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Asrock Z590 Pro 4 LGA1200 ATX Motherboard $169, Asrock Z590M Phantom Gaming 4 LGA1200 mATX Motherboard $149 + Delivery @ Umart


Found this when I was searching for the partner of Intel I7 10700K from the other deal.

I thought it is pretty good deal.. Apparently this deal is ending on Sunday night.

The phantom gaming 4 can be found in this link

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    I had just read this article last night comparing the best value low end z590 boards. This mobo didn’t fair too well compared to those in similar price range. But this is still a great price.

    Article is super quick and straight to the point, give it a quick look if you intend on buying 👍



      i think that's always the case with Asrock.

      that first i/o pick you linked - truly awful


        Haha yup!


          i did a ton of research before buying a Z490 mobo, and Asrock seemed to be mostly at the bottom.

          probably a conicidence :)


            @millusions: Their AMD boards are mostly excellent, but they didn't even remotely try for the z490/z590 series.

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              @iseeyou1312: i think you're right,
              have had z97 Asrock and H97 Fatality - it was all good, there was only one thing i didnt like - the molex power socket next to GPU but apart from that it was no different to Asus/Gbyte boards.


    Asrock Z590? I wouldn't.


    How long is the warranty in Australia?