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SanDisk Ultra UHS-I MicroSD Card 512GB (120MB/s Model) $89.95 + $1.99 Delivery @ Shopping Square


SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card 512GB (120MB/s Model) $89.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square

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  • Works with dash cam?

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      Better off getting an endurance 32gb/64gb SD card, they're rated for constant video recording

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    Key Features:

    512GB Storage Capacity
    UHS-I / A1 / Class 10
    Max Read Speed: 120 MB/s
    Min Write Speed: 10 MB/s
    Records Full HD Video and Still Photos
    Water / Shock / Magnet / X-Ray Proof
    Temperature Proof
    SanDisk Memory Zone via Free Download


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      Read and write speed specified are for sequential read/write.

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        Even worse, the "120 MB/s" read speed will only happen with a particular Sandisk card reader, which overclocks the UHS-I interface. Any other device or card reader has a maximum speed of 105MB/s, the maximum speed of the UHS-I bus.

        Basically, for cards with a UHS-I bus, any speed listed as faster than 105MB/s is a marketing gimmick by Sandisk. You can achieve the higher speed, but only under special circumstances that most people don't have.

  • Damn it!! Just bought this card about a week ago for 100 bucks 8^(=

    • So this is a great deal.

  • With my personal experiences … I'd never touch Sandisk again

    • Mind elaborate why?

      • I had two in the space of one year die on me, one in a gopro (used as a hand held video camera) and another in my dashcam. Gopro one lost me an entire holiday worth of footage, dashcam one was just alerted me that it wasn't working, tried formatting etc card just gave an error and never worked again.

        Samsung evo's.. never had an issue, \used for motorcycles, mountain bikes, diving & dashcams etc never an issue.. But again this is just my personal experience.

        • Was the one in your dashcam a high-endurance card, or a standard one?

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            @Russ: MLC version - but tbh I swap these out every 6-12months anyway..

  • Chinese version = 1 year warranty.

    10 year warranty on other cards.

    Just saying it may not be as cheap a it first appears. An extra $10ish for the warranty might be worth it.

    Edit: i think this is 10 year warranty version.

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    Waiting on that 1tb price drop

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      me too :)
      lowest ever price on camelcamelcamel is $139 - so hoping to see something better than that

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    Class 1, if that makes a difference to you

  • is shopping square legit and good as a retailer?
    never tried to buy a thing from them…

    recently got a very long wait from gearbest that I tried and regret

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      have bought many times from them. never any issues for me.

      • thanks mate!

        • Gearbest might actually be faster.

          I'm told this shipped, but I've seen nothing for more than a week. I'll chase customer support.

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