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[Afterpay] AMD Ryzen 9 5950X Desktop Processor $1032.58 Delivered @ Harris Technology eBay


I think it's a new low for 5950X..

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  • +4

    im tempted to buy it just because it's a bargain

    • +33

      If you think ozbargain saves you money you are sorely mistaken :), it just makes you buy thinks because of "bargains".

      • Same thing happened to me. ;P

      • +1

        You couldn't be more right, like when I bought the Corsair AIO for $50 more than it's being listed for now, or the Ryzen 5950x for $130 more.

    • +6

      The best bargain is not to buy anything, the saving is heaps.

      • Agree. Make sure you "Don't buy something very expensive", like Apple, & you will be in the "prestige" club ;)

      • +1 I've been doing this for about 2years now.

        I've saved enough to be disappointed to discover that I have the equivalent of a Sydney house deposit in 1980.

  • -2

    Just bought this from Harris Tech eBay on Tuesday for $1164.
    Not on 28Degrees, already shipped… Any options for getting the difference back?

    • +5

      buy again and return

    • +2

      If you had eBay plus at the time of purchase, given that the item is currently eBay plus eligible, then you are highly likely able to return for free no questions asked.

  • Thanks OP. Have been waiting for this. Bought one.

  • +4

    I feel sick.

  • +1

    I keep seeing these deals and every time I have to convince myself to wait. I would love to get the best AM4 CPU and wait out a few years before going AM5/6 but theres a good chance XT or 3D versions are coming before then….

    • I think EOFY is a good timing considering this kind of the price if you NEED a new CPU/PC. 3D L3 cache version will be in mass production near end of the year, which is at least 6 months away, and it will be limited supply at the first few months as always.

      • I am probably going to wait for around AM5 release then buy the best AM4 cpu. At least thats what I am telling myself…

        • I doubt you will see these much cheaper. 3000 series never got cheaper than these prices, and that was when AMD was the underdog, discounting to gain market share.

    • If its anything like 3600xt its a waste of extra money and you'll be buying the non x /xt anyway in 12 months.

      • Oh I know its a waste but its a good feeling for me knowing to have maxed out a platform espially one with 4 generations

    • +3

      There will always be new tech around corner.

      • +2

        exactly - cost lots today worth less tomorrow

        you could be waiting for ever… buy it now and enjoy it

  • +28

    $1k for great CPU, $2K for great GPU, $800 for Apple headphones, $2K for latest iPhone, $1.5M for a house in a good suburb.
    BUT my salary has been stagnant for the last 4 years :(
    How are people doing it?

    • +4

      Can imagine crypto for a few people. Other than that I don’t know I’m with you on this one! Haha

      • Mining crypto? Or investing in Bitcoin?

        • Both! I’m really just joking, people have money for a million reasons, including working hard (:

        • +1

          Either, if you got in December or earlier, you're way ahead

      • +2

        Inflation and spending power due to crypto is a false notion. It's like saying lottery winnings are propping up asset prices.

        For someone to "win" via a cryptocurrency, somebody else has to lose to pay for it. It's a zero-sum game.

        What's happening is the banks are loaning at low interest rates, and those with assets already who are finding them inflated are either cashing out, or borrowing against them… and the bank of Mum and Dad who either lend willingly or are having finances "taken care of" by their kids.

        • You just describe why we're in a bull run for crypto

          • @ln28909: I'd say it's had a run because of fears (real, effects were exaggerated by holders) of money printing by governments, fueled by some celebrity shilling. Not complaining, I've had a win also. However, someone will have to pay for the money I took out at some point.

        • Great summary, was really just joking around if you see my reply. Your comment is very accurate, I just didn’t want to spark a real debate on why certain people have more money then others lol! Ima keep it to bargains!

          • +1

            @Edamamme: Honestly, it's a worthy debate. Why is 1.5 mill nothing for a house now? Why is a 2k graphics card constantly out of stock? It means some people have a shirt load of wealth, and it's not from working for wage in 2021 that's for sure.

    • +4

      Rich mummy and daddy, also a lot of inter-generational wealth, all those baby boomers buying houses for peanuts that are now worth a million and their kids benefit

      • +6

        My parents said that houses prices in Australia is in a bubble and will pop! Hence they waited…
        That was 20 years ago….they are still waiting.

        • +2

          Was looking to buy when I was around 20 but figured it's a bubble and bound to crash soon, turning 33 this year and still living at home. Property has gone up an insane amount in my areas, definitely not sustainable. Not sure when is a good time to buy but I can definitely afford less now.

          Need a government with balls to come in and fix the abusive system they've created.

          • @Agret: Problem is that the main holders of real estate in Australia are Australian families. Different in some countries where super funds etc. hold real estate. Crashing the market would cause a wealth-loss effect that would stop Australians spending and grind our primary earner, the building industry, to a halt.

            Sorry, it may taper off but they'll never let it crash.

