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Crucial 128GB M4 2.5Inch SSD CT128M4SSD2 $178 Delivered!


As the last deal from Fishy was pretty popular: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/61161

I thought I'd let people know that the Crucial Solid State Drives from Amazon have dropped in price again.

The prices below are using the rubbish Amazon exchange rate. It will be even cheaper if you have a 28 Degrees credit card.

The 64GB is now $104.31 delivered. or $1.63 Per GB

The 128GB is now $177.91 delivered. or $1.39 Per GB

The 256GB is now $334.05 delivered. Or $1.31 Per GB

The 512GB is now $646.15 delivered. Or $1.26 Per GB

The 5,000HRS bug has been fixed too.. Props to ory_zm for the link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5424/crucial-provides-a-firmwa...

Now I've just got to convince the minister of finance that I need one…

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    You mean the Minister of War & Finance.

  • I don't feel comfortable buying computer parts from overseas just because it can be a hassle if you have to RMA for any reason.

    • I also worry about this…Has anyone actually done a RMA for an Amazon-purchased SSD or other products?

      • By the time any of my SSD's fail, the cost to RMA (intl insured shipping) would probably be the price of a 60/120GB SSD in that future. :D

        • I was going to return a product to Amazon but didn't end up bothering, they actually offered to reimburse me for shipping if I did send it back.

        • Hehe, I'm more worried about DOA, hopefully even in that case the price of SSDs > shipping…:)

      • A friend of mine did, it took so long to process he ended up buying a new one.

    • imo, the only think people have to worry about overseas purchases are DOAs and fraud. Which can be covered by an appropriate credit card.

      It's naive to expect a gadget to last for years and years.

      • Well for SSD you would expect (based on recent history)to encounter little teething problems such as BSOD and issues of annoyance that require technical support, which is quite different to complete failure. So that would be more of a hassle to sort out if you purchased from overseas…IMO

        • i don't see any difference in technical support, because I would think you will end up contacting crucial/ocz manufacturers if your ssd has issues and not the blokes at JBhifi or the likes ;)

        • Yeah that's another thing I want to know, is Crucial/OCZ going to support you when you buy in USA and you're in Australia? Are they offering international warranties?

        • Do a search, this is not the first crucial post in ozb.

        • Answer: send it back to US for replacement. I guess you would have to contact/call Crucial USA for that to happen?

    • Just recently I got refunded for my one year old malfunctioning Logitech mouse from Amazon. I don't know how Crucial go about their RMA, but dealing with Amazon was quite easy. Shipping cost was reimbursed but they charged me $15 because I didn't have the original accessories sent back with the item.

    • I would be more concerned about DOA processes than RMA, but that's reason enough to be concerned.

  • very good price on this SSD.

  • how do you get the 256GB 334.05 delivered. (as in USD?)

    this is my cart summary

    Order Summary
    Items: $339.99
    Shipping & Handling: $6.61
    Total Before Tax: $346.60
    Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $0.00
    Order Total: $346.60

  • Holy crap!
    Awesome timing!
    My ssd died a few hours ago, and I was looking at getting this exact model as a replacement.
    Anyone know if this is this a permanent or sale price? I can't pay for it till tomorrow.

    • my deepest condolences….. how did it die if you don't mind sharing? I thought they were quite robust to last a few years?

    • It was an ocz vertex 2, which seems to have a high failure rate.
      My pc went into sleep, and when it came out it did a BSOD, and after that it was no longer detected by bios, or any hdd recovery programs.
      It was cheap so I didn't lose much, but it's always sad when a hdd dies, especially when your OS was running on it.

      • That's similar to what happened to my vertex 2!
        On Friday night it was all good, and on Saturday morning the SSD could no longer be detected.

        Mine was only 60GB so only had OS and a few software installed so not too much pain. Had to wait for a while for the new one to come though…

        Got Crucial M4 64GB now, don't know how long it's gonna last, but once you had SSD, you would never want to go back to HDD!

  • Technical question: does this just slot into the laptop and replace the existing hard disk in there?

    • if your laptop uses the standard 2.5 inch HDD, then yes, it will just slot in.

    • 99% chance of yes. As long as its Sata II or III. I have one running in an old Dell D630. It flies! Apparently some apple products didn't like it though, typical…

    • Yes, it's a 2.5" drive. That is the standard laptop hard-drive size.

    • Most likely but double check, some notebooks like mine can only take 7mm drives or will require modding, this one is 9.5mm. If you need the 7mm version you can get it from Crucials website for a tiny bit more.

  • I bought both a 64Gb and 128Gb model during the last sale, they arrived last Friday :) I've only had time to install the 128Gb one (into my desktop), and damn does the computer fly now :D

    • welcome to the one-way street of technology, you'll never want to go back to mechanical hard disks ever again!

      • Until you want to store a large amount of data, then you'll want mechanical hard drives and a wallet full of hundy notes :)

        • Well my desktop has the 128Gb SSD, which is roughly half full - I never use more than around 60Gb (30Gb for Windows 7 + office + my apps, and 30Gb for Steam games). I've got a 750Gb secondary HDD which I use for DVD conversion etc.

          I bought a 64Gb SSD for my HTPC, which uses around 30Gb (Windows 7 + apps) and I have a few 2Tb drives for storage.

          The main aim was to keep both SSD's around half full, so I chose the sizes most suitable for me :)

  • is Crucial the best brand? i c other brand like OZC at cheaper prices

    • The general opinion is that the best SSD's to buy are Crucial and Intel (these two are meant to be the most reliable).

      • Definitely Crucial and Intel, but it seems in the next year Corsair is real hammering into SSD development (their force gt and performance pro drives I use are amazing atm)

  • I have 28 Degrees credit card but I still got charged Amazon rate when. I bought knives from this bargain: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/61515. Is there anything I've to do to get the 28 degrees rate? During checkout I get the option to get billed in AUD and no other option.


      During checkout I get the option to get billed in AUD and no other option.

      The option to pay in USD is always there on Amazon; you just need to click the "Switch currency" button (which is under "Order Total" at the final stage of checkout), select USD, and then click "Place your order in USD" to submit your order.

  • I get

    "In Stock.
    We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address. "

    then at the checkout

    "Important Message
    There is a slight problem with your order. (See below.)

    Crucial 64 GB m4 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive SATA 6Gb/s CT064M4SSD2
    $101.49 - In Stock

    We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order. "

    nvm. - it seems my PO box, which they're happy to ship a stack of large books to, is too small to fit one tiny 2.5" SSD

  • Geez I only ordered during the weekend and price has dropped again to USD $169.95.

  • FYI… dropped yet again!
    to USD$$164.99

  • The prices for this thing are all over the place, yesterday it was over $180 USD, this morning it's $160.99 USD - I finally took the plunge and ordered one, $162.07 AUD delivered.

    If you've been holding off then now might be the time to make a move before the price shifts yet again.

  • This is now $139US but the shipping restrictions are NO

    "International Shipping Addresses"

    Not sure if this changed?