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Optus: First 3 Months Free - Month-to-Month Data Plans (e.g. 150GB $50 Per Month Free for First 3 Months)


Came across this in the My Optus app under "offers"
3 months Free - No Contract, month to month data sim, $0 first 3 months then reverts back to the standard $50 (based on the 150gb data sim plan)

The offer is in the MyOptus App which will open web browser. from there select data sim and sign up to the plan you want. it would make the most sense to choose the 150g data plan since all the plans are all free.

You can try the link i have listed however have found that it does not always work as it may be encoded to customer reference. I have shared with someone else and they were able to access the page, however if they refreshed that page a message came up saying "to check if eligible for this offer check the MyOptus App" so if using the link don't refresh. (If you have the app you might be better off with the app)

Checked the critical information and terms and conditions, could not find anything about a contract term. Critial summary says
Optus Choice Data SIM Plan – Month-to-month


3 Months Free: New or existing services who purchase or recontract via the My Optus App to 1. a tablet or watch on a device payment plan with an Optus Choice Data SIM Plan or Optus Choice Connected Watch Plan or 2. An Optus Choice Data SIM plan for three months . N/A with other discount offers unless specified. Ends 30/06/21.

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  • on my app the offer was only 25gb plus bonus 25gb free for 3 months then $25 . i should have signed up via op url.

    • Pretty sure you just had to swipe across to the 150gb Sim. The offer that appears initially is the 25gb

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    Thanks Lado for checking with chat.

    So to recap, 450GB for $0 (150GB/$50/DATA ONLY plan), valid 90 days, cancel/port a few days BEFORE 4th month without further charges?, i.e no 1 month min fee. And able to sign up online ok without app?

    Kinda sounds like there is a catch somewhere?, 450GB free is a lot with 5G also, but Felix Mobile had 1 free month/trial of unlimited data, used about 750GB with their last promo awhile ago, so should be ok. It makes no sense to offer the 2 smaller plans when all 3 are free, odd.

    The endless data is very handy, there was another provider that did the same, can't recall who thou.
    Anything I'm missing?

    Aiming to pair this with the current Moose plan for calls. This will be my 1st DATA only plan.
    I assume this deal wont work for 2 accounts, i.e 1 sim card & 1 eSim?

    Thanks OP.

  • Just received my order confirmation with the sim to be posted.

    • When did you order?

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        I ordered last night and received confirmation this morning.

        • I ordered around 12 today, I guess it will be done by tomorrow

      • Ordered this morning and took about 9 hours for the final confirmation.

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    I've been on the data sim for 2 weeks now.

    A few things:
    - download and upload speeds are RUBBISH (20MB/s at best).
    - Your credit file will get hit.
    - Works perfectly fine in a spare phone.
    - My telstra sim card clocks up consistently over >100 Mb/s.

    Don't use this as a replacement for NBN is my advice.

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      I have one of these data sims at my house connected to a nighthawk m1 as a NBN replacement and i consistently get speeds at or above 250mbps i have had it running for the past week through a ubiquiti USG and it hasnt dropped a speedtest below 250mbps.

      Perhaps you are in a bad area for optus coverage. For example in my area i only get around 15 to 30mbps with telstra…

      here is a speedtest i just took

      • I'm in Docklands which is saturated with 4G. No excuse for it to be below 50mb imo.

        • +1

          the excuse is that you live in a built up area like docklands, and there is too many people on the optus network there and optus is too cheap to install more towers to make the speeds quicker. Again just depends where you live. in my area telstra is too cheap to install more towers…

          • @harryozz: Dunno about that. Even at 4am… still get 20mbs

    • You are comparing apples to oranges. How far are you from both the Optus and Telstra tower and how are the line of sights? How many people are using the Optus and Telstra towers individually?

      • How would the OP measure line of sight and number of people? Can't exactly use a ruler and go door knocking

        • Exactly what you’ve said. So he was comparing apples to oranges by comparing Telstra to Optus without knowing the variables.

          The reason why Optus for him is much slower could be because 1, 2 or all 3 variables I have listed.

          Btw I wasn’t replying to OP.

    • I get over 800Mbps (5g) over 200Mbps (4g) all depends on your home location too the Optus 4G/5g towers same applies with Telstra and Vodafone towers, Melbourne seems too have the best overall average 5g speeds so far

  • Got this email, anyone received it?