          • @Agret: Best you can hope for is Japan style price stagnation. No point hoping for a crash, the Euro scare brought in new regulations for our banks, so now theres not much hope they will fail.

            Good for the 'economy', too bad the wealth isn't spread around.

        • The bubble has been growing 30+ yrs.. since interest rates dropped from 17% to something realistic

      • +1

        how much further can property prices go north when the average person earns $30 an hour and interest rates are pretty much zero, if interest rates rise due to external pressures that's when a lot of people will be found out

        • $30 per hour? Maybe for teenagers or people in their very early 20s who arguably shouldn't be expected to buy real estate anyway.

          Average wage for people in late 20s early 30s is closer to $45 per hour

    • Debt!

    • huge debt.

      and where do you get the great GPU for 2k? :)

    • +4

      Real happiness comes from inside (your skills, knowledge, friendship, philosophy, love…). Do not fall to Apple marketing, "best ever" (just this year). If your "prestige" comes from outside, you copy others & lose yourself.
      If you don't use the extra capacity, $1 is wasted investment. It's very hard to not use personal values (as above).
      Good philosophy is: Omnia mea mecum porto (All that is mine I carry with me).
      Priritise your needs & you might find that $200 headphones can give you the right pleasure & the rest goes for own development (no Apple coffers).
      Imagine what you can do with not committing to $1.5m lockdown. Freedom to work for your needs (not wants), not locked to 1 place & open-world opportunities :)

    • Thinks 2x (& few more) before you overcommit

    • -1

      My salary has gone up 50% with each job change. Have you been changing jobs?

  • Out of curiosity, what is the MSRP of this in Australia ? I thought is was around $900

    • +1

      nope, is almost $1250-1300

    • +3

      5950X $1249. It never happens to be $900, that's probably 5900X ($849/899 at launch)

  • Just create an afterpay account, the amount I was given is $600. How do I increase the amount ? $600 is the overall I can spend on a product?

    • +2

      You have to use afterpay more to get them to increase the limit.

    • You can pay with gift card to offset the extra cost as well

    • +1

      Dont worry even if it costs $300 they will reject your order as a new user. Waste of time

    • +2

      It should increase the limit, by paying more. so instead of 4 payments split evenly, it ends up being 1 payment of $732, then 3 payments later of $100 each.

      • I thinking of buying a $1200 dryer, can I pay more and loan less ?

        • You can make payments early whenever you like, in fact, you can buy it with afterpay, then immediately pay it off minutes after the transaction finishes.

  • I paid $1015 for 5900x in Feb. Thankfully i got it on 28deg

  • +6

    I bought it last month for $1299 fml.

    If you believe OZ bargain had a negative impact on your mental health please call 13 11 14.

    • +1

      you made the mistake of buying something and coming back to look at the prices again.

    • +1

      Please hold the line. We are currently busy serving the OzBargain community.

  • Amazing price
    Pair it with the X570 aorus master from this deal

  • If only i could afford the rest of the parts to build up a PC…. rough guess - with good GPU would be gettin up towards 4000 now

    • Built my new rig 1.5 months ago with this CPU, 6900xt etc for $5.5k, could've saved $500 by now I reckon lol

      It is what it is :)

      • +2

        certainly makes some of the prebuilt systems better value.

  • I got for 1110 and thought its a good deal

  • It’s $60/core which is ok, but do you really need 16 core?

    • yep, I game and have 2 VM's running for work purposes without any interruptions.

      • +1

        Can write off 8 cores on your tax then

        • More… going to claim 12 cores since I allocate 24 vCPU's to the 2 VM's out of total 32.

  • I paid about $1150 for it six weeks ago, I literally open the box delivery box of it the other day and still haven't used the cpu yet.

  • +9

    Also $1019.15 Delivered @ Shallothead eBay using the same coupon for those that may want to save a bit more :)

  • Beast of a CPU, kudos for those who can actually utilise its potential.

    • Just learn Blender.

  • Would jump on this if I can get a decent GPU

  • Ouch! I just realised the computer I built in anticipation for CP2077 running the newly released Ryzen 9 is now dated, how'd these get so far ahead of my beautiful 3900X in only one point something years.

    I need to replace my old i7 950 back-up system. Was thinking I should just replace the board/cpu/memory but now I'm thinking I could get this deal with the Techfast 2700 deal and do some CPU swapping ……. or I could procrastinate on it for another year or so.

  • -3

    I put my old one through as a return, and purchased the cheaper one.
    I went with doweyy's seller recommendation and saved another $13, I feel a little sad about not re-buying off Harris, as they're the one's getting the return and I've been happy with this as a vendor.

    I also applied Cashrewards to it, which I believe is1%, which will give another $11 3-9 months.

  • Sheesh, it's been an expensive few weeks.
    Great CPU …. thanks OP, just bought a 2nd 5950x.

    • Why two?

      • CPU Mining. Will pay for itself within 12 months.

        • I tried it and did the sums, not worth it TBH, at best break even if you got cheap electricity and at worse you lose money in electricity costs.