1 vote

    Holy shit the youtube ad for these has like $1000 worth of these to impress some girl on a first date