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HPM Low Voltage Garden Lighting Cable 30 Metres (Extra Heavy Duty) 3.3mm Core $79 Delivered @ Eeet5p eBay


Extra Heavy Duty Garden Light Cable – 30m

Extra heavy duty garden light cable for D.I.Y garden light enthusiasts everywhere.
Length: 30m
Width: 3.3mm

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      Judging from the Bunnings description, that means the cable in this deal actually has a copper cross-section area of 3.3mm^2, which is pretty good.

      Assuming the 3.3mm^2 rating is for each wire in the cable, that means the effective copper diameter is 2.0mm, and the resistance of 60m of wire (30m up and 30m back) will be 0.32 Ohms.

      That's pretty impressive. It means that if your power supply puts out 12.00V, and you put a 1A load at the far end of the cable, the load will "see" 11.68V, as 0.32V was lost in the cable.