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Apple AirPods Max Various Colours $706.39 ($688.73 with eBay+) Delivered @ SydneyMobiles eBay


According to this the seller’s related to Mobile Citi.

Price available for various colours (Except Blue)

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    WOWZA, that's some expensive headphones (Apple tax, I guess, although that 'tax' does not stay in Australia so I don't support paying the extra Apple tax)…

    Just read a review to see how good they are and hats off to Apple they did a good job… BUT don't think it's worth the price… get the Sony's

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      FYI, The Sony's WH-1000XM4 has been selling for $294.10 (and below that in the past)
      A quick search on Ebay I can see I can buy 2x Sony headphones and have dollars left over compared to the price of 1x Apple headphone (over double the price!)

      That's crazy to me given how close they are… Why I got a downvote above I'm not sure… if you want to waste your money on them go for it, but I honestly don't see a "Bargain" in any way…

    • If you are looking at xm4, these cans are not for you.

      • Please explain… I actually have the older XM3 so not really in the market for a new pair at the moment but just noticed the price of the New Apple headphones and fell off my chair… keen to get your thoughts…

        • If you are solely after great anc cans, xm series are great. Once you are after certain abilities and sound signatures that suit your listening, in general you will spend more. The xm series are crowd pleasers in that they offer a great balance, and can be tuned a bit to make some happy. I for one could not get xm3 or xm4 to sound anywhere near as good as my h9i for instance, this could be due to build materials and driver quality as well as dsp etc. basically, xm series are low to midrange cans, apple cans are aiming a bit higher, wether you see value in that or not is up to you. It’s like asking why people by more expensive cars than others. The more you spend the more specific they might get.

          • @onlinepred: I get what you are saying, but reading Apples statement and marketing I got the same feeling but after reading reviews (even before this post) I just gon't see the marketing living up to the pitch from Apple… It would appear testing, audio analysis and reviewers agree with my thoughts so far as well…

            I can't find some of the other articles I've read but did a quick search and found these 4 that might be of interest (1 I had not read yet but seems fair)…

            None put the Apple headphones on another level compared to the Sony's, most say Sony allow you to tweak/tune better to your liking, they are both great but Sony gives more options, versatility, compatibility AND at under half the price!





            Sorry, I'm just not seeing any good reasons for the Apples at the current pricing as yet… to me, it feels like Apple is trying to justify the high price without results at this point in time… Perhaps a version 2 might get them to the next level or some firmware updates/software developments I'm not sure but as it stands now I don't see a 'bargain' at all in these (quite the opposite)

            • @Jonc: Yes, if you compare niche audio products to the less niche, you will find the niche ones do not review well at all. They aren’t made to please the majority who don’t care.

              When it comes to audio products, try them first, then comment.

              • @onlinepred: I might give them a go but won't buy them due to the bad reviews of cross-platform support (which I need)…

                If read the reviews above there is a good 'range' or different perspectives, personally 'feelings' on the products as well as analytical comparisons…

                The data simply does not stack up to the claims for me…

                Also as you know Apple is known for not discounting much but seeing them reduce the price so early on in the game from the requested $900 for these already down to 688.73 also shows me the competition is a little more fierce than they expected and their product might not be all that they claimed it was in comparison…

                Personally I will stick to my current old generation Sony headphones and wait for the next generation from Apple, Sony, Bosse (and whoever else joins in) to see how they stack up then, Personally, I think Apple did not quote manage to get to the level they wanted to with this product just yet IMHO

                • @Jonc: I mean I didn't even consider my H9i's due to the poor reviews, they were infact my favorite at the time.
                  I would never buy an apple product for being cross platform, the airpods do it, but I wouldn't rely on it spending this much.

                  Keep in mind, apple isn't discounting them. This isn't from Apple store.

                  Yep for sure, it seems you fit in with the majority that are fine with good cans and are not looking for more. I think the majority of people buying these will be buying them for the incredible support of the Apple ecosystem, while also being very high quality in build, support and certain audio signature. I personally prefer MANY cheaper cans over the XM series. So as you can see, your view is very personal.

          • @onlinepred: Have you had a chance to compare the Airpods Max with your H9i? I recently picked up the H8i for $220 and agree that they sound much better than the XM4 but not quite as good as the Sennheiser Momentum 3. Yes, I know the H8i are on-ear, but the overall sound is very similar to the H9i according to most reviews.