    Hi Xxx,

    We need to talk to you about your Optus order. Pls call us on 1300303723 with ref: Txxxxxxxxx

    Our Working Hours:

    Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm,

    Saturday and Sunday 9am to 7pm

    • Credit check failed?

      • I don’t think I have any issues with the credit check, will call them to find out tomorrow.

        • I got the same message. For me they said some information for the credit check was missing. Once I filled in the blanks they approved my order.

          • @triviums: All good, they just needed additional ID, order is processed today.

            • @T-man: Hi All.

              I got the same call. On top of this process they tried to sell me an iphone or Samsung A21s.

              • +1

                @pandadude: me too, they tried to sell me a mobile plan with 25% discount, I refused because still in contract with JbHifi.

                • @T-man: I actually had to say no twice and told him to deal with the credit check.

                  I am an existing customer for Optus so they told me the credit card is only an "internal process".

  • read online from a lot of people and it seems like Optus does a hard credit check. nice deal, but since I want to get a loan in the next few months, not worth it for me.

    • +3

      I never understand this, if you credit history is clean then why it matters? Hard Medium Soft…. if there is ever such thing?

      I only know of unnecessary credit application like credit cards will affect you. I believe I had done 3-4 credit check with one that is a 6 figure purchase all in the last 365 days. No issue.

      • I go through multiple credit cards every few months and never have an issue, if you pay any credit owed on time, the credit check shouldn't matter. my optus esim is now active, can't get internet though for some reason, maybe need to give it time. restarting phone didnt work either and checked APN was correct.

      • just google it mate. hard credit checks can lower your score, and you don't know how much it lowers by until afterwards.

        if doing multiple hard credit checks doesn't affect you then that's great for you. for me, there are enough stories to where this isn't worth it for me.

        • I assume applying for credit cards are also "hard" credit checks? if so, then there must be a limit for how much it lowers by as mine seems pretty constant: https://i.imgur.com/6ODuapS.png when I go through a credit card at least once a month or every 2 months.

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            @FeZZa21: I assume he/she already have borderline score and since he/she planned for a loan than he/she is taking every precaution to not impact the already border line credit score.

  • Hi Everyone,
    Looking to pair this plan with a pocket wifi/mobile modem for my parents who are renting. Could someone recommend a device best suited? They are old and can't "mobile hotspot".
    Thanks in advance

    • I am using Huawei B525 modem/router. It is a bit pricey, but is a good choice if they intend to use 4G for their home internet.

      • +1


        • I would recommend going with the TP-Link VC321-G2h.

          Although this is not portable the router modem can connect to NBN and 4G (directly via sim card slot) and 2 voip port. Note you can use the 4G without the NBN connection.

          I personally use this for my elderly parents. While there a home they can use the NBN Connect but if they have to move into a retirement village or aged care facility we can just connect the 4G without playing around with USB dongle or trying to get a line connected.

          They both have mobile but only use it exclusive for Safe WA app or emergency.

    • Nighthawk M1 works well here.. cheap too

      • Ah…. how cheap?? Bloody expensive everywhere for such an aged piece of equipment.

        • Going for around $50 on Gumtree

          • @randomusername2017: That's one in Canberra and you have to be lucky to live there and get one that cheap. Most are around $150+.

            • @bargainparker: They come up on gumtree around that price regularly..just don't last long enough to link

              • @randomusername2017: I've been hunting one for some time and the lowest was $150, but priced higher. You just need to negotiate. Checking every day, yet to see it even under $100.

                • @bargainparker: Took less than a week with an Au wide search alert (happy to gamble on postage). Surprised the Canberra one is still up.. cheaper ones tend to be ex Telstra contract upgrades.

  • Did anybody received the physical sim, my order is still pending

    • Optus texted me I'd received mine at home, although I'm not there.

      They also say it's "active and ready to go" meaning they do come pre activated !

      • They activate once the delivery person has marked the parcel as delivered.

        • I'll have to see with the customer service whether they can move the activation date.

          • @Miroslav: I got the same email too.

            Note I got told strictly someone has to be at home when they delivery and it comes up on my tracking it was delivery to a safe location.

            • @pandadude: COVID would have likely changed that.

              I think the current policy is for the delivery person to knock and stand back at least 1.5m (social distancing). If someone comes to the door they put it on the ground and leave.

