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[Afterpay] Bosch Series 4 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine $568.65 Delivered (Syd/Melb/Bris/Adel/Perth) @ Appliances Online eBay


I've been watching the price of this for a while and finally bit the bullet. Only a couple of dollars off it's historical Ozbargain price excluding non-delivery deals. I was able to bring the price down a further $20 by purchasing a $500 eBay card from Suncorp for $480 and then used Shopback/Celebration Swap cards for the bulk of the balance.

Link to previous deal for discussion on how it's made in China, etc.

Note delivery excludes: Northern Territory, NSW Regional, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote.

Original Coupon Deal

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    NT I Get, but Qld south east, come on.

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      Perth included. I wonder the same. Any insights from smart people here?

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    Great price

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      I bought exactly the same model 3 years ago about $560 in The Good Guys

      • Have a look at rise in prices and inflation.

  • How did you use the code AND the gift cards, since it needs afterpay as a payment option?

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      only a small part of it needs to be afterpay

      • I dont get it, can you split payments on ebay?

        • +2

          I redeemed gift cards until the balance was about 5 bucks and then checked out with Afterpay.

          • @Chickenleg: lol yeah, i get it now
            I was literally looking to buy a washing machine today lol

  • Just remember, entry-level German white goods like washing machines, dishwashers and fridges are usually made in China, Turkey or South-East Asia.

    Only models in the +$1,000 dollar price range are actually German-made, with the exception of most Miele vacuums, which are usually German-made even in the case of the cheaper ones.

    • Who would think this is German made?
      That being said, my Chinese-made Bosch worked wonderfully for 1 year before i sold it for unrelated resons

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        Who would think this is German made?

        Plenty of people are still under the assumption that well-known German electronics/appliance manufacturers like Bosch, Miele and Siemens are all still 100% German-made. That's literally their marketing strategy for their low-cost product ranges.

        • -5

          Literally noone thinks that a $570 washing machine is German-made, how is it 'literally' their marketing strategy when they literally make it very clear which ones are German made with huge literal 'German made' stamps?

          • +4


            with huge literal 'German made' stamps?

            When it comes to washing machines and dishwashers, I haven't ever seen that. Your average HN, Good Guys or JB Hi-Fi never advertises country of origin for white goods on their sales tickets.

            In fact, if anything the German brands usually try and obscure the country of origin labels either on the inside of the dishwasher door or on the backs of washing machines; certainly not anywhere prominently visible.

            Whether that's intentional or not, is up for debate but outside of OzBargain plenty of ill-informed consumers are still of the opinion that German brand white goods are made somewhere else other than in the same Chinese factories that pump out Fisher & Paykel/Haier/Westinghouse/Whirlpool.

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              @Gnostikos: This isn't correct, all Bosch German made dishwashers and washing machines are labeled on the front "MADE IN GERMANY". HN and TGG are big at advertising the fact they are German made. Bosch absolutely want's people to know which models are made in Germany, the ones outside of Germany are far more obscured though, appliances online seems to be the easiest way to determine if they are Chinese made or Turkish made. As Bosch charge a hefty premium for their German made models they rely on that marketing that the consumer know's it's made in Germany, they certainly don't back up the "superior German made" products with any additonal warranty above the Chinese made ones.

      • My $2 knock off can last a year without issue, a more interesting account would be from long term usage.

    • Does it make any difference?

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    I have this machine bought it about same price due to a stuff up of GG, 3yrs ago. It's quite small even though it is rated 7.5kg. I had a Fisher & Paykel top loader which was 6kg and I could wash quilt easily. The Bosch struggles a bit as its quite small

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    Its a ok brand. I had one for years, but you can also find Electrolux and LG for $550. Also top notch

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    I bought this last night through their main store. Very quiet unit which is great!

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    I can't recommend this machine, its way too low load capacity for a front loader. Mine refuses to wash an entire queen size duna on its own immediately saying overloaded.

    • Is this criticism specific to this model? Would a 7.5kg F&P be any different? Sorry, my washing machine knowledge is low.

      • I think so? I'm not sure if software comes into it. Not an expert either :)

      • +3

        I could be wrong, but I think it's across all Bosch machines?

        I bought the WAW28460AU (rated 8kgs) online, sight unseen, purely due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews, but the drum/and door opening size seems so small that I haven't even bothered to try my thicker doonas given my light weight ones barely fitted inside.

        Mine is in a shared laundry and the internal drum size of the Electrolux machines near mine seem a lot larger for the same capacity rating.

        I would probably not buy Bosch again due to this…the ratings online for this particular model are so good I thought I couldn't go wrong, but I am neither impressed nor unimpressed with it (my first FL), perhaps my expectations were too high…

        I suppose the only way to find out for sure would be to go into a B&M store as physically measure the door opening and internal dimensions (including depth of the drum) of a few Bosch machines vs other brands.

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          Bosh WAW28620AU owner here.

          You wouldn't buy a car, sight unseen so you wouldn't do it with a washing machine.

          I made a mistake like you and made an assumption - that an 8kg WAW28440AU German made model would have a prewash cycle. My 16yr old Samsung 7.5kg in full working order, made I China had it, so, the latest Bosch 2021, German made would have it. WRONG! I found this the hard way, I bought one online. However, I managed to have it replaced, free of charge as Bosch listed prewash cycle in their user manual.

          I did visit a shop before getting a replacement.

          Having said all that, it's a FANTASTIC machine, sooo much quieter than my old Samsung. You wouldn't know it's turned on unless less you went to laundry to check it. If you want a European washing machine, get the one made in Europe, not China.

          P. S. I sold my old Samsung for $200 further bringing down the cost of Bosch which was bought using eBay 17% discount + 5% off eBay vouchers from Suncorp.

