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Xiaomi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Light for Only $99.95 + $9.95 Shipping @ Mi-Store


Greetings from Mi-Store!

Tired of bulky vacuums? We have the Xiaomi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Light, and it's going for only $99.95! While stocks last, of course. ;)

These main features should keep your fancy tickled:

  • High-speed brushless motor | Ensuring long-lasting power
  • 50 AW suction | Powerful cleaning
  • 1.2kg lightweight body | For a better cleaning experience
  • 45 min battery life | At a single charge under standard mode
  • 3-step filtration | Micron-level HEPA filtration efficiency
  • Multiple brush nozzles | All-round cleaning

The most important thing to know when purchasing Xiaomi products from us - These are all compliant with Australian standards, and you get to enjoy local, official warranty.
Cheers ta!

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    Worth grabbing to replace an old Dyson stick? hmm?


      I just did the same and bought the viomi a9 for 199 from the same website. Arrived yesterday. Super impressive on carpet. Way better than my old dyson v6 ever was.
      The a9 on low is better than the v6 on high.


        I have a a9. does your a9 stuck up copious amounts of dust/fluff from carpet even when you go over it daily. hopefully it is dust and not actually pulling up the carpet. I should know in a few years if I have any carpet left :P


          Yes it does but my carpet is quite new so I thought it was just shedding its winter coat. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'll have to keep an eye on it. Maybe the roller will lose some of its bite after a while.

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    50Aw doesn't seem very powerful compared to 150AW of the Trouver 11?


      I've got the Trouver 11 from the previous deal and find it just adequate for car cleaning but I recommend it over this.


    Whats 50AW you need to tell us the suction in watts


    Any deals for the trover 11?


    Anyone know, if this is a good suction comparing to normal or shall I say traditional cord vacuum ?

    p.s Never used one of the handheld vacuum before.