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½ Price - Nongshim Shin Ramen 5 Pack $3.25 @ Coles


Rarely half price so a good time to stock up.

From the Coles catalogue sale starting Wednesday 16 June.

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    FB Deal Group.

    NM: Found it. https://imgur.com/a/MNVr2Jj Looking good.

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      I’m not allowed to mention it 😊

      • Boo. Censorship Not Cool.

        • plz kindly DM me grouplink, to supplement my frugality

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    • Ozb link to dealbot post?

  • Asian groceries around my area regularly sell this for 3.40-3.80. Very good price for coles tho

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      That is cheap. Most grocery stores hardly sell this below $4 mark.

      • Yeah I’ve always seen it $5+ at the local Asian supermarkets.

    • Ive been to the most of Asian groceries in eastern+inner Melbourne but never ever seen this going for $3-4.

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      Difference country made makes difference price,Korean made normally cost 50cent -1dollar more

      • which other country do they make it from? I've only seen KR

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          China and Korea,coles and wws only sell Korean made one but Asian groceries normally sell Chiese ones

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    I use to like Shin ramyun. Now I'm into Jin ramen…

    • I moved from Shin to Jin and now Im back to Shin

      • The circle of noodles

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    This is fairly high up on the spice for those who may not be able to handle too hot btw.

    • Agreed.. Just add less spice.

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      Maybe for a white person…

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    Any recommendations for dry noodles? I don't like soupy noodles.

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    this with tornado eggs and sammich cheese is SUPREME

    • tornado eggs look hard to perfect ; sammich cheese?

  • Might be a dumb question but is this vegetarian?

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      Wheat flour, starches (potato, wheat), vegetable oil (contains antioxidant (307B)), salt, mineral salts (501, 500, 452, 339), emulsifier (322, (soy)), soy sauce, green tea extract.

      Soup powder
      Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (soy, corn), salt, maltodextrin, yeast extract, soy sauce, spices, sugar, fructose, sweetener (420), flavour enhancers (627, 621, 631), soybean, wheat flour, vegetable oils (contains soy), thickener (414), corn flour, glucose, vegetables, emulsifier (322, soy).

      Dried vegetables, soybean, soy sauce, wheat gluten, yeast extract, sugar, salt, cocoa, corn starch, vegetable oil (soy).

      Allergy information
      Contains wheat and soy. Produced in a facility that also processes product that contain egg, peanuts, milk and tree nuts.

  • too mild for me.
    when i cook it. boiled 550ml water (its very important)
    and put some chopped gallic and chilli and
    take out nudle first to bowl, and boile bit more and put soup to on a noodle. additionally put spring onions.

    • There are spicier variants of shin if you're a sucker for pain.

    • Coz you add too much water, diluted it too much. Add less like 250ml -300ml so it's Spicer.

  • Reviews I've read suggest it's very spicy, is there a less spicy version they sell?

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      Just put less of the chill powder then,the noodle and veg bag isnt spicy

      • Ahh didn't know the chilli was separate, sounds good!

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    Is this the Korean or Chinese manufactured version?

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      Made In South Korea.

      • Great, thanks.

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    these are Korean, technically called Ramyun, not ramen

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      they both sound similar to the chinese term 'la mian' the corresponding characters literally translates to pulled noodles. I know in japan they replace 'L' with 'R' in terms of pronunciation, is this also the case in korea?

      traditionally there are heaps of ways to make it, eg check out this guys channel: https://youtu.be/c1x19gySa-s?t=334

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        chinese term 'la mian' the corresponding characters literally translates to pulled noodles. I know in japan they replace 'L' with 'R' in terms

        that's a bit of good trivia!! my brain clicked

  • Wonder if anyone has noticed there’s Kimchi shin ramyun half price (but at $3.50) at Coles.

    • Yeah, I find them not as spicy and taste better

        • Kimchi is not to everyone's taste. But when added to the noodles, its slight hint of sourness adds another dimension to the spice

          • @georgiechan: i like spiced/pickled stuff but yea kimchi bit iffy for me, anyway i ordered a pack of it see how it be :)

            its slight hint of sourness adds another dimension to the spice

            should hit the spot

  • my local coles had 2 packs in stock and they were hidden away in a different aisle

    • i find these in international aisle; but yeah sometimes they move the whole batch to somewhere else during sale, kinda weird coz most people will go to the usual shelf and think/see it's 'not in stock'

  • Stocked up 12 packs :)

  • Been to 2 stores and both were sold out :(

    • could try place order now for pick up a weke away (but min $50 online )

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