          • @vrsac: Weird, mine says it has pre wash cycles, I've just never tried them.

            • +1

              @John Kimble: Amazingly, the $1300 Bosch WAW28440AU didn't have it and my 16yr old Samsung did.
              Bosch customer service could not explain why such a basic feature wasn't available when the equivalent EU model has it!
              As you probably know it, prewash cycle is required if you frequently wash soiled garments. It's pretty much equivalent to prewash cycle on a dishwasher.
              I was in disbelief when they told me that compartment 1 (that exists in every washing machine) has no purpose in Bosch WAW28440AU!!!
              After much research, I've learned that only selected models from each series have a prewash cycle, not all of them! It costs $0 to implement a prewash cycle as it's a software feature. My only explanation is that Bosch found a way to charge more by forcing you to buy a dearer model.

              • +1

                @vrsac: I know. Ours also doesn't have the prewash function and I can't fathom a good reason as to why. Now I need to think about if a 1K washing machine has what essentially should be the bare minimum?
                Way to nickel and dime Bosch.

        • +21

          This is a frustrating issue when shopping washing machines, the more relevant figure people want is volume of the drum not rated kgs of the load as often you'll reach the volume capacity before the weight capacity. Now Bosch are actually good enough to list the volume on their website of their models but from when I researched LG and Electrolux don't list it, not sure on other models.
          With that in mind so people know these are the volumes of the Bosch models
          9 kg 1600 rpm WAY32891AU 65L
          10 kg 1600 rpm WAX32K41AU 70L
          10 kg 1600 rpm WAX32M41AU 70L
          9 kg 1400 rpm WAW28640AU 65L
          9 kg 1400 rpm WAW28620AU 65L
          9 kg 1400 rpm WAW28440AU 65L
          9 kg 1400 rpm WAW28420AU 65L
          8 kg 1400 rpm WAT28620AU 63L
          8 kg 1400 rpm WAW28460AU 65L
          10 kg 1400 rpm WAU28490AU 70L
          9 kg 1400 rpm WAP28482AU 65L
          8 kg 1200 rpm WAN24120AU 55L
          7.5 kg 1100 rpm WAN22120AU 55L

          • @donkcat: Spot on donkcat. Volume of the drum is probably most important thing, particularly when it comes to front loaders.

            Top loader don't tend to have the same challenges with volume.

          • @donkcat: Thanks for this reply donkat and everyone else who commented on my earlier question. I learned something today about washing machines; can take the rest of the day off.

          • +1

            @donkcat: Not all heros wear capes, great comment, thanks for the info!

          • @donkcat: Good info, but I still think the smaller diameter door opening of the Bosch machines is also a big factor in what you can/can't fit in. Eg bulky items like thick doonas, pillows etc

          • @donkcat: I wish ozbargain has some tipping feature, you deserves it!

        • So I actually think I'm wrong, I just roughly measured the door diameter and drum depth of my Bosch versus one of my neighbours and they are pretty much the same, so I gave completely incorrect information. 🤦‍♂️

          My apologies.

    • +1

      Makes sense, a doona needs at least a 8kg machine

      • +1

        Cheers, Wish I knew that before buying :)

        • Wish I knew this as well and had also checked the wash cycles available before purchasing. It's 7.5kg but there's no settings made for 7.5kg for clothing/sheets. Cottons or mix setting for example are only for 4kg or 5kg. If you want 7.5kg load, you need to turn on eco settings which takes 3 hours to complete….

          • @Tinky Winky: That is surprising to me that eco is one that takes 7.5kg.

            • @Cozzie: I know! Definitely worth looking at the manual before buying any machine

  • +2

    This is a great machine for that price.

    However, I have bought 2 machines and both have had their filter drain pumps stuck closed. The smallest things get in the hosing and block the plug from being able to unscrew. This can cause a problem if it eventually gets clogged and won't drain. It's a terrible design. And I've never had any other machine have this issue. Bosch treat this problem as an out of warranty issue and charge approx $140 call out fee.

    For future reference in case this somewhat common problem happens, as you can fix it yourself. A somewhat tedious, but not too difficult job.


  • Just bought a new house. So I need a washing machine. The reviews seem decent so I pulled the trigger. Thanks guys.

  • Great price, however, to avoid any disappointments with subpar Chinese made Bosch products, buy a German made Serie 8 or above. Washing machines are a long term investment, so, spend a bit more and get a better model. See also my comment above.

  • Love my Bosch washing machine. Mines made in India and has been great for 2 years now.

  • Hi guys, seems like this model is close to 5 years old now. Does anyone know how often new models get released?

  • Someone please advise again what model numbers are China and Germany made

    • Appliances online list the country of origin in the product description (on their own website)

  • +1

    This is so cheap. Must be the one I own. Paid $1000 for on it on clearance at HN 4 years ago. Op is an og OZB

  • Is it worth paying more for Bosch compared to something like this?

  • We've had our Bosch front loader for 11 years now, a 6.5kg capacity model made in Thailand. It's still going strong and would replace it with another Bosch when it dies.

  • +1

    just curious - any other washing machines (other brands) that can match the quietness of Bosch WMs?

  • Don't have afterpay, anyone want to refer me so we can both benefit? :)

  • Anyone have any idea how delivery would work with this item? Ebay's showing up with the estimate "Estimated between Thu. 24 Jun. and Tue. 29 Jun.", but surely with a white good they'll contact me to arrange a date when I'm home? Anyone else had prior experience?

    • +1

      They will send you an email with a delivery date when the order is confirmed, and give you an option to reschedule (which is very easy to do) and pick a date (Mon-Fri).

      • Legend. Much more useful than their online chat who say there's nothing I can do re ebay delivery dates..

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