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Sea Scooter XR 15 Underwater Propulsion System $249 (Save $250) + Delivery or Pickup Limited Clearance Stock @ BIG W


XR15 underwater propulsion system. Three available at bigw Macquarie in the tech section.

The Sea Scooter XR 15 Underwater Propulsion System is guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun this Summer.

The shrouded propeller provides strong underwater propulsion giving you that extra speed in the water. With 12 Volt Electric Battery, this sea scooter can be easily charged and used in 3 metre max depth water. The push button controls are mounted on the handles for easy handling. Mount your action camera to capture your experience under water. The extreme compact design makes this sea scooter easy to take anywhere. Great gift idea for any water fan!

Product Features:

12 Volt electric battery
3 Metre max depth
Easy handle mounted push button controls
Base mount for action camera
Extreme compact design
Shrouded propellor
Positive Buoyancy
Suitable for 8 years +

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    What is Big W doing selling $499 scuba gear?

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      It's not for scuba activites, too underpowered and only goes down 3m under water. More for kids 8+, won't have enough power to go fast if you're a heavier person.

  • +1 vote

    *Halloween James Bond costume accessory

  • +4 votes

    Buying this is comparable to taking a lighter to your cash.


    Its been that price for many months, pretty sure its been listed before as well.


    I suggest to buy it, try it, return it as it's doesn't do the job as advertised


    Use of scooters in proper diving takes practice and training. Risk of being dragged up or down too quickly and getting barotrauma. That said, watching my dive instructor and his mate race around on state of the art scooter complete with lights and camera looked like so much fun.