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KFC Bucket Hunt: Multiple Prizes (in-Store Redemption) @ KFC App


KFC just launched their Pokemon like game, you can go hunting KFC prizes and most likely get a free ultimate box for your first time, some got slushies etc :)

The first bucket will be available around you with first play. Just pan your camera around to find the red big spot, tap tap tap it then spin spin spin for a free win ^_^
Can stack up to 3 prizes at a time and each will expire in 72hrs: gonna do lot of walking for free KFC prizes lol

Prizes include (see FAQ):

  • Food
  • Cash
  • Experiences
  • KFC EFTPOS Gift Card
  • Merch

Prize quantity and value

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        • My first free prize was also an error but it popped up in my bucket stash anyway. Have you looked there?

        • Will happily revoke my downvote once it is stable and working

          I'll let the colonel know. 👍

    • There's 27 days of it being obtainable, the first few hours of it not working for some (me included, besides first prize) is nothing.

  • +3

    Its just OzBargain'd, like any other deal.
    Negging a deal coz its OzBargain'd is not….. right.

    • +1

      Agreed…I’ve finally got the map to load but no “buckets” found. I give up not worth the time.

  • +4

    Maps not working properly, I get near the bucket but nothing happens

    • +1


  • +2

    The buckets are back now but whatever I do I can't 'open' them or anything. Kernel just pops up in the corner with his normal sayings. How do you open them?

    • yeah same

    • I can see buckets on the map. How close do you have to be to claim them (assuming it works)? Or can I claim as long as I can see them?

  • Thanks, got a free 15 piece bucket to help me fatten up for winter..

    • Let me know how you go redeeming it. I couldn’t at all, it’s just stuck on pending redemption and there’s nothing in my cart. Most likely cause the KFC’s around me don’t do 15 piece buckets.

  • Seems to work now. Got my tutorial one (popcorn chicken).

    Is there any conditions on this, or can I just roll up and redeem 3 prizes without buying anything?

    Also, people are talking about coin flips. Is that option always available and if so, how? I didn't see anything like that.

    • One prize per 24hours

      In the stash there's a little message that offers it, i assume it's only for the lower prizes.. seems very glitchy atm could be why its not showing up too

      • +1

        I won an ultimate box but I still see the flip button.

      • Found it, not sure if it was glitching earlier or if I was blind.

        "You lost… Or did you?"
        And it gave me an original burger instead of my popcorn chicken. It's a win in my book. Except after pressing redeem, I now no longer have anything in my stash.

        Maybe it will come back later, who knows 🙂 very glitchy, but otherwise an incredibly good promo.

        Edit: still gone after restarting app

  • Are you guys just opening the app, then going to "find KFCs" then clicking on the little map icon next your closest store?

    • There’s a section on the left column that says bucket map and bucket stash and how to play.

    • Delete the app and redownload

  • +2

    The 2 factor auth does not work! the code never arrives to my email!!!

    • +1

      Same here I can't even sign up

    • If using Gmail, make sure you check the "promotions" tab as it sometimes goes there

    • +1

      Same here, won't resend either.. remembered the email so won't let you start again, but won't let you log in with the email without code 🙄

  • +8

    Doesnt work. Standing right at the bucket. No pop up what so ever.

    • +2


      Groovy music though that annoyingly I can't seem to turn off 😂

      • +2

        I think there is some anti GPS-spoofing going on, when I tried spoofing location to a bucket nothing came, but when I actually went there physically I got a popup message

        • +2

          but that doens't explain why standing on top of the bucket doesn't work :(

        • +2

          I'd have expected anti spoofing otherwise it would just kinda invalidate the whole promo but funny thing is I'm actually physically present…

          • @pennypincher98: Is the spoofing de-activated on your phone?

            • @tonka: I don't even have a spoofing app installed hahaha

              • @pennypincher98: I used ifakelocation and it aint working so guess I have to take my ass there xD

                • @I Smell Pennies: @I Smell Pennies ifakelocation is definitely working, try moving the pin a few metres either side and it will pick it up.

            • +3

              @tonka: I don't know about permissions but can they check for 'allow mock location' on android?

              • +1

                @BartholemewH: Dunno if true, but 7/11 support told me their ap woundn't work while mock location was turned on. May have been depended on my phone type as well. phone.

    • Same thing happening for me. Went to a couple of buckets and the app didn’t register I was there.

  • Got a go bucket

  • +3

    Got the 15 piece original chicken
    Went up to counter and asked for it, the girl had to get 2 managers, they weren't very pleased and had no idea about it, ended up getting it without scanning anything or logging anything in the app…

    • +2

      Reported by others as well. Looks like "15 pc bucket" isnt a menu item just yet. Hope they fix it soon.

    • +3

      Don’t feel bad. How on earth can they be a “manager” at KFC and not know of this promotion which has been advertised weeks in advance? Guaranteed they received promotional guides about this competition.

    • +2

      I guess if they didnt scan or log it you can get it again later =P

      • +2

        Haha I think for my own health I'll stick to the honesty game here, 15 pieces of trans fat straight to the heart surely can't be doing me any good :D

    • Goto your stash and click the item and then redeem now button

    • same problem for me too… couldnt redeem it

  • +10

    I have 'stood over' a number of buckets but no pop up.