              What has been happening for all my parcels is they knock and leave the parcel without checking if someone is home.

              • @triviums: I had the sim card delivery to parcel locker.
                They call me up and told me under no circumstances can this be delivery to a parcel locker or PO Box.
                They make it clear it was Optus Policy it must be delivery to the person on the parcel with ID. If the person is not there the goods are to be delivery to a Australia Post. This is what Optus gets for outsourcing customer service overseas.

                Both never happened and parcel was delivery to post box.

                This is actually a bad idea for Optus to auto activate if goods are not delivered to customer. Anyone can steal the parcel out of a person post box and use the sim as they please.

      • Did you get a email the or sms that sim is on delivery. The last email from optus indicate that i will get an sms when it is ready for delivery to track the delivery

        • Yeah i got that then it just turned up. ordered yesterday afternoon and received this morning to regional vic. shortly after it got delivered it was auto activated. nice speeds im getting better than my amaysim (optus) mobile.

        • I got an sms yesterday saying it was ready for delivery and would be delivered shortly. Still waiting.

    • I received a notification from within the app yesterday that it would be delivered in the afternoon. More than a day later and it still hasn't arrived. Why over-promise?

      • +1

        Blame Startrack / Your local postie.

        • +1

          Your nickname certainly does come to mind when I think of them/him.

  • Received the sim today 3 days after ordering. Tried it on a Nighthawk m1 at 7:30pm and got 50/10 from a speedtest. The reception is only 2-3 out of 5 bars.

    Need to thank the OP again.

  • can anyone figure out how to get port forwarding to work with 5G setups?

  • Cheap brand new 5G modem/wifi hotspot under $260 interesting too know what this is capable of on the Optus 5G network and if the devices modem chipset makes any difference,…

    • That is if you can find an officeworks to sell to you at that price….

  • can some one confirm if you order the e sim will they still post you some documents via startrack or is it all done via email?

  • Received SIM card, but not activated. So I should waiting for 4 hours to activated automatically?

  • +1

    Activated after one hour, Just FYI!!

    • Thanks buddy. It’s almost 3 hours so far, not activated yet.

      • I followed the instructions but mine wasn’t activated after 4 hours. Called 1800 555 050 and they did it for me, the ID questions took longer than activation which was live in about 2 minutes. FYI I got a text message to confirm once it was active.

  • +1

    Still looking to find out/confirm if this deal will work for 2 accounts, i.e 1 sim card & 1 eSim?.
    Anyone done this?
    I've never had a eSim before.

    I have a couple of phones/plans, would be handy to only take 1 phone instead of 2 when I go out.
    I have 1 plan for calls (will port to Moose) and 2-3 plans for data (Kogan/etc), with this plan I can cancel them.


    • i would like to know this too if one can put the sim in one phone and give it to one child and download the esim app for another phone and use both same number sims at the same time free for 3 months? or do we need to order another sim to add on to the same plan to share the data and pay something like $5 for the privilege?

      • You cannot use a physical sim and a esim at the same time on two phones. It is technically impossible (I do love to prove wrong). I know you can do that with a smart watch and phone.

        The only way to do that (which I am doing now) is to have the data sim in the same account as my other number so they share the same data pool.

        For a typical family of three, you can have two phone on the cheapest plan which is $33.75 ($45 plan on 25% discount) that is $67.5 for two phone sim + $50 (for the data sim after three months free). The third phone that host the data sim will have to be dual sim and you can add a cheap sim like Kogan for calls. This setup will give you an Optus data pool of 190G for 12 months.

        Super heavy data user can tweak the combo to two Optus One sim which now goes for $65 each. two of these will give you a 1000G data pool. you can then buy the cheapest data sim which is $15 after three months. Put this data sim in the third phone that is dual sim then you will have three phones accessing that 1000G data pool.

        Above set up and pricing is base on you doesn't have a an Optus services yet. I am already on Optus so I am just tweaking my plans on each line depends on the offers at the time.