            • @elektron: We have a pair floating around at work (we get a headphone allowance). I've tried them a few times, but in a noisy office, so I really can't comment at all. I hate ANC so never test that. I do like the Momentum 3. Never tried the H8i, but have heard good things. The speakers are smaller on the H8, so it shouldn't sound toooooo similar.
              So far the Apple cans are my favorite office cans. I will seriously consider them now I've moved to iPhone. Their transparency etc and switching is class leading.

              • @onlinepred: Actually, the H8i use the same 40mm drivers as the H9i, which is why they sound very similar and is what made them a bargain at this price point.
                I'm a bit confused by your comments - you're saying that you couldn't tell much in the noisy office and with ANC off, and yet, you rank them very highly? If you don't like using ANC even in a noisy office, wouldn't $700 headphones be a bit wasteful in that environment?

                • @elektron: Haha! That's cool, I didn't know they were the same speaker size! I tried the H6 corded and they were really good too.

                  So transparency mode is when you listen to music, but let sound in from your environment, and IMO the Apple cans are the best at it that I have ever tried, they feel entirely natural. Being able to swap from iMac to iPhone incredibly smoothly is fantastic, we even tried switching to iWatch which worked so well!!!

                  If you are going to compare in detail these cans ability (minus ANC), you need a near silent room to do it in is what I'm getting at. ANC sounds terrible to me as I feel uncomfortable.

                  higher quality materials/build often increases sound isolation, which means I don't even have to use ANC, as I can barely hear other things anyway. I wouldn't compare headphones this way, as you can't really tell finer details.

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                    @onlinepred: If you're deep in the closed Apple ecosystem and don't mind paying extra for the "privilege" then Bob's your uncle, of course. Personally, I have an iPhone and an Apple watch but I also have a few Windows and Android devices and value freedom and interoperability.

                    Having said that I have no need to connect my headphones to my watch (I always have my phone with me, even when I workout or run) or a laptop, so wouldn't mind giving these a go, but can't justify paying 2-3 times the price over what I paid for the Sennheiser or B&O, especially haven't seen any reviewers that the Airpods Max sound any better (and I doubt they would).

                    Most reviewers conveniently compare them to the mediocre (and substantially cheaper) Sony and Bose, rather than the top-tier bluetooth cans - it wouldn't surprise me if Apple's marketing department had something to do with this.

                    • @elektron: I paid about $480 for my h9i, I’ve used them for almost 3 years, nearly every day. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend upwards of $1000 if the cans were well suited to my use case. I don’t have Apple Watch, but man it would be epic leaving my phone at my desk and walking around the office while continuing to listen to music. I’ve got pixel 5 and iPhone 11 Pro. I will always have an apple and an android so not an issue for me. Wether I’ll buy a set is another question. Most reviewers say my h9i sound average at best, so reviews literally don’t matter when it comes to sound profiles, just features.

        • The Sony's done come with a case that looks like a bra, so why would you even bother?

    • +1

      They are expensive, but they're pretty much the best headphones on the market even at this price.

      Best in class ANC, by far.
      Best in class Transparency mode, by far - it's legitimately amazing. It's like you're not even wearing headphones.
      Best in class build quality, full metal and silicon (or some sort of nice rubber).

      They look so much nicer than all the other plastic sets with buttons everywhere IMO. I bought some to replace my surface headphones and these are just next level. Sure they're more expensive than they should be, but that's what "premium" brands are. These are one of the times where they're legitimately worth more than the competition.

      The case should be better though. It feels great, but it doesn't even cover the most likely to get damaged bit, the headband.

      • See the review links I've posted above… I'm just not seeing the hype converted to experience as yet, independent reviewers and sound analysis don't seem to justify over double the cost so I don't believe this is a bargain…

        I use Microsoft, Apple and Samsung (Android) devices and it also seems these will not play nicely as my older Sony's I currently use work just fine…

        I personally find the Sony's a little too 'large' for travel but get it helps with comfort and noise but the Apple's being larger I'm not sure I want to go that way either…

        Interestingly I also noticed the 'user' reviews on a few websites have been more 'harsh' than the reviewer (eg, Soundguys full reviews on the Apple headphones the users are rating the headphones much lower)… https://www.soundguys.com/apple-airpods-max-review-44975/

        One good thing I see is Apple might know they can't justify the $900 price tag they set and seeing them discounted this much already seems to indicate they know the product is not stacking up as well as their hype…

        I think they will continue to drop in price and for the die-hard Apple fans (eg, no cross-platform support required), I would wait a little longer for a lower price personally…

        • Considering RRP of Sony xm4 is $499, does that mean according to your logic that sony thinks it isn't stacking up? Also just FYI, these cans are selling very well. I couldn't even place an order at my local store as they were out of stock. I see more and more of them out on the street.