  • First bucket: Regular Chips ($2.95, one of 955,297), flipped for a Nugget Go Bucket ($3.95, one of 733,135).

    • What do the numbers in brackets mean?

      • How many are in the prize pool I presume?

      • +1

        Total quantity of prizes per item. See list here.

        • +1


    • Redeemed, and tried to get other buckets. GPS bounced around so couldn't redeem in time. Gave up after 10 minutes (4 buckets).

      Still, + for free chips/nuggets.

  • Mine worked, but says I've already redeemed, yet it's still in 'my stash'

  • +10

    Nothing appears when standing over buckets. Wasted lunch break.

    Waste of time as usual when dealing with kfc.

  • +2

    After dickin around for 10 minutes trying to log in and resetting password (cant copy paste from email without getting an error) I wound up with a free 3pc box! Cheers. 🥂

  • +4

    Is it worth to flip the go buckets? (3.95)

    Edit: flipped it and got KFC Original Recipe Burger (5.95)

    • Did it work though, ie is the burger in your stash? Mine disappeared and seems like others have the same issue

  • +2

    Flipped my Mountain Dew Freeze and got an Ultimate Box. But after 'Adding to Stash', it has disappeared from the stash. Refreshed, but still cant get it to show. The prize shows empty now.

    • Same thing happened to me. The prize stash is now empty,

    • Wish my freezes would disappear. My stash is full of them and tried flipping them lost but they are still there

  • Tries to charge me in the checkout

    • +1

      I got charged even though I was redeeming my zinger burger from my stash. Anyone else experiencing the same? Not looking forward to going through customer service with this….

      • I worked out that for some reason the discount wouldn't apply at my local store. Worked at the next suburb across however

        • Must be a bug. I checked my Paypal and confirmed that I was indeed charged for it, and the Zinger is still "pending redemption" in my stash. Pretty poor app design for sure!!

          And now the "contact us" form on KFC's website isn't working either!

        • same happened for me. George St Sydney wouldn't work but it worked in Haymarket 700m away.

      • Yep I got charged too! I proceeded to check out since the description for the item was "Regular Chips – Discount
        applied at checkout"…

        • Got charged as well. The KFC contact us page is now working and have sent them an email. Will see how this goes.

  • +1

    I had 3x tenders in my stash, went to redeem them as I got to the shop and it disappeared…. not happy! Counter staff couldn't do anything about it either.

  • +1

    Managed to get to my first free spin then it glitched and lost it

  • Thanks. First prize got a zinger.

  • Mountain Dew Freeze… :(

    Wanted chicken instead

    • +1

      Same here, actually got a Pepsi freeze and got "upgraded" to Mountain Dew Freeze with flip a coin!

  • +1

    Has anyone had any luck using GPS location mocking apps? I tried and no matter how close I get on the map the "Enter experience" popup never shows.

    • It worked for me, but that was in the morning when the KFC app was working fine

  • +4

    Yep can't get any popup when standing near the buckets, even when right on them!

  • +2

    walked as close as possible… would not give me the message to claim… stupid.

  • +7

    I've literally been stood in three buckets and no pop-up. Walking around like a headless chicken.

    The app is buggy as hell. It's probably a ploy to get some of us KFC addicts some exercise 😂

    • Yup same. Went driving for lunch and even when I'm literally right ontop of a bucket I can't click or do anything with it. Are guys using Android or IOS devices?

      • I'm on Android. In the city, plenty of buckets around, just no pop-up acknowledgement.

        • +1

          Android here as well. This is sounding like a bug.

          • @ttlooshan: McDonald's app never worked with my android phone either and their 'tech support' kept giving me instructions for ios.

  • +1

    Pity none of the GPS mocking apps work with this.

    • I don't think the buckets are working full stop by the sounds of the comments

    • worked for me just now. took a few mins of standing under the bucket

      free zinger lesgooooo

      • A few mins? Most buckets only have a 2/3 min limit on them so you literally have to already be stood in the location when they appear.

        • my third and last one took 10 seconds. got free slider. I think it's getting faster now because less pressure on the app compared to morning

          • +1

            @I Smell Pennies: Fair enough - it's probably being hammered as it's the first day.

    • It's still working for me

  • Anyone with an Android device able to click on the buckets even when standing right ontop of them?

    • Finally seems to be working now. Scored a free double tender burg

  • Anyone tried running this in Bluestacks? There must be a way to board the 7/11 chopper.

    • I tried but the menu options for "The Great Bucket Hunt" don't show up in the app. I was using Android 7.

  • Finally got a bucket to work, but the app throws up an error when i try to checkout. Everything about this promotion is glitchy as hell.

  • +1

    Flipped the coin on 3 strips and pulled a 15pc pack out, good deal. It was the freshest and best KFC I have ever had.

  • I got french fries

  • Bucket Map still not loading - just a blank red screen. :(

    • Did you get it to work eventually??

  • Got a go bucket, then flip the coin, upgrade to a zinger stacker burger 😁

  • Is anyone having issues accessing the Bucket Stash? it is not updating for me even if I stash my prize. The previous stashed prizes show up though, only new ones added are not appearing.

  • Got a slider, go buckets and freeze lol (downgraded from a chips by flipping coin).
    Kinda unlucky but then again at least I was actually able to get it to work

    Edit: got another bucket, got a slider in it and then flipped a coin to "upgrade" it to regular chips… that's worse lol