      • As long as the mobile device for the eSim supports eSims sims so I don't see why not as I had an eSim in my Galaxy Watch and have made calls/data usage from it while it was only connected through 4G service (no Bluetoothconnection too phone), but (I'm sure) too activate eSim it had too be done from the device, I.e my Samsung Watch though there is an option I noticed with these data plans from the My Optus app when the order was pending (not delivered and activated yet) too either activate eSim straight away, so I'd say possible

        actually very handy only paying $5 for an internet connection point were one can leave this at home for home internet at $5 a month,.. of course using in a 4g modem the physical would be in simcard and the eSim would be in your mobile phone

        Umm might order another free 150gb plan too test this 👍😁

        Though problem price of eSim mobile device, so what's the most affordable eSim mobile devices out there?, I think eSim technology is only in devices like the latest IPhone, Latest Samsung/Apple watches and maybe the latest Samsung phones

        • Carrier can control where you use your sim, esim or physical sim.

          Typical example is how Optus stop people from using the Optus one sim in a modem. There are few exceptions and include some tech know how to hack the modem.

          • @syswong: But that's different type of broadband plan with Optus (technically home broadbandplans), these data sims are called mobile broadband plans so will work in any mobile phone device including mobile modem devices and 4G home modem devices, well I've never had an issue were my mobile simcards has not worked in any more device of if the device is not locked to a carrier

            • @Italkdigital: I know exactly the difference between home broadband and mobile broadband,

              I had this combination (mobile SIM plus mobile broadband SIM) in Optus for long time until the last two years with mobile SIM only.

              The restriction in Optus One SIM was mentioned before in many comments. I have not need to run an Optus one SIM in a modem but others try had problems.

              • @syswong: Ok searched it funny enough never heard of Optus One SIM till you mentioned it, though seems like the names been used for different services over time

  • I've put the sim in my mum's old Galaxy S5 and the internet connection works fine. However Ive had no luck getting USB tethering working when plugged into my PC. Anyone know something I'm missing?

    • Make sure wifi is not on and ethernet is not plugged in.

      Your windows should prompt you about a new network. Your need to accept the new network before it will start working. Should say something about private or public network.

      Also try this with another cable. Some cables are able to charge but not transfer data properly.

      Saying that your better off sharing data via wifi instead. I found this method works 100% were the USB tethering works sometimes.

  • im thinking of ordering another free sim for 3 months data plan and giving it to the kids to use, Does anyone know if optus will do another credit check if you are already with optus? will it just be an internal optus check? how many can you get linked to the same account this promo? can you share the plan data if you add a prepaid sim to your account ?

    • +1

      I just did, no problems applying for another one, now up too the stage were temp tracking has been sent to my email inbox,.. so now wondering what's gonna hapopen next, rejection or accepted or accepted with a bonus $50 fee in my next bill or worse two bonus extra $50 fees too my next bill,. lol part of the fun 👍😁

      • +1

        Italkdigital let us know how it goes ill wait until someone reports back if they get charged for their second data sim or its free for 3 months and no further credit check?

  • Shock… received a $50 bill today, due by 6 July.

    OPTUS web and app behaving so crazy.

    Have not been able to verify account, didn't receive email for email verification, so tried registering an account. Every time I reset password and login it takes me to: https://www.optus.com.au/customercentre/myaccount/dashboard.

    app still showing 'pending' service.

    • Best call them unless you want too spend considerable time fixing the issue over online live chat, but overall there chat is better then Mr T well at least they continue talking too you till the issue is fixed and talking too a real person over the phone with Mr T forget about it but trick is switch your caller ID off or stick prefix 1831 in front of there number

  • So anyway try and succeeded adding another one of these services too there same Optus account? Fascinated too know what the outcome was too those that have tried 👍😁

  • Do I need to activate by June 30 or can I wait until end of July for example?

    • in my case the sim card was delivered pre-activated so no choice

      • Thanks

        Stupid question, how do you know if it's pre activated, just chucked it in a modem?

        • +1


        • Will receive an email and a text on the contact (phone number used during sign-up).

          Usually the service activates within 4 hours of SIM delivery. Their tracking is quite good, just experienced with 2 SIMs on this plan.

  • +1

    I presume many of you have received an email about how you will receive a bill soon and here is how to understand it.
    Optus are not well organised and may send us bills?
    I also have a "Pending' Optus app that does not show useage but enables messaging.

    • +2

      I received a $50 bill but resolved it through chat.

      Also had the Pending in app, tried log-out and then re log-in, everything works fine. Please try it.

  • On number 2 and had a bill 4 days back with no charges so might go for number 3, geez I love Optus deals 👍😁

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