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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Dreame V10 Cordless Vaccum (Direct Import) $199 ($179 for LatitudePay New Members) Shipped @ Kogan


Kogan First membership required for the price in the title.

Extra $20 off for new LatitudePay members - Combine with 8% off Kogan gift cards from Suncorp

Credit to skido

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  • Would this be equivalent to a Dyson v8 approx?

    • I would doubt it but haven't tried the Dyson. Suction isn't great and the battery life is quite short but if you use it for what it was designed for then these are great.

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    I just got one of these off the back of a comments recommendation, and I reckon you can't beat it for $285
    Whole house on one charge, excellent carpet performance

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      That's $284.75 using Afterpay discount on their eBay store + Bonus $50 cashback from Bosch = $234.75

    • How do you compare this to a Dyson or Xiaomi?

      • i also have a dyson v6 absolute, sure it's 5 yrs old but its got a brand new official battery. the bosch smashes it.

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          Problem with the Bosch is that there is NO replacement battery available. I have 1for 3 years and now have takes 5-6 hours to do a very small house cause I have to recharge in between

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            @xzybargain: Fair point, looks like you might be able to buy a spare accumulator with batteries but it's about 200 bucks. it also looks like it is just a whole bunch of 18650 cells in series, and luckily I am also handy with a soldering iron…

          • @xzybargain: Also I can't find a charger for my Bosch handstick cordless that just died. Don't think I'll buy another Bosch cleaner again

    • How big is your place? Keen to get one

      • pretty large, 300m2, 4 large bedrooms, theatre, sitting area landing is all carpet plus a big rug. can do all the carpet and have 2/3 battery left it seems

        • Seems like a genuine replacement for a corded vac, I have the Xiaomi Dreame Trouver 11 from the previous $99 deal and can say it's ok for the money but I wouldn't be paying big (profanity) for another stick vac unless it has decent battery life and even then you are restricted to the volume of the canister before it needs emptying

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      Different design, different usage. Xiaomi Dreame V10 is much more compact you can change tool to vacuum car for example or reach under sofa.

    • I got one of these recently for my mum. She really wanted a dyson, but I refused to pay that sort of money for something that was going to do a similar job. I find the Bosch has very good suction, to the point I found it a struggle to push it on medium pile carpet. I personally found it quite heavy on the wrist and didn't move as good as my Dreame T20. However, I definitely wasn't complaining when I purchased it for approx $185 from appliances online (current price, minus $50 cash back, minus a free $100 voucher from appliances online sent to me for making a purchase years ago, minus cash rewards cashback).

    • Sounds like this is marketed more towards pet owners?

  • Looks like it has no carpet head.

    • head in the box is just for hard floors?

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        Yes. You can still use it for carpets, just won't do a very good job.

  • Dare to deal with kogan?

    • I've used the for years and never had any issues with customer support

  • @nismoau can this be used to Vacuum car? Is this worth buying over others?
    Can this be used on floorboards without scratching them. Also does this come with carpet head to use on carpets?

    • it comes with a shoulder strap and hose, attachments so can do the car. don't know about scratching floorboards, I have tiles. There is only one power head with a turbo brush, bristle variety (not a tennis ball solid style brush though) and you get a spare brush of the same type.

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        so head in the box is for hard floors?
        have to buy seperate head for carpet?

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    bought dreame v9 1 year ago, pretty good.

  • This or viomi a9?

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      I have the Dreame v9 and Viomi a9, here's what I've noticed (granted this is the v10 so not sure what's changed between v9 and v10 but must be better?):

      • A9 you don't have to hold a button to keep it on
      • A9 has a slightly smaller dust bin
      • A9 has lights on front of roller, which is handier than you might think for seeing crap on floors
      • V9 has a better head, feels a little more manoeuvrable
      • V9 has a proper dock that let's you connect power to the dock and then it charges via two pins in the dock

      Probably more but that's the immediate things

      Dreame models comparison - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618122

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        I have the A9 but I haven't used the Dreame. I'm really happy with it and it's way better than my previous Miele Compact C2 imo. I manage to vacuum the whole 3x2 house with some battery to spare but I do have to empty the dust bin halfway through. The motorised head picks up all sorts of crap from carpet/rugs.

  • Is there anything Xiaomi doesn't make? Humans?

    • Coming soon

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    Tried to create a Lititude account but they reject me cause credit issue?

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    Parts look the same as my $100 dreame v11 trouver what a bargain that was

    • It truly is

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        It’s taught me a lesson on how people will buy things just based on price purely alone

        Oh it’s always been $299 it must be better that $100 one

  • Looks like a good deal but I'm hesitating to buy because I can't seem to find replacement batteries locally

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      I feel you asshopper

  • I couldn't find any comparison between this and Xiaomi Trouver Power 11. If they are comparable I believe theTrouver is a better deal at $95-$100 with replaceable battery and LCD display.

    • I think by now all in country stock has been run out and it's not available for sale?

  • Their vacuums resemble their redmi mobiles. The next model number up is never a guarantee things will get better. It may be better in some aspects and worse in others. Added new things and left out others.

    Note you may get an extra $5off using kogan app with APPLOVE code

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    Is this the best budget cordless vacuum deal at the moment? Looking mainly to vacuum carpet (no pets) and hard floor. Cheers.

  • Ahh crap!, I just bought this exact model 3 days ago (Thursday night) via Kogan First for $229. Thought it'll be their lowest price. :(

    At least it's been dispatched and sitting in Australia post melb warehouse ready for Tues/Weds delivery according to tracking…

  • Is this the motorised head version?

  • so this or the t20?