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GREPRO Car Jump Starter 1500A 18000mAh, 12V Auto Battery Booster Dual USB QC3.0 $76.69 Delivered @ Grepro via Amazon AU


Works out cheaper than popular Gooloo and comes with 12V cigarette lighter adaptor worth approx $16

41% off with promo code S3F7PA6F.

[What You Get]: GREPRO Car Jump Starter, Wall Charger (With UL Certification), smart jump cable, 12V cigarette lighter adaptor, Car Charger, USB Cable, Storage Case, User Manual, small pointer (help you to press boost button better if you need). We offer 30 days return, 12-month warranty (extra 3 months for register) and lifetime technical support for every customer.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are these useful to own?

    Can anybody speak to their experience?

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      Yes they are useful. Has helped us a few times. Mostly when one of the kid's has left a light on in the car.

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        Same here mine is a different brand but surely I've stretched my cars battery life out with using one of these lol

        edit: on my unit I loose about 2% battery charge every time I use it too jump my car (I guess depends how flat your car battery is), on my unit it states in manual you need too have at least 50% charge in charger to use it safely

    • Just this morning , went out to daughters car to drop kids to school , jumped in cranked over , got a few cranks then it slowed and car didn't start , went inside grabbed battery pack , and was all started within a minute, I have also gone to the rescue of a few mates , and have been paid in beer for my services, so yes worth the $$$$ IMO

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    No USB C

    • Just curious, is this mainly an issue for using to charge phones of laptops? Just looking for one for my Dad purely for jumpstart purposes. :)

      • Some latest charges comes with only usb C to C

  • 12V cigarette lighter adaptor worth approx $16

    Gooloo includes this aswell. Pretty much every connection thag can be used is included

    • My Gooloo didn't

      • It was included in my pack. From the last Gooloo deal.

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    These are great for running 12V gear when away from mains or vehicle power. I made up a cigarette lighter output cable and run my Engel fridge.

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      How long does it run your Engel fridge for? Do you run anything else off it?

      Currently in the process of building my Subaru Liberty into a soft-camper with rooftop tent and considering options for running a fridge and small 12v water pump (run a hose and garden sprayer into a 40L reservoir for washing dishes, and showering from the tailgate).

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        I've run my ancient 40l Engel for about 9-10 hours on a low-medium cold setting. I reckon it would go for longer on one of these 18000mAh packs.

        I'm going to get another for our upcoming road trip - 1 running the fridge, 1 charging, 1 fully charged in case of emergency breakdown

  • These look really useful, anyone know if it is comparable to the highly rated GOOLOO ones? They look pretty much identical in specs.

    • Agree, You'll probably find these are identical and made in one factory and badged as required

  • Anyone got a good one for motorbikes? I have these normal ones and the jumper leads are sometimes too big to fit on the smaller terminals easily.

  • The gooloo also comes with a cigarette lighter adapter but does not mention it

  • Lmao I paid $120 for the GOOLOO 1200W and it got delivered today. Fml.

    I did need it straight away though as my battery died, but still.

    • +1

      Lol there is regular occurring sale for under $80 alot. Its amazon easy returns tho for a 41$saving

      • Yeah I know, but I needed it right away lol. Yeah I thought of that but I already used it and it worked so I think I'll just keep it. Thanks though.

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          you must return it or you are not a true loyal ozbargain citizen and you are not doing your part

        • +1

          Next time when you see the discount then contact Amazon customer care and they may refund the difference. No harm trying your luck

  • Described as 1500A but in specification it says: Starting Current: 350A(3S), 300A(5S)

    which compared to others is way too low

    better pay extra $20 or so and get 1500A-2000A one

    this one only $10 more and more powerful


    • I seriously doubt these can put out the claimed amperage.

      The one you linked would have a C rating of 120. That is bloody high and for $120, I have my doubts it would get anywhere close to that.

    • Starting Current: 350A(3S), 300A(5S)

      What does this mean tho? There is a boost button that let's you increase this to 1500A peak?

      I can't find the starting current for gooloo deal for assumption would be similar?

  • How long does it take charge these jump starters?
    Couldn't find any info on it.

    • According to the manual, Full Charging Time 4 hours. Recharge every 3 months if not used.

  • Took mine to work to charge it up today and I don't see the pin for boost button. Anyone else received theirs? I'll have to re-check the box when I get home.

    EDIT: found it wedged inside the user manual