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Lian Li Lancool 215 Mid Tower Case - Black $89 Delivered @ Centre Com


This is THE BEST all-round case of 2020 and 2021 so far, according to GN:

Review link:

2X200mm RGB fans inclued out of box (if you are into this kinda things) + 1X120mm rear case fan. For $89 delivered this case is a steal for its top-of-chart cooling performance, especially on the cpu front.

No need to explain any further, you should know all by just watching the videos.

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  • +1

    Great deal thanks, this case is fantastic.

    Easy to build in, plenty of room for cable management etc.

    The wiring for the RGB controller is a bit fiddly but otherwise no real issues with the case.

  • +2

    Great looking case and a great price.

    I'm still shopping around but think I might end up going with the Lian Li O11D that seems to be quite popular.

    • Nice case but a bit too expensive when you ad the quality rgb fans needed.

  • Wondering if I should replace my Corsair 220T with this…..can't really think of reasons though.

    • Man, im thinking the same thing

  • Best budget ARGB gaming case?

    I got this with 5800x,x570 atx, sli gpu, rm850x inside, no problems.

  • 215 or II Mesh?

    • +1


    • I have the Lian Li Lancool Mesh 2 Performance and it's very good!

      • +2

        Cheapest mesh I can find is 119$ + 25$ shipping, is it still worth it for the mesh over this deal?

        • I have no idea how good the 215 is tbh. But I got my mesh for $139 (I think from Scorptec, they have free deliveries on weekends sometimes).

          Make sure its the Mesh 2 and not the original.

          • @Runite Oar: Why so?

            I've had the Lancool-II and then bought another as I liked it so much…but it turned out to be a Lancool-II-Mesh…which I eventually sold on as I much prefer the looks of the cascading type RGB effects of the Lancool-II…and very happy I kept this one….

            But TBH…I think I'll take a couple of these on the special and use them for future builds to onsell…

        • You can get the Mesh 2 RGB for $129 + $10 shipping, if you rather have RGB.

  • Thanks, might get this.
    3 fans on my current case aren't working and it's doing my head in trying to work out why so I think I'll just pay my issues away.

  • +2

    Only just recommended this case to someone last night, already a great deal at $119, killer deal at $89.

  • Exceptional case for the money! Make sure you get the MESH version!

  • Have few old Antec. I need quiet version. Which is the best/optimal value?

    • +1

      Get this one, it's a good compact size that'll fit a normal motherboard (instead of the huge tower cases) and the cheapest decent case available. If you need quieter, get Be Quiet fans.

  • How much different in terms of airflow with performance?

  • quite a good case with three huge fans. incredibly easy to build in too, no complaints on that front.

  • will this fit the 3070 graphic card?

    • It should fit a trifan but will be cosy in there.

  • After using my old case for 4 years. Looks like it is a great deal in this EOFY sale. I'd take out the front panel and add custom mesh on top of it.

  • Worth upgrading from coolermaster MB530P?

    • +1

      Worth upgrading a PC case every 10 or 20 years I reckon.

      Unless your current case is awful, why bother? Save your money for when CPU prices become sane again…

  • What about an upgrade from an phanteks evolv atx?

    • The Phanteks is still a more premium case, but the Lian Li will have better airflow

      • Yeah figured it was not a cheap case. I put risers on the front panel which gets a lot of air through the case now. GPU and CPU temps are in good order. Will pass on this.

  • -2

    Lian Li kinda came out of nowhere. Are they really trustworthy?

    • They've been making cases for ages, so yes. This case is a steal at this price.

    • This case may steal your personal information and sell it.

  • Enclosed fronts on cases out to be against the law. Love the mesh.

  • +1

    Very nice case, excellent airflow and looks pretty sharp with quiet RGB 200mm fans.

    Gripes: front panel are bit plasticky, SSD mounts are stupidly positioned forcing you to bend cables in awkward ways, fan hub runs fans at 100% all the time (just plug fans into mobo directly)

  • Does this have USB-C?

  • Good case. Bought for 100 and don't regret it. Consider plugging the case fans into your motherboard as they are a bit loud at 100%, although it's not an unpleasant noise so some people may be just fine with it. In order to use the RGB button on the case you have to split the LED header from the front panel IO connectors and plug it into the fan hub.

    Airflow is great. Noticed several degrees drop in both CPU and GPU temps with the case fans manually configured to run at an almost dead silent noise level.

  • +4

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Payment Surcharge:$1.47
    Order Total:$124.06

    • +3

      Read the comments below. You are just one more person that no one cares if you for shipping - they will label this store as "feee shipping"

  • +4

    No free shipping to Perth , is $63 ;=(

    • +3

      Welcome to club. I think they assume everyone lives in Brisbane/Melbourne/Sydney.

    • +1

      Well I live 30 mins outside Brisbane and dont qualify for free shipping, apparantly im a remote postcode.

  • Damn if I had spotted this I would have grabbed it over the $39 matx case posted earlier.

    Oh well, I did want a smaller case.

  • Great full tower case, plenty of room for cable management - imo for the size its the best at this price range. I wouldnt look at other full tower cases unless youre overclocking/water cooling and happy to spend more for better cooling

  • It's very tempting, but according to GamersNexus the 2 x 200mm fans at the front don't bring in as much airflow as you'd think because the brackets also support 120mm and 140mm fans which block how much potential airflow a 200mm fan could move.

  • Back up to $119.

  • Dammit, just as I was about to place an order

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