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TP-Link EAP245 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Access Point $126.60 Shipped @ Harris Tech via eBay


My Ubiquiti Unifi AC LR rather disappointingly started to play up only after 15 months (drops connection after 1-2 hours or so and needs a reboot), so even if Ubiquiti has a good reputation, I decided to try something else. Read some good reviews of these units and found these currently on Ebay for quite a good price. From the look of the pictures, it looks like V3.

Review here : https://dongknows.com/tp-link-eap245-v3-omada-poe-access-poi...

Currently $135 at MSY and $145 at Umart.

The EAP225 from the same seller is also very good price at $98.80 after using the code so it might also be good for somebody.

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    So can I create a mesh system with this if I have a NETGEAR "Nighthawk" AC2300 (R7000p) router?


      Sorry, have no idea. I previously had the one AC LR connected to my router as an AP which increased the signal strength to the whole house. Don't have much exp with MESH method.

      Maybe somebody else can help.

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      I doubt this has any mesh capability. You will need to run ethernet to it.




      Yes you can if you have another eap245 or eap225 and it has most up to date firmware and run through the Omada controller. I run this set up with a managed switch and pfsense router.


      The eap620 and 660 no mesh at this stage but tplink have indicated that yes in future with a firmware update.


    Why wouldn't you just go with a whole mesh setup for more or less the same price?

    For eg TP-Link mesh https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124703159534 for $134.

    Tenda mesh $101


      Do Mesh systems connect and work like wifi extenders? If that's the case then the transfer speed may end up being reduced (halved?) compared to having one of these connected to the router via Ethernet and getting much better transfer speeds.


        Mesh systems connect to each other and so don't halve the speed like an extender.


        I bought the Tenda after having an extender and will never look back. Full house coverage at higher speeds than ever everywhere.


          Have to say, I'm not convinced. Just googled mesh vs APs and the concensus is mesh will be affected by traffic going from node to node.


    Stand-alone these work well with setup app but if you want to use “enterprise” features like mesh you need to keep an Omada server running. For some reason they get all grumpy if the router drops out and the APs will drop the mesh config. .


    I've got one of these - updated from a Unifi AP

    Works much better in my experience. No drop outs and only had to reboot it once in 6+ months
    Edit: woops, I have the 265

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    Received my unit and installed it last night. Can confirm that it's version 3.

    Software installation on my computer was nice and easy and quick. The dashboard of the controller is far easier to navigate and understand than Ubiquiti's.

    Turned off the interim Wifi extender and so far speed and reach is fantastic. Probably even stronger than the Ubiquiti's AC LR unit. Not only that the connection to 2.4 and 5 bands have the same SSID, whereas the Ubiquiti's have 2 separate SSIDs for you to switch when you are closer.

    Given the Ubiquiti unit failed after 15 months or so, and reading from Reddit that to get any RMA takes ages, as well as the warranty is 12 months compared to 3 yrs with TPlink, I am never touching Ubiquiti products again!!!