          • @onlinepred: Exactly Sony realised the competition with Bose is good and have reduced pricing to take market share and business away from what used to be the dominant player in this space.

            Sony also always frequently have discounts and sell below RRP pricing often (unlike Apple) they always set RRP pricing and sell in-store below this… Once could almost say it seems Apple to price fixing as often each store has the same price for Apple gear (MMMmmmmm) but any way that another topic really…

            Competition is good and I welcome Apple to the field as it will help us all in the long run, I'm just not buying these are worth $900 when they don't offer more than the established brands really that you can get for UNDER half the price… You are paying for the name and marketing from what I've read so far… They are good like I said above great first generation but NOT worth more than double the price of the established brands sorry but I don't see this deal as a Bargin that's all…

            • @Jonc: If i said you’re right will that fulfill your confirmation bias that theyre not worth it?

              Just go in and try them dude. I was a skeptic and happened to run out of battery at Chaddy and tried them whilst waiting for my phone to charge. Wow, i was extremely impressed with the sound signature (most important thing to me).

              For me the XM’s are absolute trash when it comes to sound profile compared to what im looking for

              Each to their own

              • @FromRichesToRags: Just to confirm I did say from the start it seems Apple HAS done a good job on these units I just personally don't feel this is a bargain in any way!

                I personally think other options offer better value and customisation, compatibility at a very similar if not the same sound quality (but you can tweak/change the other brands to your liking via adjustments)

                I'll try to find a pair to give a go for myself however as many audio professionals are saying 'they are great' but nothing special or groundbreaking so I tend to side with the professional's opinions (that's what they do for a living right).

                I tend to like the reviews that offer both subjective but also technical measurements to support the findings and it appears they are trying to take the 'hype' out of the review (which they should) to provide a balanced review..

                It seems most reviewers have come to the same conclusion about these headphones. I don't believe I have a bias as I've not tried them myself yet but professionals and users that have seem to agree so there must be some truth to it I think… Also, I understand some people that have dropped a lot of money on these will try to justify it and that's fine but I'm trying to be more subjective about it..

                I'm also sure you know if you want fantastic sound fidelity you can get studio garage headphones for less than what Apple is asking for these… Sure they will not have all the features (noise cancelling, wireless..etc) but if you after sound quality that might be a better option long term but understand it all depends when/how you use them..etc..

                As you said, each to their own… I personally just don't think Apples asking price is justified from what I've seen/read (I also don't like the look for them either but that's a personal thing) and it seems many users agree with that but others will no which is all good ;-)

                If I'm going to be spending OVER twice the dollars on a set of headphones I want a significant leap forward I don't think these offer it (also as above I use Windows, Android and Apple so these are already of little use as Apple lock users into there eco system which is VERY frustrating as well so another point away from Apple for me personally…

                All the best and enjoy your headphones I'm sure they are great! (really not being an ass, they do sound great, just the price, compatibility, look, weight, size..etc is not what I'm looking for myself that's all…

  • The blue color is extra $$$

    • +2

      All colours are extra $$$. They were $670 with a 15% discount and now they are $688.73 with a 22% discount.

      • Double checked blue is extra $35.

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    Imagine if wireless1 offered the 20/22% discount 😔

    • Their warehouse would be clear of stock before the end of the week.

  • Is anyone else having issues applying this code?

    • I spoke to ebay support and it turns out my account was set to GBP. I purchased this for $675 using ebay plus + discount ebay giftcards. Build quality is fantastic but the sound quality is still limited by the bluetooth codec. It's better than the XM3 (haven't tried the XM4) but definitely not 2x better. If you are not that fussed about sound quality I can't imagine it would be worth spending the money.

      • +1

        These also have a huge advantage in Transparency mode (it seriously sounds like you're not even wearing headphones) and noise cancellation, which is market leading.

  • Could you get an OW price beat on this deal?

  • So the price has gone cheaper, but now it's a pre-order with an ETA of late March???

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